Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane CAS No. 15332-99-7

Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane (CAS No. 15332-99-7) is a clear, colorless liquid with a mild odor. It is a silane coupling agent that is used to improve the adhesion of organic and inorganic materials. It is also used as a curing agent for silicone rubber and as a component in sealants and adhesives.

Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane is a versatile compound with a wide range of applications. It is a safe and effective product that can be used in a variety of industries.

Product number: PR-174
English name: Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane
Alias: Silane,tris(isopropenyloxy)vinyl- (8CI);
Molecular Structure: Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane CAS No. 15332-99-7
Molecular formula: C11H18O3Si
Molecular weight: 226.3443
CAS : 15332-99-7
InChI: 1S\/C11H18O3Si\/c1-8-15(12-9(2)3,13-10(4)5)14-11(6)7\/h8H,1-2,4,6H2,3,5 ,7H3

Features and uses :

  1. Vinyl silane used for cross-linking vinyl, acrylic latex, architectural coatings and pharmaceutical intermediates.
  2. The silane is easily copolymerized into the main chain of vinyl and acrylic latex.
  3. With the formulation containing the recommended catalyst, a hard and highly cross-linked coating can be obtained after curing.
  4. The silane has very good stability and will not react or cross-link before the coating coagulates.
  5. It can provide new options in formulating formaldehyde-free and one-component water-based paints.
  6. Wood coatings, metal coatings, etc.
  7. High-performance architectural coatings.
  8. Coatings for plastics.

Packaging and storage :

  1. 200L PVF steel drum, and 25KG plastic drum, special packaging needs to be ordered
  2. This product should be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place