Vinyltris(2-methoxyethoxy)silane: A Comprehensive Guide (CAS 1067-53-4) by Shandong Pengrun New Materials Co Ltd

Vinyltris(2-methoxyethoxy)silane, also known as Methoxyethoxy silane, is an organosilane coupling agent with the CAS number 1067-53-4. Shandong Pengrun New Materials Co Ltd is a leading supplier of this versatile chemical known for its ability to enhance adhesion between organic and inorganic materials.

Properties of Vinyltris(2-methoxyethoxy)silane:

  • Chemical formula: CH2=CHSi(OCH2CH2OCH3)3
  • Appearance: Colorless liquid
  • Boiling point: 220-225°C
  • Flash point: 93°C

Applications of Vinyltris(2-methoxyethoxy)silane:

Vinyltris(2-methoxyethoxy)silane finds application in various industries due to its ability to improve adhesion, flexibility, and water resistance. Here are some key applications:

  • Adhesives & Sealants: Improves adhesion between organic polymers (e.g., epoxy resins, polyurethanes) and inorganic fillers (e.g., glass, metal oxides).
  • Coatings: Enhances adhesion between primers, paints, and inorganic substrates like glass and metal.
  • Electronics: Used in the production of printed circuit boards and electronic components for improved adhesion and moisture resistance.

Benefits of Using Vinyltris(2-methoxyethoxy)silane from Shandong Pengrun New Materials Co Ltd:

  • Enhanced Adhesion: Promotes strong bonding between organic and inorganic materials, leading to improved product performance and durability.
  • Improved Flexibility: Increases the flexibility of composites and coatings, making them more resistant to cracking and peeling.
  • Water Resistance: Provides water-repellent properties to materials, enhancing their longevity and performance in humid environments.
  • High Purity: Shandong Pengrun New Materials Co Ltd ensures consistent high purity to guarantee optimal performance in your applications.


Vinyltris(2-methoxyethoxy)silane is a valuable material for various industries seeking to improve adhesion, flexibility, and water resistance in their products. Shandong Pengrun New Materials Co Ltd, a trusted supplier of Vinyltris(2-methoxyethoxy)silane (CAS 1067-53-4), offers high-quality products and technical expertise to meet your specific needs.

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 Typical Properties  

AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
PR-172 purity≥98.0%


1.A bond promoter for multiple mineral-filling polymers; to improve the physical properties of the packing and to protect the interface from moisture erosion.

2.Used in ethylene, propylene, diene ternary ethylene propylene rubber and laminated polyethylene wire and cable.

Packing and storage  

This product is packaged in 200L galvanized plastic iron barrel or 1000 L IBC container ton barrel, 200 Kg/ barrel or 1000 Kg/ barrel; or other specifications to be scheduled.

This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place to prevent rain and moisture.