Why do people read books? These 16 sentences are the best answers


Where steps can not be measured, books can; Books can go where eyes cannot.


If you have the idea that you are never too old to learn, the possibilities are endless. Lost the curiosity of the moment, a person is really old.


Reading can let you and your loved one not only discuss firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, but also talk about piano, chess, painting, poetry and flowers.


In this life, there must be something that others can’t take away. The books you read are one of them.


The fundamental purpose of reading is to make yourself understand the world, to see yourself clearly, so that when you do nothing, you have a serious force to push you forward.


As long as you open the book, you open a new world at any time.


The abdomen has poetry qi from China. When you see birds in the sky, you will say: sunset and lone ducks flying together, autumn water long sky color. Instead of: Oh, that’s a lot of birds. Reading books will make you a warm, interesting and thoughtful person.


We have no way to extend the length of life indefinitely, but can increase the width and thickness of life, reading is the best way.


People who love books can have a loyal friend, a good teacher, a lovely companion, a superior wan comforter.


Reading can solve more than 80% of the confusion. Your main problem is that you read too little and think too much.


Most of the time, we think that many of the books we have read have become past and forgotten, but in fact they are potential. In temperament, in conversation, in the boundless mind, of course, may also show in life and words.


The books you read are your pattern, keeping your mind clear about your life and the world.


If you like reading, you can change the lonely and boring moments in your life into a kind of enjoyment.


Books like medicine also, good reading can cure fools. Reading quietly helps you to know the world, quietly helps you to wipe the superficial face and ignorance.


More reading is not for eloquence and refutation, but in the face of problems when I can think more and weigh, less blindly and credulous.


Many perplexities and doubts in life can be found in books. Whether dispelling confusion or fighting mediocrity, reading is the simplest and most practical way.

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