Where to work is better

  Englishman had said to have had leisure time goodbye. Statistics show that the working hours of the British have reached an unprecedented 42.9 hours per week. The white-collar workers in the office replaced the original sumptuous lunch set with ham sandwiches. The small talk during the lunch break became a long list of work plans in front of everyone; only 16 % Of British employees can enjoy normal lunch hours. And the whole day’s work break time has also been compressed to 27 minutes. Fortunately, you are not a trainee doctor in the UK-these unlucky people work 56 hours a week.
  Japan is the country’s lack of a labor force. “Death from overwork” is a term invented by the Japanese government to describe deaths caused by overtime work-this word is extremely hated by countless Japanese office workers. Not long ago, an employee of Toyota Motor Corporation who had an average working time of more than 60 hours/week died suddenly at his job. After an autopsy, he was found to be “death from overwork.”
  South Korea
  South Korea and that of his neighbors, as also labor-intensive countries, but also a serious labor shortage, leading Korean average working time was 51.5 hours / week. Fortunately, they can now take a breath for two days on weekends—before 2004, they could only rest for one day a week.
  9,000 Nauruans in the Republic of Nauru live on only 8 square miles of land-this pocket island country in the Western Pacific is one of the smallest countries in the world, but at the same time, it is also one of the largest “employment agencies” in the world. one. Poverty, lack of skills and a lazy lifestyle have made this country’s national unemployment rate reach 90%.
  United States
  American attitudes toward paid vacation as if they were the same attitude towards terrorism – hated. That’s right, Americans seem to be “not cold” about a good vacation. The one-year vacation of an American employee is not as long as the rest of a medieval farmer. Every year, all employees in the United States return the accumulated vacation time equivalent to 1.6 million years to their bosses.
  As in most African countries, we have no information on the average working hours and pay of Libyans. One of the reasons is probably that 85% of the people in this country (about 3 million people) are unemployed. And another reason may be that those lads who survived the civil war in Libya really can’t spare time for the statisticians to do a survey. They “fight” in the streets and alleys of Monrovia all the time, even for 5 minutes. No time at all.
  Sub-Saharan Africa
  if you have a 7-year-old nephew a headache, you may wish to use the following words to frighten him: “Zainao to confiscate your PS3 (gaming machines), then take you to the Sahara to Work in South Africa!” There, more than 40% of children between the ages of 5 and 14 work like adults, and their income is only RMB 75 per week. Around the world, about 220 million poor children are employed as child laborers, and 32% of them live in this hot place.
  has long been Australia’s “lack of skilled labor,” the situation has not improved, so the boss does not care where the Australian citizenship in their own employees. The latest information shows that there are currently 150,000 jobs in the Australian labor market waiting to be vacant. Therefore, it is quite easy to immigrate to Australia. If you are a hairdresser or plumber, or your occupation happens to be listed in the “Immigration Job Requirements Form”, then the time you spend applying to immigrate to Australia is only the time it takes for the information mail to go back and forth.
  at work you always face out of the window in a daze? Did you intentionally break that unfair labor contract? Don’t hesitate, go to Mexico! There is no one asking you to be “loyal to the company”, and there is no cumbersome “resignation requiring × days notice”. You can fire your boss today and join another company as soon as possible. If you are not doing well, you can resign on the same day and find another job until you are satisfied. Worried about no salary? Absolutely not! Your average salary can reach RMB 45 per day.