You have to allow your ice cream to melt

  When I was about to graduate from college, stress caught up with me like a shadow. The choice of where to stay in the city, the arrangement of internships, the new column that needs to be constantly adjusted, the uncertainty of the future and the difficulty of grasping the known things, all make it more and more difficult for me to see the sun when I look back, the shadow is in the sun Swelled into a giant, almost obscuring me.
  One day, while walking down the street under stress, I ran into a friend I knew well. On a hot summer day, we walked together on the shiny asphalt road. It was such a bright day, and my vision was full of dark curled leaves, irritable palm fans and gusts of slow-moving wind. I gradually felt that my stress was becoming tangible, trying to take away the little umbrella I used to balance my life.
  Seeing this, my friend patted me on the shoulder, pointed to an ice cream truck by the roadside and said, “Go, go buy two ice cream cones to eat!”
  We got out of the cool ice cream truck, each of us holding one A cone with ice cream balls. It tastes really good, the cone is sweet, creamy and fresh, smooth and delicate, and impeccably light.
  Suddenly, a drop or two of juice dripped from the side of the pretty ball of ice cream and landed on my white shirt. My irritability exploded immediately, the two droplets of paint-like liquid turning on like a knob.
  I immediately complained, “It’s really not going well. Even eating ice cream can stain my clothes, which is so unlucky!” Ah!”
  Allow your ice cream to melt? I don’t understand. Is this accusing me of being intolerant of an ice cream? But it did cause me annoyance, soiled my clothes, and added extra labor to me.
  My friend saw my anger and surprise, and he said, “Do you know what is the most abundant ingredient in such an ice cream?”
  ”Butter? Sugar? Additives?” I asked.
  ”No, this ice cream contains the most air. An ice cream with the best taste and quality should contain 50% air.” My friend said mysteriously holding the ice cream.
  I doubted my ears, air is actually the most important raw material for ice cream, how is this possible, how can something invisible and intangible have an impact on real things.
  The friend continued to explain: “One of the most important steps in making an ice cream is to pump in air. The air will help the other ingredients in the ice cream to expand and expand, and the taste of the ice cream will become denser and fluffy. In other words, a The higher the air content in the ice cream, the smoother and lighter the taste will be, but 50% air content is the best taste.”
  ”Is ethereal air really that important to real ice cream?” I wondered.
  “If an ice cream has no air in it, it will taste like a hard, solid piece of ice, with no texture at all. Conversely, if an ice cream has more than 50 percent air in it, it may taste very bland, very unpleasant. It will disappear completely in the mouth without any aftertaste. So, to get the best taste, you need to add 50% more air,” said a friend.
  To me, this is really an incredible thing. I held the ice cream that I had just cursed in my hand and wondered inwardly about its secrets.
  ”So, you should try to add some air to yourself like it does!” the friend said with a smile, “You are now surrounded by all kinds of pressure, your body is tense, and the pressure makes the things around you become airless. Ice cream, each one is so heavy, but tasteless. If you want everything to be okay, the first thing you have to do is to release yourself, give yourself 50% more relaxed air, maybe you can taste the best thing The taste of it.”
  ”Add some air?” I smiled inexplicably, when the ice cream dripped a few more drops of rich liquid.
  I memorized this weird ice cream theory and slowly practiced it later in life. In the face of pressure, I no longer dodge so rigidly, but take the initiative to add some air to myself, learn to take a deep breath to relax and adjust my uneasy emotions, and then deal with difficult problems. After doing this, I found myself focusing my energy on solving specific problems, rather than letting negative emotions engulf my life for a long time, and it naturally became easier to solve things.
  I’ve come to understand that maybe what my friends want to express is that you should have the courage to melt your ice cream. In the face of stress, we are like ice cream that is frozen solid. We are afraid that it will melt, but the more afraid it is, the faster it will melt. If we face and accept its natural melting, our hearts will definitely be much more relaxed, and then we will be completely relieved. It’s a lot easier to add some air to your nervous self thoroughly and wait until you’re relaxed to solve the problem.
  Later, whenever I was stressed, I would buy myself an ice cream and savor the goodness brought by the air. If it weren’t for summer, I would close my eyes, imagine holding an egg cone in my hand, and temporarily put the pressure from all directions in the raw material bucket, I would go forward and scoop out different flavored ice cream balls with a spoon, Packed upright in the cone, the chocolate flavor is the stress of life, the raspberry flavor is the stress of the environment, the banana flavor is the stress of work, and then I stared at this ice cream assembled by my own pressure, it It’s so colorful and bright, and it doesn’t look all that scary.
  Then, I took this ice cream and walked into a field of sunshine, the sparkling sunlight hit the ice cream ball, and soon the juice dripped, and the ball shrank smaller and smaller, until the pressure ice cream gradually disappeared.