Where does the rain fall

  The businessman’s son likes to read and is good at thinking, and the businessman has high expectations for him. Slowly, when the son grew up and became an independent thinker, the businessman wanted to hand over the business to him.
  The businessman runs a rice shop and an inn, and he decides to give the inn to his son first. However, he did not expect that within two months of handing it over to his son, he would not be able to continue the business. The businessman was very annoyed and had to take over the inn again.
  The businessman thought that running a rice shop should be easier than running an inn. So, the rice shop was handed over to my son, hoping that he could manage it well. But still, the rice shop screwed up again and is about to close.
  The businessman felt that his son had lived up to his expectations, so he took back the business and resumed his own business, which made him very angry.
  On this day, a friend came from all over to see him, and his mood suddenly improved a lot. They walked and chatted on the country road, recalling the past of doing business together, and they were filled with emotion.
  The businessman and his friend talked about his son’s inability to do business, and felt very sad that he had no successor in his career. The friend listened quietly, without uttering a word.
  The sky was overcast, and it rained heavily in an instant, and the two ran into a pavilion to hide from the rain. Until the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared in the sky, the two went back.
  Just then, a fast horse flashed past, splashing from its hooves, splashing them with dirty water. The businessman felt unlucky and cursed fiercely.
  The friend laughed and said to the businessman, “Brother, what do you think of the rain?” The
  businessman was stunned by the question, and asked his friend in confusion, “Rain is rain, what can it be like?”
  ”Rain is rain, that’s right. But where it falls is very important. When it falls in the fields, it is the nourishing water that is popular with the people; when it falls on the road, it is the nasty dirty water and sewage!” After finishing speaking, the friend looked at the businessman.
  The businessman seemed to understand what his friend meant and looked at him blankly.
  The friend smiled and said to him: “Your son is like rain, he is not good at business, but you let him do business, just like rain on the road, it will turn into muddy water. He likes to read, so let him take the scientific examination Well, just like the rain falling on the fields, it will nourish the water, maybe he will be better.” After the
  businessman heard this, he immediately understood. Since then, he has concentrated on letting his son study and take part in scientific examinations. Soon after, his son was admitted as a scholar, and later he became an official in high school.

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