What is the meaning of travel

   Three years after the epidemic, nothing has been moved, staying at home honestly, doing laundry, cooking, reading, raising children…
   Is this your daily routine in recent years?
   When friends gather, what everyone sighs the most is that travel plans are getting more and more out of reach. According to this trend, it is estimated that if you go out for a trip, you can join the sunset red group. Looking at it this way, we have to exercise a lot to make sure that we can still walk at that time.
   The poems and distant places that were written in the book have long been replaced by oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea. At most, that restless heart can only think about it again and again when it is dreaming at midnight… The body is far before the heart is moved, and this is the taste.
   What does travel mean to us?
   I took pictures in the crowded scenic spot, and when I came back, I thought it was a group photo, and I couldn’t find myself in the crowd if I didn’t look carefully. Food may be the most convincing travel item, but today with the development of online shopping, everything is available on the Internet. One-click ordering may be much cheaper than what you buy locally, and it will be delivered to your home. Then, there is only a sense of value in taking the child out. After all, the child’s growth period is only a few years, and going out to see the world is related to the pattern and future. But when you ask your child where he has been, does he remember? Most of the time, he will answer you with a dumbfounded face, and he doesn’t remember. The lethality of this sentence is no less than a stab in the heart of my parents. I took my savings, covered in sweat, and crossed mountains, seas and crowds, just to take you to see the world, but you don’t remember it, oh my god , what am I drawing?
   This past summer vacation, big data showed that more than 60% of parents took their children out for a trip. Adults can stay at home, but children can’t wait. For parents, the child’s learning cannot be lost at the starting line, nor can the child’s right to open their eyes be compared, and the involution has been naturally opened. As soon as school starts, the children will compare themselves. Where did you go in the summer vacation? Did you see anything new? Thinking about other people’s children who are so excited, and their own children only strolling in the nearby park, this has truly shown that their children have never seen the world. This kind of feeling is really unbearable. Therefore, some strong parents are facing the scorching sun, risking the risk of facing the epidemic, spending high accommodation fees, crowding on the beach and the mountain with no end in sight, and they can only comfort themselves silently in their hearts. : For the sake of the child… just bear with it.
   After thinking about it again and again, I also had to become a member of the parent group that took the children out this summer.
   Tightly grasp the two weeks before the start of the school, arrange and move the vacation courses, follow the map and search in major cities in China, not to choose the popular place, but to the place where there is no epidemic situation. After reporting to the unit and signing, I dared to book a hotel flight ticket, endured the pain, and chose to choose among the major hotels with rising prices… All these trivialities were solved only one day before departure. Although it is only a four-day trip, there is not a lot of worry, effort, and money at all. Okay, for the sake of the child… just bear with it.
   In fact, every year before the sun goes to school, I will take the sun on a trip. We have checked in many places at home and abroad. However, that was before the epidemic, and we often have trips that we just want to leave. After school, I have been catching up with the epidemic. For the past three years, I squatted at home and didn’t go anywhere. So much so that the sun pointed to Tiananmen Square in the textbook and asked me, have I been there? I had to come up with the strongest evidence – photos! Look at the photos and tell him where I have taken him. Seeing the suspicious look on his face, I was speechless. Therefore, this summer vacation, we have to go on a trip that says nothing.
   The plane flew for more than an hour, and we arrived at Qingdao, a coastal city not far away. Because all the needs of the sun are met here: seaside, sand digging, swimming, the important thing is that there is no epidemic, and it is not tired. I have voted negative for trips that require long-distance travel. It is important for children to have fun, but my life is more important.
   We went to Jinshatan and Zhanqiao, the famous bathing beach in Qingdao. As soon as we got out of the car, we were poured a basin of cold water by the crowd of people in front of us. Yes, the beach is very big and the sand is very fine, but there are so many people…so that it is not easy to find a place to dig the sand, and people accidentally “dig”. With the mentality of being at peace when I come, I silently accompanied the sun to dig sand under the scorching sun for an afternoon. Looking at his satisfied “project”, the old mother’s heart was also filled with all kinds of gratification. okay, for the kids…
   Laoshan still makes me feel that this trip is quite rewarding. Because the sun and I climbed to the top of the mountain on foot for three hours, and wanted to give up several times along the way. Looking at his sweat and wet hair, I think this is the meaning of travel, at least let the sun understand the “absolute knowledge” This has to be done.” Many things in life require one’s own efforts, and only after a painful process can one appreciate the value of climbing to the top of the mountain. When we were panting halfway up the mountainside, a mother and son who came down from the top of the mountain gave us a lot of encouragement. The mother looked at me and the sun embarrassed halfway up the mountain and wanted to give up, and she said softly: “No. It’s far away, hold on for a while. That’s what gave me and the sun an impetus to keep moving forward.”
   Many times, when we are confused about the unknown of our future, we can’t see the end, or even so bad that we just want to rot. At this time, a gentle word of encouragement from a person may give you the courage to persevere. This mother’s words made me and the sun decide not to give up until we reach the top of the mountain. When we climbed to the top of the mountain out of breath, we only saw a pavilion. In fact, it was not as amazing as we imagined. This reminds me of the famous poem that Su Dongpo wrote to his son on his deathbed: The misty rain in Mount Lu and the tide in Zhejiang, I can’t wait until it reaches the end. There is nothing to do if you get it, Lushan Misty Rain Zhejiang tide. When I don’t get it, I yearn for it, and when I really get it, I find it’s nothing more than that. But only after going through this process have the right to evaluate whether it is good or not. All unfinished evaluations are unrealistic, or even just excuses. I said to the sun on the top of the mountain: We have completed this small goal! We finally reached the top of the mountain! Looking at the happy expression on the face of the sun, I am really very happy. Forget all the suffering and tiredness, okay, for the sake of the children…
   When we went down the mountain, we felt a lot more relaxed. When the tourists who went up the mountain couldn’t persist, I and the sun also imitated the mother and son and told those who were still there. Climbers: “It’s not too far! Hold on!” Those who are still climbing heard our words, and they were the same as us who climbed the mountain at the beginning, with hope in their eyes and strength under their feet. It’s such a great feeling to give others encouragement!
   So, what is the point of travel? If we just stay at home and surf the Internet, even if the scenery of Laoshan Mountain is a hundred times more beautiful than when we climb the mountain in person, all the despair and hope in the process of climbing the mountain are absolutely beyond our experience. is the true meaning of travel. I think that the sun may not remember this trip to Qingdao in the future, but he will remember the harvest of this trip. On the road of his growth, he may become his booster at some point. At this point, I really want to say: for the children! Worth it!
   I also hope that you can see the Lushan Misty Rain Zhejiang tide in your heart!