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3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane, also known as Silquest A-link 35, is a commercial silane with isocyanate functionality. It has the bi-functionality of a reactive isocyanate group and a hydrolysable alkoxy group. The presence of the trimethoxy group makes it hydrolyze rapidly and bond with inorganic materials tightly.

In this article, you will learn:

– What are the applications of 3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane?
– How to use 3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane?
– Where to buy 3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane?

What are the Applications of 3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane?

3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane can be used for the functionalization of numerous compounds with active hydrogen atoms, such as alcohols, amines, carboxylic acids, thiols, and water. It can also react with itself to form siloxanes.

Some of the applications of 3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane are:

– As a coupling agent for polyurethane adhesives and sealants to improve adhesion to glass, metal, and other substrates.
– As a crosslinker for polyurethane coatings to enhance hardness, solvent resistance, and weatherability.
– As a modifier for epoxy resins to improve flexibility, impact strength, and adhesion.
– As a primer for polyurethane foams to improve foam stability and bonding to substrates.
– As a surface treatment for fillers and pigments to improve dispersion and compatibility with organic matrices.

A bottle of 3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane
3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane is a versatile silane with isocyanate functionality.

How to Use 3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane?

3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane can be used as a pure monomer or in combination with other silanes. It can be applied by dipping, spraying, brushing, or mixing with the organic component. The amount of silane required depends on the type and amount of substrate, the desired degree of modification, and the application method. Typically, 0.5% to 5% by weight of silane is sufficient for most applications.

The hydrolysis and condensation reactions of 3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane are influenced by factors such as temperature, pH, moisture content, catalysts, and inhibitors. The optimal conditions for each application should be determined by experiments. Generally, acidic or neutral conditions are favorable for hydrolysis, while alkaline conditions are favorable for condensation. The reaction rate can be increased by heating or adding catalysts such as tin compounds or tertiary amines.

Where to Buy 3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane?

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