When culture becomes a “label”

   Culture is the social and historical deposits created and formed by people in practice. It is both a social phenomenon and a historical phenomenon. Culture is relatively abstract. It condenses in matter and is free from matter. Therefore, unlike cultural relics, etc., there are special laws to protect them. This requires people to consciously cherish, spontaneous care. However, in real life, some people consciously or unconsciously spoil or even spoil culture. An intuitive expression is that culture is like a cheap “label”, and everything is affixed with a “label” of culture, regardless of whether it is elegant or vulgar. Every time I think about it, there is an urge to not spit unpleasantly.
   A few years ago, tea culture, wine culture, sex culture, food culture, internet culture, desk culture, car culture, donkey friend culture, etc., were smeared and powdered, and they were still soft. Nowadays, fertility culture, funeral culture, sleep culture, beggar culture, gaming culture, e-sports culture, graffiti culture, nail art culture, bathing culture, toilet culture, etc., are competing for beauty and fierceness. “Culture” alone is not enough, there is also a “So-and-So Culture” festival and a “So-and-So Culture Exhibition” or something. At first glance, today’s society seems to have entered an era of prosperous civilization and rich culture. It seems that there is culture everywhere, there is culture all the time, and everyone is very cultural.
   The word “culture” comes from “Book of Changes”. Human beings have moved from barbarism to civilization, thanks to the nourishment of culture and drizzle, and the subtle cultivation. In recent years, the word “culture” has come and gone, and it has become very fashionable. In the eyes of some people, no matter what, no matter what, if you don’t have a little bit of culture, it is not good enough, and there is no culture. As a result, cultural “labels” can be posted as you want, and you can do whatever you want; On the one hand, the names of culture are varied and numerous, ubiquitous and full of wonders. Many things that were originally incompatible with culture will raise the “flag” of culture and affix the “label” of culture.
   As the saying goes: “Having acquaintances is easy to do.” Therefore, there is a saying of “acquaintance culture” in the market. In officialdom, when a few people form small circles, there is a “circle culture”. Ren Aijun of Shanxi was sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes involving triad organizations. In the high wall, he has been commuted five times for violations of laws and regulations, and was released after “full sentence” as he wished. When analyzing the reasons in the report, the relevant departments said recently that the reason why Ren Aijun was able to commute his sentence for many violations and violations of the law was due to the prevalence of the local “circle culture” and “greeting culture”. No, nowadays, even “greeting” has become a “culture”.
   Culture is so precious, just like the moon in the sky, it disappears and appears from time to time. There is an idiom called, a hundred stars are not as good as a month. “Huainanzi: Shuo Lin Xun” said: “The brightness of a hundred stars is not as bright as the light of a month; the opening of ten bays is not as bright as a house.” Just imagine, if the moon is also like the stars, the sky is full, countless, no The value has risen, but the price has fallen. The moon is like that, and so is the culture. Everything is culture, both the misfortune of culture and the tragedy of culture.
   Culture is both “soft power” and “national protection”. As one of the birthplaces of the four ancient civilizations, Afghanistan has an extremely long history and splendid culture. In order to avoid the scourge of war, in desperation, more than 200 precious cultural relics in the National Museum of Afghanistan, through more than ten years of wandering and protective touring exhibitions, ended several exhibitions in the United States, China, Britain, France, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, etc. The country’s global relay show form, shortly before returning to Kabul. On the stone tablet at the entrance of the National Museum of Afghanistan, two lines of striking English are written, translated into Chinese: “If the culture exists, the country will survive.”
   With the development of the times and the progress of civilization, the Chinese people’s understanding of culture is getting deeper and deeper; their hopes for culture are getting bigger and bigger. The function of culture has a new orientation – soft power; the status of culture has risen to a strategy – a cultural power. Building a culturally strong country is a systematic and complex grand project closely related to the prosperity of the country and the longevity of the nation. An important premise is that it is necessary to strengthen cultural self-confidence and protect cultural security. As the saying goes, what is rare is more expensive. When culture is reduced to a cheap “label”, it is not so much a high-profile view of culture as it is a wanton destruction of culture. To put it bluntly, it is not cherishing, but really hurting.

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