World of paper

  Life is like paper, when you come it is pure white, when you leave it is full of your own words! What kind of paper you make and what kind of life you write depends on each person’s footprints in this world.
  1. The lightness and weight of paper Although
  a piece paper is very light and thin, there are words of sages and thoughts of sages on a page. So, it’s heavy and thick.
  A page of history seems to be very thin – such as “the straw boat borrows arrows”, “the Red Army crosses the Jinsha River skillfully”, “the king of secluded beacon fire plays the princes”, but this page may record the legend of a person, A major revolutionary turning point, the overthrow of a dynasty, how many years does it take to write?
  Life is like paper. A person’s life may be very long and he has done many things, but on a page it has become very short, even only a few dozen words. A few pages of a cadre’s file is very thin, but it can reflect a person’s long-term merits and demerits, can it be thick?
  A sheet of paper has the content of a sheet of paper. This paper and the other paper, which is lighter and which is more important, still needs to be weighed – is it an understatement, or a strong color? Is it light and elegant, or heavy and solid? Is it stinking for thousands of years, or is it famous for eternity?
  The note is very light, but which male classmate is young, pass the “court note” or “appreciation note” to the female student he likes, and write “I like you so much, you are the only one in my eyes” or “You listened to the teacher’s lecture with a really beautiful expression, like a quiet lily”, etc., and finally left a good story about the marriage, isn’t it that “ceremony” is less than “love”?
  Hehe, it really fits that song – love is long and paper is short!
  2. The joy and sorrow of paper Why is the
  letter “worth 10,000 gold”?
  The husband is away, and the wife is at home looking forward to the stars and the moon, and finally a magpie and a letter from home, can you be unhappy? In the end, of course, weeping with joy!
  Why is Luoyang “paper expensive”?
  Just because the works of Zuo Si in the Western Jin Dynasty were so good, scholars and scholars from all over the world scrambled to read and copy them. For a time, there was not enough paper in Luoyang, the capital, and the price of paper kept rising. Paper expensive is not good, but Emperor Sima loves Wu Jiwu and directly married Zuo Si’s sister, which is a happy event. As the saying goes: joy is sadness to sadness is joy!
  If it is always a blank sheet of paper, where will the joy and sorrow come from?
  Only the paper that becomes words is happy – that is respected, loved and protected. You see, in the hands of the elegant literati, the pages of paper are gently flipped, the corners of the mouth are filled with an indelible smile, the sunlight creeps up from the toes to the knees, the “Golden House” can live, and “Yan Ruyu” can be seen .
  A damaged page will hurt, and it will be sad if it is dusty and unread for a long time. Every piece of paper we use is stamped with the growth rings of trees. We cherish it, it is happy. If we waste it, it will be sad. “Treasure paper as gold” is full of reverence for all things in the world.
  In the autumn and winter seasons, the weak paper will suddenly become a sharp knife – whoever is not careful, may be cut his fingers. Is this its harm to humans?
  Paper-made firecrackers are full of festivity, which is the most enthusiastic form of paper. However, we also often see extreme joy and sadness – or blow up people, or burn down the house, or pollute the air.
  3. The level and strangeness of paper
  A piece paper is ordinary enough, but under the painter’s pen, it will miraculously become a priceless treasure; under the calligrapher’s pen, it will become a pair of blessings. Hi Lian; in the hands of the artist, it will turn into a fine work of art.
  A small piece of paper, bland and unremarkable, but in the slender hands of the kindergarten teacher, it will be cut into small lifelike animals – frogs, dogs, cats, and children will be given colorful wings.
  A small piece of paper can actually hit a paper cannon, it’s amazing! Find waste paper, fold it along the length, and fold it into a vertical strip about two inches wide, then press the crosses together, follow one of the two ends, and fold them one by one into an oblique angle in one direction. Go to the middle. Put the last beveled corner in, and the paper cannon is folded.
  A piece of paper with a math problem done, lying peacefully in the bag. The children are restless. When spring comes, they will cut bamboo strips to make brackets, tear off their homework and put them on paper, pull the wires, and take advantage of the east wind to release the paper kites! The paper kite that can fly high or can’t fly has become the invisible wings of many children.
  Don’t underestimate an ordinary piece of paper, no matter how rough it is, it can be cut into paper window grilles such as magpies, phoenixes, fairies, etc., and fly happily to thousands of windows.
  A small piece of paper is peaceful enough, and because of the oil-paper umbrella, it adds to the charm of Jiangnan. White walls, dark green tiles, small slate bridges, deep alleys, a woman, wearing a silk cheongsam, holding an oil-paper umbrella, accompanied by the melodious sound of silk and bamboo, went out to hold an umbrella, lift the boat across the bridge, turn sideways to give way, collect Umbrella throws water…
  rice paper, the person who lives in the paper. Thinking of the literati and ink writers, the color and material of the paper will definitely affect their literary thoughts and inspiration when they stroke the paper. Express your feelings. The time of paper is bound to be with human civilization.