What is 106-92-3 and why is it important?

106-92-3 is the CAS number for allyl glycidyl ether (AGE), a chemical compound with the molecular formula C6H10O2. AGE is a monomer that acts as a building block in the polymerization of poly (allyl glycidyl ether) by anionic ring opening mechanism. It is industrially prepared by the reacting allyl alcohol and epichlorohydrin.

AGE has various applications in different fields, such as:

– As a terminal epoxy group in the development of adhesive surfaces by hydrosilylation process.
– In the synthesis of polymeric electrolytes for the fabrication of lithium batteries.
– In hydrosilylation, including the H 2 PtCl 6 ·xH 2 O catalyzed hydrosilylation of siloxanes to epoxysiloxanes.

AGE is a flammable liquid and vapour that can cause serious eye damage, skin irritation, allergic skin reaction, respiratory irritation, and harm to aquatic life with long lasting effects. It is also suspected of causing genetic defects, cancer, and damage to fertility or the unborn child. Therefore, it should be handled with care and proper personal protective equipment.

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