We need GPs

  In ancient times, people used to drink blood from their hair, but there was no medical treatment. In the event of an injury, they had to resign themselves to fate. Later, they ate some fruit or applied some leaves, and they recovered. Over time, word of mouth passed, and when there was writing and recording, medicine was born.
  In the beginning, there were no divisions of medicine. Even in the period of farming civilization, which doctor did Zhang Zhongjing and Hua Tuo belong to? What subject did Hippocrates look at? Until modern times, with the development of medical technology, the divisions of internal medicine, external medicine, gynecology, and pediatrics were generally formed before and after the First World War. Subdivision of Thoracic Surgery, Urology, etc. Medicine is divided into specialties, and doctors have specialties. For example, heart patients are best treated by cardiologists. The subspecialties of medicine benefit the patient.
  With the development of science and technology, the scientific and technological content of medicine is getting higher and higher. A doctor spends his whole life trying to study a disease and it is difficult to be perfect, and even less able to take care of others. As a result, medical divisions are getting more and more detailed, and doctors have become experts in treating a certain disease, or even a certain way of treating a certain disease. If the patient happens to have this disease, and it happens to be the best way to treat it, it is best to ask the expert to treat it. how good.
  However, the diseases of life are becoming more and more complicated. There is a proverb in the medical world: “A diabetes is half a medical book.” It means that the problem of diabetes involves tissues and organs throughout the body. Diabetic retinopathy needs ophthalmologist treatment, diabetic foot needs surgeon treatment, and diabetic patients are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Diabetes is also the main cause of chronic kidney disease. How to prevent these diseases? How to cure? Diabetes experts can’t support it alone. Diabetes is so, so why not other chronic diseases.
  In fact, in a person’s life, there are fewer serious illnesses and more minor illnesses. Although some minor illnesses can be passed, some minor illnesses will turn into serious illnesses, so they must be under the treatment and observation of doctors before they are safe. When you have a disease, the expert doctor sees it and registers it, it is the patient of the expert, and the expert cannot understand the change of the condition after leaving the consultation room, so he has to do as many examinations as possible and prescribe as much medicine as possible to ensure safety, so “over-medication” become inevitable.
  Humans are intelligent animals, and people realize that the specialized medical model is beneficial for the treatment of certain diseases, but society also needs to be close, within reach, able to deal with common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, to be able to pay attention to the psychological status of patients, and to be able to engage in diseases. Medical workers who prevent, mobilize and coordinate social resources to help patients recover. They are general practitioners, medical workers also known as family doctors.
  A general practitioner’s skill is to look at “patients”. For example, myocardial infarction is a “disease”, of course, a cardiologist should be asked to place a stent. With the stent in place, this person is still a “patient” with heart disease. He needs to continue taking medicines, adjust his diet, help quit smoking, guide appropriate activities, and more importantly, comfort to relieve psychological pressure, etc. These all require more attention from general practitioners help.
  If you are sick, you should see a general practitioner first. They serve in the community, which is convenient and effective. If they can’t solve it, they will help you with referral, which is also convenient and more effective.
  Nowadays, with social progress and economic development in our country, the government pays attention to people’s livelihood, vigorously develops general medicine, trains general practitioners, promotes the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, and improves the level of medical services. It is also a blessing for the Chinese people.

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