Why do we work

Writer Dan Brown went to the set and other locations early in the pandemic, only to contract Covid-19, but recovered three days later. Hearing this, I was amazed at the speed of Dan Brown’s recovery, and I was curious as to why he didn’t disclose his treatment plan in order to benefit the general public who were suffering from the epidemic, until I read the disclosure from his ex-wife: “Dan Brown had a secret affair with a Dutch horse trainer over the years and bought her many valuables, including a $340,000 Friesian horse.”

Putting aside the moral aspect for the time being, I suddenly realized that Dan Brown, who is more generous to his mistress, must have a solid economic foundation. After contracting the new crown pneumonia this time, it must be because he invested a lot of money and obtained an income beyond the reach of ordinary people. It takes only three days to fully recover.

Where does Dan Brown’s money come from? He’s a best-selling author, with Forbes magazine estimating his annual earnings at $76 million, and Time magazine estimating that he made $25 million for The Da Vinci Code alone. Even so, he still works diligently. After recovering from the new crown pneumonia, he wakes up at 4 a.m. every morning to write scripts and novels. So, in a way, the money from the job saved Dan Brown’s life and gave him a rocket-like recovery. The first purpose of my work is to obtain high-quality medical treatment for work compensation, thereby prolonging life.

Chekhov realized after his trip to Sakhalin that what he wanted as a writer was not “absolute freedom” but “to live among people”, to have “social and political life, even a little bit”. good”. Undoubtedly, work fulfills Chekhov’s wishes. In fact, Chekhov, who practiced medicine while writing literature, obtained many materials for spiritual growth and writing through his work and walking among patients in the hospital. Laziness is like me, if there is no pressure and encouragement from work, most of them will hide at home like a gopher, no longer meticulous about skin care and grooming, and will also neglect to pay attention to trends and self-growth and improvement, and will try to be as little as possible with human beings. and social interaction. When I think of this pale and gloomy picture, and when I look at my energetic, energetic, and enthusiastic interaction with my colleagues in the office, I can’t help but thank my work for providing me with the opportunity to float in human beings and society, and for conveying to me Fresh oxygen, this is the second purpose of my work.

American author Joan Didion flew to Boston, Dallas, and Minneapolis to promote her new book a week after she put her daughter Quintana’s ashes in St. John’s marble wall. Next, she flew to Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Toronto…still for work. Next, she realized that just rushing to and fro at the airport was not enough, she had to work harder, so she planned to adapt the new book into a play to perform on Broadway. During the working hours, “the bell does not necessarily ring, the door does not necessarily close, the answer to the question is open, and the story has not ended”. Didion is trying to use work to forget the pain of death. As Alain de Botton said: “Work exists so that we can stop thinking about the futility of life and the inevitability of death.” In a way , to cover the impermanence and suffering in life, this is the third purpose of my work.

Yang Jiang said in “One Hundred Years Old Testimonials”: “In this world of materialistic desires, being a human being is really hard enough.” It is true that no one’s life is easy. , also warm the world. Taking care of your mood is more important than anything else. A true wise man knows how to please himself, but also does not forget to please others, and live a beautiful and vast life.

To please yourself is the highest state
Lin Qingxuan said: “Let happiness become a habit.” Many times, happiness is not only a habit, but also a choice. When you choose to please yourself, then no matter how difficult the situation is, happiness will always be with you.

This is the case with Su Dongpo, he has already reached the pinnacle in the realm of pleasing himself. Throughout his life, he was either in the place where he was demoted, or on the way there. From a rookie in the court to a remote official, he remained open-minded. The temple is too high to enter, the rivers and lakes are far away, and he is happy. He has no power in his hand and no money in his pocket. In the era of self-denial and revival, he lived naturally; on the thorny road, he lived a free and easy life. He was demoted to Huangzhou, he said: “The Yangtze River is surrounded by Guo, the fish is beautiful, and the bamboo is connected to the mountains, and the bamboo shoots are fragrant.” , he said: “I am from Dan’er, and I live in Xishu Prefecture.” Life can’t go down the stream, so Su Shi smiled and went upstream, never forgetting to please himself and living an interesting look. His philosophical outlook has remained shining for thousands of years, and it also illuminates us who will also break through in the dark night in future generations.

Make people comfortable, is the top training
There is a saying in “Cai Root Tan”: “The real taste is light, and the people are as usual.” People with high levels will not be pretentious and domineering, but push themselves and others everywhere, and make people feel as comfortable as the spring breeze when they get along. To make people comfortable is not to cater to please, but to be rooted in the kindness of the heart, the upbringing engraved in the bones, the gullies in the chest, the tenderness in the heart, and the warm treatment of everyone in life. I read a story once and was very moved. There was a boy who always went to school without his home key. Every time he came home from school, he called his father at the door to open the door. Suddenly one day, his father specially told him: “From now on, you must remember to bring your home key every day and open the door yourself when you come back.” The boy was puzzled and asked, “Why?” His father replied: ” When you call Dad out loud, the child next door will feel bad when he hears it.” It turned out that the father of the child next door died in the line of duty the day before, and he no longer has a father.

A truly cultivated person knows how to make people feel comfortable. Although it is just a small gesture, it contains great warmth.

For the rest of your life, please yourself first, then please others
There is an old saying: “Those who are flattering to others seek to please others; and those who are good at flattering are pleasing to others’ seeking of themselves, and both are wrong.” It means that you can’t blindly flatter yourself. Others, who have lost their ego, can’t just try to be happy without considering the feelings of others. Therefore, the best way to live in life is to please yourself first, and then please others.

The famous writer Ma Jiahui once shared such a thing. After marriage, his wife wanted to be a full-time wife, but he was very opposed at first, thinking it was burying his wife’s talent. But his wife was firm, saying that he enjoyed the life of a full-time wife, and he had no choice but to agree. Unexpectedly, even as a full-time wife, his wife has a very rich life. She will share good books and movies with him, and she will also help him solve problems at work. He sighed: “I support my wife financially, and she nourishes me spiritually.” Ma Jiahui’s wife chose to fulfill herself first, and then use her happiness to bring love and joy to others. The real high emotional intelligence is not to put comfort in the first place, but to infect others with inner satisfaction and joy while making yourself happy.

Blacksmith Qi wants to go to Beijing, which makes people in our village envious, that place is too sacred, oh, now Blacksmith Qi is living here, this is not what a Hooker is! The Qi family’s children are all working outside, and they have to pick up their parents long ago, but the blacksmith Qi didn’t go. Later, when the mother died and the father was too lonely, the children advocated that the blacksmith Qi should be uprooted. The tile-roofed house was sold together with the furniture. Blacksmith Qi endured it like an eggplant beaten by frost, causing tears to appear on his face.

Three years later, I heard that everything was fine in Beijing, but I just wanted to come back, but my son didn’t allow him, and he couldn’t read, so it was not easy to come back.

My son and I are young, and we occasionally have video chats. During the video, Blacksmith Qi was sitting behind him, looking a little thin, not as strong and powerful as when he was blacksmithing. Once, Qi Tiejiu suddenly pulled his son and sat in front of the video, slowly asking about people and things in my hometown. In fact, I know a lot of people and things, but I always have to go back to my hometown twice a year. There are always new things, and the old man listens with great interest. During the Chinese New Year the year before, I took a few pictures of my hometown and sent them to Faxiao while chatting. I didn’t want Blacksmith Qi to burst into tears for a while after seeing it. Then he sat down in front of the camera and said, “I want to go back in my dreams…” …Go back, can’t go back, where did you go back to live… It made me sad to hear that.

I asked Faxiao, is the old man uncomfortable? When I published a novel, I was dissatisfied. I thought that I would not be allowed to return to my hometown for three years, and I would get better in time. Now it seems that this is wishful thinking. But it’s becoming more and more unrealistic to go back to his hometown. I can’t imagine that he has children and daughters, and he can enjoy the happiness of his family, but he stays in his hometown alone…

As the old saying goes, it is really sad that a child wants to be raised but his parents are not. It is equally sad to have a child who wants to be raised but cannot be kissed. The last sentence, I have a deep understanding, pick up my parents to come to the city to try to live many times, at most for half a year, at least a month, without exception. They don’t live well, they don’t say it, they even pretend to be happy. But their minds are in their hometown. When they meet a person on the street, they will say that this person looks like their hometown. In this case, I didn’t follow up with the novel. Qi Blacksmith had been in Beijing for three years, and he was at a critical moment. Maybe he would be able to live in peace after clenching his teeth and stomping his feet.

But what happened next was unexpected. My younger sister, who was born in Xi’an, went to Beijing to see her father, but her father refused to stay in Beijing and wanted to go to Xi’an. This request could not be blocked by a small child, and he agreed to his father to live in Xi’an for a while. Only later did he know that this was his father’s “conspiracy”. After living in Xi’an for less than half a month, Blacksmith Qi took a taxi and went straight to the Chengnan Bus Terminal. He returned to the county town two hours later, and he returned to his hometown two hours later. It is said that when Qi blacksmith got out of the car, he burst into tears. Although the house was in someone else’s name, the neighbors rushed to welcome him in. He ate a bowl of “toad bones” and burst into tears, like a long-lost child seeing him. Mother.

The children of the Qi family returned to their hometown again. This time, the blacksmith Qi was like a shameless urchin who refused to go to the city no matter what. Fortunately, the buyer of the old house moved to the newly built immigration site on the market, and after some setbacks, the old house was returned. Blacksmith Qi felt like a duck to water. The father’s actions made him dissatisfied and blamed himself, feeling that he did not take good care of the old man.

I comforted him and said that his hometown has always been two herbs. The generation of my parents has been in the mountains all their lives, which is inconvenient, but there is no other place in the world that can compare to this place. We are overjoyed to have such an opportunity to escape from poverty. In the blink of an eye, more than 20 years have passed, and our minds have begun to soften, which can make us like this, besides our relatives, what else is there? Fa Xiao said seriously, it was his hometown.

Yes, rough tea is good as long as the mouth is closed. Besides, the house is familiar, the road is familiar, the neighbors are familiar, and familiarity means freedom.

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