White Monkeys of the Jinsha River: A Tale of Loss and Longing

The walnut tree flourishes with clusters of luminous yellow blossoms in the vernal season. Amidst the murmuring melody of the Jinsha River’s flow, the walnut blossoms gently descend, only to be gathered by a troop of simians, delicately placed into their maws, and consumed. The verdant forest gradually fades from the slopes of the canyon, dissolving silently like a fable. Under the cloak of night, a procession of individuals ventured into the woodland, felling the arboreal giants upon the hillside, traversing through a profound vale, and dispatching the timber downstream, allowing the river to bear colossal logs to distant and enigmatic destinations. It is at this juncture that the primates take up residence in the walnut grove beyond the hamlet.

Amidst the walnut forest, the monkeys frolic, whilst cascades of pale yellow walnut blossoms dance upon the breeze, casting their reflection in the primates’ pupils, evoking a poignant reminder of the incessant hunger gnawing at their cores. The arid lanes and torrid atmosphere of the village repeatedly rebuff their advances, casting them among the village’s stony embrace. Two monkeys, distinguished by their lengthy white pelage amidst the walnut canopy, carve out a distinct enclave within the Grand Canyon, lending an air of peculiarity to the landscape. Persistently, they bound amidst the walnut trees, questing for their forsaken abode. As spring wanes, and the walnut blossoms relinquish their hold, descending into shallow crevices beneath the boughs, a silent procession toward the nearby Jinsha River ensues. With each passing day, as the floral adornments wane and nascent dark-green fruits emerge among the verdure, the acrid fruits compel the primates to vacate the walnut forest once more, thus precipitating their traverse along the precipitous slopes of the canyon.

As the monkeys traverse the vicinity of the village, the villagers toiling within the furrows adjacent to the cornfields exhibit a fervor akin to the discovery of gold. News spreads throughout the hamlet like a simmering cauldron. Never before have white monkeys graced the earth. Within this troop, two monkeys bequeath upon the world an extraordinary anomaly. Ivory-hued, the monkeys’ pallor pervades the village. Yet, the hunger plaguing the primates remains unnoticed. They roam on, perennially questing for sylvan sanctuaries. The sinuous boughs of the forest, cloaked in moss akin to devil’s tresses, offer succor to the primates, enabling the existence of an ancient enclave within the Grand Canyon. Venturing into the walnut forest, amidst the vernal cascade of blossoms, the monkeys draw near to the village, drawing close to the humans who had stripped them of their habitat.

Deprived of sustenance, the monkeys bring their alabaster hue to the village and its environs, affording some fortunate individuals glimpses of the hurried monkeys coursing through the Grand Canyon, akin to the flow of golden sands and rivers. The Jinsha River persists in its meandering course, whilst a verdant expanse on the opposing mountaintop ensnares their gaze daily, tantalizing them with its allure. Upon the hillside, where the monkeys dwell, the stones reflect the canyon’s scorching ardor. The grasses bow their heads, as the hillside gradually reveals its crimson soil and obsidian stones. Only the sylvan expanse across the river permits the monkeys to traverse the village time and again. The cornfields lining the riverbank, when dusk descends, stand sentinel, their stalks rustling in the breeze. In the nebulous darkness, a diminutive monkey, perched upon a promontory, succumbs to the current, carried far downstream by the Jinsha River before clambering ashore, bedraggled and aghast. A cluster of monkeys, positioned upon the riverbank, falls under the lens of a man concealed within the cornfield, armed with a camera. A moment of exquisite rarity is captured, yet the means to traverse to the opposite bank remain elusive for the primates.

The pathway to the opposite bank meanders through the village. The pyrotechnics, whispers, canine clamor, luminous beacons, and scrutinizing gazes within the village segregate the monkeys upon the riverside hillside. As spring dwindles and sustenance vanishes alongside the forest’s demise, hunger churns within the primates’ bellies. The ivory hue of the monkeys lingers within the memories of the village denizens. Beneath the eaves lie ropes and shotguns, emblematic of their guarded stance. A thoroughfare obstructed by a colossal boulder alongside the riverbank necessitates the erection of a lofty bridge. An immense iron chain extends to the opposite bank, its length shrouded by substantial wooden planks. Nightly, the monkeys harbor an unquenchable yearning for the chain bridge stretching toward the distant shore. Longing for the sylvan sanctuary blanketing the hillside across the river, yearning for the luxuriant boughs within the forest, yearning for the nascent buds adorning the sinuous branches, and yearning for the wild fruits ripening day by day alongside the buds. Using a branch to probe the anthills amongst the stones, the monkeys extract a few ebony ants, savoring their insipid existence, whilst standing sentinel beneath the moon’s gentle glow. Chain Bridge.

Bai, ensnared by the trials imposed upon the monkeys, languishes at the village’s periphery, beset by hunger. The Jinsha River persists in its ceaseless flow, whilst the lush foliage of the forest on the opposing hillside casts its reflection upon the river, teeming with vitality. The upstream river breeze courses through the forest, causing the verdant foliage to pirouette, akin to the green river water ascending the hillside. Upon the barren hillside, the monkeys envisage a life of contentment within the forest across the river. Amber mushrooms proliferate amidst the verdant undergrowth, pheasants ululate fervently, and wild sunflowers gaze heavenward with whimsical reverie. A serpent, adorned with crimson blotches, slithers forth from the underbrush, emitting inky venom. Nobuko stealthily traverses to another patch of verdure, disturbing the labyrinthine hive nestled upon the grass blades’ tips. Swarms of bees take flight, in search of the intruder who rashly trespassed. An oak tree looms majestically beside the verdant expanse. When the zephyrs gust, the acorns, having graced the branches in bygone years, descend with a gentle rustle, alighting upon the tree’s gnarled roots. Amidst the oak trees and verdant meadows, a camellia tree thrives. Post-winter, the wild tea trees burgeon with dark-green tea berries, resplendent amidst the oval foliage. The monkeys stand vigil by the riverbank, whilst the village stands as a bastion between them and the forest. All that the forest harbors remains beyond the monkeys’ purview.

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