What Would Happen If All 118 Elements on the Periodic Table Disappeared?

“All things in the universe”, ranging from celestial bodies to small particles, are actually composed of different chemical elements. Some friends once had a big brainstorm – if the 118 elements on the periodic table were deleted from the world one by one, what would happen?

Now let’s start this “try and die” brainstorming experiment, starting from the last “Og” of the periodic table and going forward, deleting an element every 5 minutes.

5 o’clock in the morning: Delete Og…Because the 118th element Og among the chemical elements is artificially synthesized and does not exist naturally, the earth will continue to rotate without it! In the same way, delete one every 5 minutes, even if you delete it until 6:35 in the morning, the world will be peaceful!

6:40 am: Some nuclear bombs can no longer be used because some californium was used as an initiator in the bombs.

6:50 am: Many spacecraft use curium isotope thermal thermoelectric batteries, so they are permanently useless.

6:55 am: Bedridden people are woken up by the smoke alarms at home, because the americium is gone, the smoke alarms can’t pick up the particle stream, and mistakenly think that there is smoke everywhere!

7:00 am: With the disappearance of plutonium, most nuclear bombs and some nuclear power plants can no longer be used.

7:10 am: The world finally ushered in the first catastrophe—with the disappearance of uranium, all nuclear power plants can no longer provide any energy, but the fission products do not disappear, but are left behind by the disappearance of uranium in uranium dioxide Oxygen from below is carried to the world. By then, nuclear radiation will be everywhere. At the same time, because the crustal material is reduced after the uranium disappears, the earth is likely to shake as a result.

7:20 am: With the thorium gone, the big earthquake strikes again.

The good news is that from now until 7:50 the polonium elements are deleted, all of which are irrelevant decay products, and the world will be temporarily peaceful for half an hour.

7:55 am: The bismuth element disappears. From now on, the earth will shake every five minutes until the earth is completely destroyed. Plus bismuth is an important component of fuses, so all places where fuses are installed will lose power.

8:00 AM: The lead is gone, at which point the battery and any solder joints that are not lead-free solder will be damaged.

8:10 am: Mercury disappears, mercury switches and old-fashioned thermometers, blood pressure monitors, etc. can no longer be used.

8:15 am: All the gold is gone.

8:20 am: Platinum, an important catalyst, disappears, and much of the chemical industry can no longer operate.

8:40 AM: Tungsten disappears. At this time, all modern cutting tools, including electric drills, machine tools, etc., will be damaged due to the disappearance of tungsten carbide and high-speed steel.

8:45 am: Tantalum disappears, most electronic equipment will be completely burnt out within tens of seconds due to the loss of tantalum capacitors.

9:10 am: Erbium disappears, communication is lost, and the world becomes an island.

9:25 am: Terbium disappears, and people in the night hemisphere will be plunged into eternal darkness unless they light candles.

9:50 am: Neodymium disappears, many devices that rely on magnetism break down, electric cars start to spin out of control, rampage on the road, and the city descends into complete chaos.

10:00 am: Cerium disappears, earthquake stronger than before.

10:25 a.m.: Iodine disappears, and by this point humans are technically in a hypothyroid state.

10:40 am: The tin is gone, and all the solder joints will come off by this point, but there will be no electronics left.

10:50 a.m.: With cadmium gone, so is cadmium yellow, a long-banned pigment, and Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” are forever white.

11:20 pm: Molybdenum disappears, plants wither, and the molybdenum enzyme in the human body stops working. At this time, human beings are likely to be extremely weak.

11:55 p.m.: The bromine disappears and the ocean becomes an alkali tank that will kill almost all marine life, but also solve the problem of ocean acidification once and for all.

12:00 pm: Selenium disappears, more enzymes lose their effect.

12:20 noon: With the disappearance of zinc, carbonic anhydrase loses its activity, and the humans who survived will die within 4 minutes of suffocation due to the accumulation of too much carbon dioxide in the blood, and all disposable batteries will lose power at the same time.

12:30 p.m.: Nickel disappears, which, given the amount of nickel in the core, would cause the entire planet to contract so violently that gravity could turn into heat, melting the planet into a glowing mass of lava.

12:40 pm: Iron disappears, half of the Earth’s matter will no longer exist, and the Earth may become some debris floating in space.

13:10 pm: Calcium disappears, Earth may continue to shrink violently at this time.

13:50 noon: After the disappearance of silicon, aluminum and magnesium, the earth is almost left with gaseous substances such as oxygen and fluorine; most planets in the solar system are also completely disintegrated, and the dust in the center of the Milky Way will also disappear.

14:20 pm: With carbon and oxygen gone, all stars over 1.1 solar masses suddenly become dim because they can no longer continue the carbon nitrogen oxygen cycle, star production is greatly reduced, and the universe is almost back to 300,000 years after the big bang wild state.

14:40 pm: Helium disappears, all stars in the universe are free of nuclear fusion products, and the universe is turned off forever.

14:45 pm: The hydrogen is gone, even the red dwarfs are extinguished, and only the neutron stars are left in the universe to give off the last little glimmer of stubbornness.

14:50 p.m.: The neutrons disappear, and since then there is nothing in the universe except black holes, the universe is completely destroyed, and everything returns to nothingness!