When was the last time you hugged

  ”Hey, when was the last time you guys hugged each other?” In
  an afternoon chatting with each other, I don’t know who asked such a sentence, gently, as if just throwing a stone into the lake, but unexpectedly aroused A thousand layers of waves——
  ”When I went out in the morning, I got used to being with my partner. When I went out in the morning and came home in the evening, I had to hug her.” “I met a friend
  a while ago. I haven’t seen you for a long time. I hugged me happily.”
  . …
  hug, what a pure, soft and warm word.
  Some people say that today’s adults are afraid of being disturbed, but they are eager to be hugged. How did that happen? Hugging is obviously a very simple action – two people face each other, get close, raise their arms, and hug each other, all they need to do is to complete a hug.
  For some people, such a hug is as natural as breathing; for some people, it is a random reward in life; for some people, it is an existence that has never been noticed, has never been obtained, and does not know how to desire it .
  Do you remember the last hug, when was it?
  Most people seem to have a natural shyness when it comes to intimacy.
  It seems that there are always more things that can replace this action-after all, it has no real “necessary” use. If you are cold, I tell you to add clothes, change a thicker quilt for you, or Cooking a pot of hot soup, which of these specific heating methods is not more effective than “I will hold you for a while”?
  So, why on earth do we, at least at some point in our lives, genuinely long for a hug?
  Of course, many scientific studies have shown that the desire for hugs is engraved in our DNA and needs no explanation.
  There is a chemical in our bodies called oxytocin that rises when we hug, touch, or get close to someone, giving us a sense of pleasure and happiness. Daily hugs can help us reduce stress, improve mental health, and reduce fear and pain.

  Mu Xin wrote: If you still clearly remember when was the last hug, you must also remember what it was like to hug. That feeling that you can hardly find the exact words to sum it up is probably why we need to embrace.
  Compared with other physical activities, hugging is special.
  On the one hand, it’s extremely soft. You have to open your arms to each other, revealing your chest and defenseless belly, and two people expose their softest and most vulnerable parts to each other, which is like a kind of surrender. Then fold your arms around the opponent’s back, pull the person in front of you closer, and stick closely to yourself.
  Even outside of this hug, I am a hedgehog. At this moment, in this hug, I let go of all defenses, like a pool of marshmallows willing to be melted by the sun.
  On the other hand, hugs are as strong as armor. It makes two people become a whole, supporting each other’s necks with their shoulders, and exchanging the honest heartbeat at this moment with their tight chests. You don’t have to be afraid anymore, here is a safe haven, you don’t have to worry about the situation behind you, I am your loyal guard.
  Stefansson wrote in “Fish Has No Feet” that “hug” must be the most beautiful word in the language. Touch another person with your arms, surround another person, connect with him, and in an instant, under the godless sky, two people can become one in the torrent of life.
  In the strong, you can feel protection and safety; in the soft, you can feel the warmth and love.
  Creators who are keenly aware of the emotional connection between people have never been stingy about describing hugs.
  They know that sometimes hugs say more than other expressions.
  The “Naples Quartet” written by the Italian writer Elena Ferrante is an epic about women with friendship as the main line. The protagonists Lennon and Lila have known each other since childhood. The two girls grow together like weeds.
  This is not a purely warm story, full of contradictions and conflicts between the two girls, they are best friends, they will encourage and support each other, but they will also compete and be jealous. In such a story, they are always hugging.
  When she was a child, Lila always “hugged me and begged me” when she wanted the good boy Lennon to do it for her. Lila’s hug made Lennon surrender forever.
  When they grew up, each of them went through the upheavals of their lives and met again, Lennon thought: “I long to hug her, kiss her, tell her: Lila, from now on, no matter what happens, we must not lose each other. In ”
  A Family of Thieves”, a poor family takes in a little girl who has run away from home after being abused by her native family, plays with her, and bathes her.
  His wife Xindai cut the girl’s hair, then hugged her tightly, saying: “If you say you love you and beat you, you must be lying. If you love you, you will hug you as tightly as I do.” In the
  dusk The lights shone on their faces, and you almost felt that this chaotic and cash-strapped home was the happiest place in the world.
  I remember reading a sentence in Ah Yi’s “The Widow”, to the effect that falling in love with someone for the first time feels like a closed valley suddenly opened, and a strong wind blows in endlessly.
  This is the feeling of falling in love with someone, and the desire to be loved will reach the peak at the same time, so I think, hugging is probably to use a thin body to block the strong wind and snowstorm, and use a hot chest to make a lonely Spring flowers bloom in the valley.
  A friend who is not used to physical contact said that her last hug was from her dirty daughter yesterday after a long day of running.
  She said that before she got married, she was most used to hugging her cat, “because you know that no matter how you express your love to a pet, you will never be rejected.”
  The same feeling, she felt strongly again in her daughter. She often can’t help hugging her daughter, feeling the small body swaying so relaxed and comfortably in her arms, “I never feel that I am ‘giving’ her a hug, she probably doesn’t know how much I appreciate that I can Hug her”.
  Although the little girl doesn’t know her mother’s gratitude, she naturally learned the ability to express love from these hugs. She often hugged her friends for no reason, buried her head in her neck, and said in a childlike voice : “Mom, I really like you. You are the most beautiful person in the world.
  Let’s be together forever!” ?
  Most things in this world are the looser the better, except for hugs. Apart from hugging you tightly, I think there is nothing worth my efforts.

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