WeChat Mystery

  Mingren heard the beep of his mobile phone in the middle of the night, and there was WeChat. It’s so late, who is it? It’s not official business, is it? He got up in a half-daze, picked up his phone, and checked the screen.
  When I saw this, I was startled: it was actually an old literary friend who had passed away for several months on WeChat, and sent an essay. This civilized person has read it and discussed it with old literary friends. The old literary friend died and came back to life? Kind of creepy.
  Ming can’t sleep. Simply turn on the light, grab your phone, and scan the screen. There are many people in the circle of friends who are just acquaintances, but Mingren is responsible for the investment promotion work in the region, and he is not easily neglected by people of all colors. After some people added it, it was too late to note their identities, and it was unclear who they were. There are also some WeChat names that are quite eye-catching, and the content is also eloquent and provocative. If you look closely, they are actually advertisements – their WeChat names are not shy, and they directly add the word “advertising” to themselves. Fortunately, these advertisers are not too annoying, and the people of the Ming Dynasty take it easy and turn a blind eye.
  However, there was a friend on WeChat that surprised Ming Ren and was stunned for a long time.
  It was a small boss who was involved in fraud and went to jail. WeChat name is the real name. He remembered hearing that the man was in prison, and he deleted his WeChat. But on this day, he found that this WeChat name was still sending messages in the circle of friends, and it was a landscape photo of Jiugongge. He was really puzzled. That person was clearly sentenced to a heavy sentence, and it was impossible to play with the mobile phone and WeChat so freely. He couldn’t think of a reason for a moment.
  When I was busy with work, I forgot about this for a while.
  Tonight, the WeChat account of the old literary friend of the past has stimulated Mingming’s mind to be restless and unable to be quiet. He also found that the little boss’s WeChat appeared on the screen again, which stimulated him again – the little boss posted mostly landscape photos, and from time to time there was food drying.
  Mingren is really puzzled. Although this person’s WeChat messages are sparsely posted, they seem to have been uninterrupted in the past two years. It’s weird enough.
  Suddenly there was a shock, is this another WeChat friend with the same name and surname?
  It’s entirely possible. The name of this little boss is also a popular name, which is not uncommon.
  If you have a knot in your heart, you have to untie it. He didn’t dare to take the liberty to send this WeChat directly. He thought of a good friend G, a confidant who got along well with him, and simply dialed the other party’s number.
  Friend took it. He was surprised that Akito called in the middle of the night.
  Mingren said the little boss’s WeChat first. Friend G reminisced with him, and thought of a long-distance friend who only met once. Friend G asked him to wait a moment and said he checked his business card file. G has a good habit, all business cards are scanned and stored in the computer. Soon, the person was found, who had the same name and surname as the little boss.
  A stone fell to the ground. And another stone, pressed more heavily in the heart. Akito told G, and G was also blindfolded. How can such a thing happen? G said: “You made me sleepless. Just reply to this WeChat. Since you don’t believe in ghosts, what are you afraid of?”
  Mingren thinks about it too. He mustered up his courage and replied with two words: “Good article.”
  After a while, the old friend’s WeChat sent a voice call to him. His heart palpitated, trembling, and finally connected.
  It was a female voice, calling him uncle. She said that she missed her father, and she accidentally posted the article while reading her father’s WeChat. She thought that this would probably frighten her uncle, and she was thinking about how to explain it to her. Uncle replied, and she hurriedly made a call…
  It was the daughter of an old friend. Mingren held the microphone and said quickly, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” His palms were sweaty.