Not long after he fell asleep, he noticed a familiar light flickering beside him. He pretended not to know, and continued his hard-earned sleep, even turning his back to him. But in the depths of my mind, there is always something full of fluff and unknown name jumping around, and I have no choice but to grope for the light with my hands. In order to avoid the dazzling light, he opened his eyes slowly and adjusted to the brightness in the dark. The screen displayed the missed calls of the four sisters. It must be something important to call in such a hurry. Pass the time waiting for another call. Sure enough, after five or six minutes, the light ripped through the darkness and shone on his cheeks, still hesitating for a few seconds, then said, “Hey, what’s the matter so late?” The elder sister said angrily, tell your mother, probably only she will listen to what you say. He couldn’t guess the reason, and after hanging up his sister’s phone, he directly called his mother and said, what’s the matter with you? Mom sighed, and Dad said something like “If you don’t want to come, come now, it’s alright”.

He didn’t find any useful information after listening to it for a long time, so he hung up the phone, lay on the bed and looked at the things submerged in the darkness, their locations and appearances were all in his heart, but for some reason he had to go through the darkness and look again, it seemed so intentional Unexpected surprise. It was so boring, he couldn’t sleep even when he was lying down, so he just sat up and got out of bed and went to the living room to sit and drink some water. He involuntarily recalled the thread-like words his father said over the phone, and tried every means to comb it again. “Don’t come” means it’s gone, “It’s okay now” means the consequences are the same as you imagined before you came, isn’t it? He didn’t dare to think that if this was the case, it was his own negligence and carelessness, and he also had a big reason for the deadlock. Called my mother, my mother picked it up, he said, where have you been? Mom calmed down and said, here at your sister’s house, selling hand-made noodles. He said, is it not possible to go? Mom’s calm mood suddenly shattered, and she said, “Oh, it’s really a mistake. I was bullied outside the house, so I’m ready to go back.” He was puzzled. He could figure it out when he was bullied at home. It was probably his brother-in-law’s parents. Who was bullied outside? My mother said that when business is not very good, some people are jealous. Originally, I lived at your sister’s house, but your brother-in-law’s parents said that they couldn’t live there for three days. Fortunately, we rented a small house not far away, enough for two people, even though it was cramped when rolling out the noodles. Outside there is a vegetable market that also sells hand-rolled noodles. I make good noodles. Everyone buys mine. Few people buy hers. Her son is a socialist, so she instructed him to threaten and scare us. If you don’t go, throw away the noodles and plates. He said that since there was so much trouble, he would not sell it, and told you not to go far. Mom hesitated.

It is useless to say more now, it is better to face it and accept it. I learned the details from my sister. They were there for a month, and they were busy every day. Especially my mother, in order to ensure the freshness of the noodles, every day before going to bed, make a good noodle, get up in the middle of the night, roll it out and cut it, and walk with my father to the vegetable market before dawn. If it goes well, it will be sold out at ten o’clock. If it doesn’t go well, it will be sold at two or three o’clock in the afternoon. On the way back, I bought something to eat. To save money, my mother made it at home, whether it was boiled noodles or noodle soup. My sister has said many times that it doesn’t work, and sometimes let them go to eat, and they will die. Once I went over to help, cooked food, left without eating, and went home and cooked again. Isn’t this looking for something? sister complained. He was a little displeased when he heard this. His sister didn’t understand her mother’s difficulties and care. The reason why she did this was because she didn’t want her to be wronged by talking at her brother-in-law’s house. I remembered that my mother didn’t wear any decent clothes, the clothes were faded, and she still wore it often. I asked my sister if she bought two pieces. My sister said that they are busy, and it is best to bring someone over to try it on the spot. He became more and more suffocated, and ended the call with a few short and blunt words.

In the empty and cold living room, looking at the snow-white walls, there are large tracts of sorrow, and several large bookshelves standing against the walls are full of books. He looked at it and couldn’t help sneering. In order to ease the anger in his heart, he took a few sips of the hot tea that was poured again, but it didn’t help. The fireball wrapped in five flavors was burning fiercely, wreaking havoc on everything. He was slumped on the sofa, ready to let him do anything wrong. His tightly closed throat was first pierced. Clenching his fist in one hand, he kept squeezing the air that he thought he was holding, and wanted to smash it to pieces. The light of Qing Lingling is really dazzling, and all the past and future that are unwilling but involuntarily recalled in the eyes are reflected in the eyes. All verbal efforts are in vain, what should happen and should not happen is always happening, endlessly haunting everything in the world, unfortunately he is the most unbearable one.

At three or four o’clock, probably due to the physical exhaustion and the fact that he had to catch a car to work early in the morning, the silk thread rationally persuaded him to go to bed. I don’t know how long it took, and I didn’t know if I fell asleep. I heard the alarm ringing in a daze. I struggled to turn around and groped for the phone. My eyes were stuck with the remaining tears. , It’s already seven twenty-five when I open my eyes, I have to get up quickly to wash and pack my things. He forced himself to get up, and in order to wake up quickly, he walked shirtless in the cold autumn, found a kettle to warm up water, and went to the bathroom to shave and brush his teeth. People haven’t fully woken up yet, and the tiredness of the body seeps through like a broken water pipe. If it is not repaired in time, it will eventually erupt. It was too late, so I packed my things and went out the door.

I could have waited for the next bus, but in fact it was only four or five minutes apart, but I had no choice but to fight for these four or five minutes. When meeting people, he would have to be pushed back like a rock regardless of life or death, so as to make more room. Clenching the handrail tightly, looking at the people around, desperate and ridiculous, what is there to do in the city, you can’t live in a spacious and comfortable place in the rural suburbs, you have to come here to suffer, and then you will look at yourself ashamed, and ask, are you not? Is it the same? After two or three stops, he was squeezed from the front door to the first row of seats, and the more he squeezed, the less he could stand. Just in this dazed and irritable interval, I remembered what happened last night, I had to adjust my working hours as soon as possible, go back after two or three days of vacation, take my parents back to their hometown from outside, and then try to persuade them to live in peace and not have to. Worry about him, he can take care of his present and future. At this time, the unsatisfactory mobile phone rang, thinking about not answering it, waiting for the station to look at it easily. But it rang again and again, and the people around looked at it with different expressions. He had to reach into his pocket with difficulty and take out his mobile phone to see that it was his mother who called. He was so angry, but because of the environment and occasion he was in, in order to avoid calling again to vent the depression in his heart, he quickly shut down and put it back in his pocket.


Since they were working in the mall, on their side, the boss arranged for him and the eldest sister in the opposite class. After doing it for a while, the two of them figured out the best working time and method, that is, each of them took a day off the previous day, and this rotation. However, their working hours are very long every day, from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. Anyway, this is better than a half-day rotation. In this way, two days of complete rest can be adjusted from time to time, but it is only two days. If it is three or four days, the eldest sister in the class will not be able to bear it. After sorting out the work for the day, he sat down to drink water and rested, thinking about how much it would take to return to his hometown and his sister’s house in two days. After thinking about it, only this plan was feasible. After adjusting the time with the other class, he went straight to the train station after get off work in the evening, went to his sister’s house at noon the next day, and then helped to pack up, then took the train to stay at home for a few hours that night, and took the train to the mall early on the third night to continue. work.

Now that the plan was in place, he called his mother and told his plan. But her mother’s words changed, saying, she has thought about it these days, she has to suffer and endure when she comes out to earn money. In recent years, your father has been a little pampered at home when he is sick. He resolutely said, don’t talk about this, I have finally adjusted the time, and I will not sell it if I don’t sell it. When you go home, you should clean up as soon as possible, I don’t have much time to grind when I get back. No matter what his mother wants to say, he has already hung up the phone, and his mother’s words can’t stop echoing in his mind, but he can’t be soft-hearted and hesitant, and he must trust his comprehensive judgment, otherwise there will be more unexpected things in the future. Mom called several times, but he didn’t answer. The elder sister also sent a message. He felt that the elder sister could understand his thoughts, and the elder sister couldn’t make up her mind, so she gave up her words, then you can decide what to do. After that, right and wrong have been torn in his heart, and he can’t stop asking himself what is the way of doing this involuntarily? Is it really what you believe in? Or should they let them decide for themselves? But, alas, the more I think about it, the more chaotic it becomes.

According to the planned time, he came to the county town where his brother-in-law’s house is located, and followed the route that his sister said. Going down the alley, I thought to myself: turn left, turn right, turn left, turn left, turn right, there is a quaint courtyard, go forward along the quaint courtyard, turn right and enter the third gate of that alley. When I meditate in silence, I mess up the order, forget whether the fork in front of me is turning left or right, and I can’t move from left to right. After thinking over and over again, stop being stubborn, call my father, and my father receives him at the location he said and takes him to the rented place.

Entering the yard, there is a row of old houses, opposite to three small houses used to store sundries, and Mom and Dad are in the middle. His legs were a little weak, and he shuffled to the front of the door. He lifted up the shabby door curtain that he had found somewhere to make do. What caught his eye were two double-layer canopy beds. In the place where the noodles are placed, two canopy beds are placed at right angles against the wall, the lower layer sleeps people, and the upper layer is placed with kneading noodles, rolling noodles, bowls, plates, rolling pins and other objects for noodles. Extremely depressing. Dad was at a loss with his work and said, “Your mother hasn’t come back yet, so let’s go out to eat at noon.” He choked and said, wait a minute, you can. The table was tidy and spotless by my mother, and the uneven brick floor was tight and clean. The huge chopping board stood in front of the window sill at the door, and two cups with time scars were placed on the window sill. Dad said to drink hot water, take out the rice cooker from the cabinet under the table, turn on the electricity and continue heating the water. After the water boiled, he took out the tea leaves that he had brought for his father and brewed some of them individually.

It was twelve o’clock and there was still no sign of his mother. He waited impatiently, and no one answered the phone, saying, let’s go out to look for it. Dad closed the door, and the old lady of the landlady was sitting in the yard. When asked who he was, Dad said cheerfully, it was my son. The old lady complimented a few words. They came out of the gate. Dad walked in front to lead the way. He followed behind. He went around the alley to the road and walked a short distance. When he saw his mother who was panting while walking with a plate, he didn’t shout, and he was not in a hurry with his father. walk over. When my mother saw him, she was very happy and said, when did you come back? He said just now. Mom asked Dad to go to the supermarket not far away to buy some vegetables, cut some meat, and go back to steam rice to eat. He said, you can eat anything, not too hungry.

Looking at Dad, who went to buy vegetables and meat, his nose was sore. A few years ago, my father had no physical examination and heavy labor for a long time, so he could no longer hide his illness. When he went to the provincial hospital for an examination, he had a tumor that could no longer grow inside his head, and was in urgent need of surgery. This is a craniotomy, which is very risky for anyone, but has to be done. I tried my best to get the money, and the surgery went well. During the time when he was discharged from the hospital and went home to recuperate, Dad’s thoughts went into a narrow passage, and it was difficult for him to accept the huge separation between his physical condition and real life, and he suffered from mild depression. My mother accompanied my father to the provincial hospital again, and was hospitalized for more than half a month. Now my father’s body and spirit are dull, and my mother has to accompany and watch everything, otherwise I’m afraid that something will go wrong. Dad came back from shopping, and they walked towards the cramped house together.


He wanted to sit outside for a while, but there was no small stool. The main reason was that the old lady of the landlady was sitting outside. He felt embarrassed not to speak, and when he spoke, it was always the same clichés. If I need help, my mother said no. Dad squatted by the door beside the bed smoking a cigarette. He was suddenly indignant and said, what is this? Dad said, there is nothing to suffer, everyone is like this. My mother said that I am also idle at home, and it is not a problem to watch the time pass by like that every day. It seems that the two people in front of them either listened to someone’s persuasion or reached an agreement to defend themselves in front of him. , he felt infinitely desolate. Mom was cutting vegetables on the chopping board, telling Dad who smoked to stop smoking, and peeled the green onion outside. Dad put out half of his cigarette, took a green onion and peeled it in front of the trash can outside.

The food could not be eaten on the table, and they could not sit around the huge table, they could only sit by the bed with their own bowls to eat. Mom wants to wash rice and cook porridge, he said, just drink some tea. My mother said, boil it. This rice was bought from your aunt’s house in the village when I came here. It was grown by myself. It’s really fragrant grain rice. He didn’t say anything, because even if he didn’t drink it, his parents would drink it, so he still didn’t think about it. So he doubted again what the purpose of coming back this time was and whether his intervention was effective. Dad has more rice and less vegetables in his bowl, he said, eat more vegetables, I have enough of these in the bowl. Mom said, there are so many dishes, your dad likes to eat rice, otherwise I wouldn’t bring a rice cooker when I came, just to steam rice for your dad. Dad smiled and said that the more chewed the rice, the more fragrant it was. He nodded and said, that’s the truth. After the fragrance mist dissipated, the house was deserted, and the condensed water droplets adhered to the glass wall. He got up to scoop the porridge, and put his hand on the bed frame. The cold bursts penetrated the skin and the lines in between.

After eating, my mother washed the dishes, and then rested for a while to prepare the noodles for the evening and sell them tomorrow. Dad checked how much noodles were left, and when he took out the whole bag of noodles and put them in front of the table, he said, “It’s really not easy. You can’t stand it when you wake up early and go to the dark.” Mom felt that this would make me worry, and stopped immediately, saying, “What’s the matter? It’s hard to stay at home, so I just have nothing to do. All the good people have become sick. When they come out and see what they do, they can live a lot more. He sat playing with his phone and said, “Why I came back, you all know, I won’t say more, time is tight, we’ll clean up tonight and come back tomorrow.” Mom said that there is nothing to do when I go back. I was talking a lot that day. If you say anything casually, your sister will make a fuss. Dad said, I also thought about it later, your mother is right, we don’t make much money, at least we can’t increase the burden on you. While placing the washed dishes and chopsticks, my mother said, “You also spend a lot of money, we can’t drag you down, how can we make money every day. He wanted to say those righteous truths again, but the words were so messy and broken that they couldn’t be organized.

My sister came here in the dark, and he sat in the house in the dark. His parents told him to turn on the lights, but he wouldn’t go, his parents told him to sit outside, and his sister came in with fruit and food, saying, “You guys are at home all day?” He said, why not? My sister said, you can go out for a walk, isn’t it boring to stay here? Then he remembered, yes, why don’t you go to the streets or squares with your parents, so concerned about your mother’s clothes, why don’t you buy them? Could it be that he doesn’t want to go? Similar or the same reason as your sister? No, he’s not like that. Immediately sat up and asked my sister to take them to the place where the clothes were sold. My sister said, I can’t accompany you to go shopping, and I will have to pick up the children who make up the class later. He said, you can take it to the place that sells clothes, and I will accompany them to go shopping. Mom didn’t say anything, saying that she was well dressed, what to do with the money, and there were so many clothes at home. He said, go out and take a look at the square, but have not seen the night scene here. This is the departure.

When I came to the road, my sister said, let’s take the car when we go, come back and you can go. Dad knows the place and went there together last time, otherwise she won’t be able to pick up the child. He said, if it can be done, it will be so big. If you can’t find it, ask the next person. The place to arrive is the largest shopping mall in the county. My sister said that the third and fourth floors are all selling clothes. He said, I know, you hurry to pick up the child. They walked up layer by layer, and it was cold now, to buy some winter clothes. After going to a few stores, my mother didn’t want to try it, but she couldn’t resist him, so she chose the one she liked. After shopping around for a long time, he felt that there was a good jacket and trousers. He told them to wait and folded back and bought them all according to the size they just tried on. Shoes are not enough. Shoes are very important. Usually they walk a lot, and people who wear comfortable shoes are also brisk. There is a store with very good shoes, and there are men’s shoes, so let Dad try them on too. He chose a few that his father didn’t like. He let his father choose by himself. In any case, he had to buy two pieces, shoes, pants, and tops.

In the end, as he wished, he bought it for both of them. After turning around for so long, I came out of the mall and asked what would you like to eat? They all said they were full. Dad volunteered to let him lead the way and go to the biggest square, which was crowded at night. Mom said with a smile, don’t be the same as picking up the child last time, in the end, the child was brought back. Dad said that the last time was an accident, but in the end it was the way he found. Mom waited for Dad to walk in front, and whispered in his ear, “Do you think your dad is stupid? People, we are indeed getting old.” He said, then you should go home and come out to work. What can I do if there is something wrong? My sister and I can’t take care of you now. Mom waved her hand and said casually, just to say, how can you be so weak, don’t worry. Dad took the right path this time, and even took a shortcut. There were too many people in the square, dancing, singing, and juggling. Tired, take a break to go home.


On the way back, he was behind in tying his shoelaces, and his parents walked ahead. Looking at their much weaker backs, he took out his mobile phone and wanted to take a picture, but his mother was alert and found him behind and turned around to look for it. When he saw him, he greeted him to follow quickly, and asked if it was too much and too heavy, and they could help carry it. He happily ran with things in his hands, indicating light hands and feet, without any heavy appearance. After all, it is the county seat. After ten o’clock, people are sparse, and the vehicles are speeding up on the road. My mother said, it is not easy for you to be in the provincial capital. It will cost a lot of money to come back. of. He was shaken by the sudden words, his arms and hands suddenly became weak, his feet seemed to be stepping in the mud, trying his best to pretend that nothing was happening, his Adam’s apple wriggled quickly, adjusted his tone, and said, I have money, don’t think about it. Mom said that it will cost a lot tonight. Four or five pieces of clothes and two pairs of shoes cost more than 1,000. We will give it to you, and you will take it. Dad also said that if you give it to you, you can take it. It’s as much as you can subsidize. It costs a lot in the city. He tried his best to avoid the bright street lights and hide in the blur of the night. He said, “After so many years, what’s the point of spending some money for you? I’m rich, don’t worry.” Mom said, we all know what you said. The reason why we came out was to make more money, to help you a little bit, to your sister, we did what our parents wanted, to you, we didn’t… …Just about to say those two words, he couldn’t stand it, so he hurriedly cut off and changed the subject.

Sleeping at night is a problem. He tested the safety of the top of the canopy bed several times, but he could not come to an accurate conclusion, so he laid the bed plank on the ground to sleep. They were rushing to adjust with him, and he didn’t allow it. After lying down, he didn’t dare to sleep on his side. The bottom of the bed on both sides was pitch black. I don’t know what. Dad couldn’t sleep, so he smoked while lying on his stomach. Mom said that he couldn’t sleep because of choking at night, and it was about to go out. Dad said, go outside to smoke. He said, it’s very cold outside, let’s finish smoking this one. Dad nodded like a child.

His mother fell asleep unconsciously while talking, and with the loud snoring, he was so distressed that he was lying on the side. Being able to snore now is nothing more than tiredness every day. Before going to bed and so many pieces of noodles, I have to get up in the middle of the night and roll it out. Dad didn’t know whether he fell asleep or not. He was lying flat and breathing evenly. His plan was completely disrupted, and he didn’t know why it was interrupted.

Time is getting lighter and thinner as time goes by. There are lights in the yard, there are dense and panicked voices with a bit of disgust, and old people who have seen them during the day make self-blaming voices, as if to say that they are incompetent or dragged down. words. The reason why they heard this alone in the thousands of silence and confusion at night may be that they have common thoughts and anxiety. After a while, the yard returned to the silent darkness ahead. He tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. He didn’t expect it to be such a torment. Finally, he also understood his selfishness and came back full of plans. The reasons were reasonable and unbreakable. They each have their own ideas, and no one can force the other.

In his sleep, he heard the sound of the collision between the rolling pin and the chopping board. He rubbed his eyes a few times, knowing that his mother was rolling the dough, and his father was sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette. He did not open his eyes quickly, feeling the uniqueness of the dawn. breath. After many years. The memory will inevitably regurgitate all the incredible things produced in this unfamiliar place. It is not a simple visit, but a unique feeling. There is no voice, just quietly accompany him like this, simple and plain.

When Dad saw that he was waking up, he said, drink water? It was just hot, in the thermos, and I poured it for you. He said, drink it later, I will pour it myself. My mother said that when I went to bed, the ground was damp and cold, and it was mainly the dirt of years and months. He lay on his stomach, resting his chin on the pillow, looking at his mother’s shoes, he was reluctant to wear the new shoes he bought, but the shoes his sister had worn. The shoes move according to the strength and support points required for rolling the dough, as if you can see the aging of the mother from here, seize a certain gap and look up, the hands on the dough are wrinkled and rough, holding the rolling pin and exerting all the strength and good dough. The dough couldn’t resist the strength given by my mother, so she could only run around. The thickness was just right. My mother folded the dough and cut it with a knife based on her experience over the years. Next, the lively and tender noodles are revealed. Arrange in a stainless steel plate and cover with a basket cloth.

It was not yet bright, so my mother said while tidying up her clothes, hurry up and leave, otherwise it will be too late. Dad put on his shoes and was going to follow him. He asked him to sleep a little longer. If he was hungry, he would get up later and go out to buy some food to cushion himself. At noon, they came back and started eating. He couldn’t sleep, so Lisuo put on his shoes to wash and said, I’ll go with you.

They came out, closed the door softly, and walked in a narrow alley, he was at the back, his father was at the front, and his mother was in the middle. After a few turns, he was confused again, and his mother suddenly said, it’s better to come back and have a look. He pondered for a long time to answer the words, only the simple words like “um” seemed to be perfunctory and impatient. As the sky brightened, he could see them completely when he walked out of the alley. They had all changed. How could he have changed so much when he came back this time than the last time he saw them? Think carefully about when you saw them last time. Recalling the first month of the New Year, it’s almost a year, and this is the first time I’ve come back. The biggest helplessness and cruelty of family relationship is probably that the concern is getting more and more illusory. Although information is developed nowadays, you can listen to the voice and see the appearance, but this is not a greater sadness. It is infinitely close to touching and touching, but it is impossible. In mathematics, it is called the ultimate. , He couldn’t tell what it was called in literature and the secular world. After thinking about it, he stepped forward and asked his mother to give him the plate, and he would carry it. Mom kept saying that this is light and weightless, so don’t worry about it. His hand touched his mother’s, and there was a world of difference between the haggard he saw and the haggard he touched. The strength in his hands is getting bigger and bigger, and fire and water are fighting desperately in his eyes. Dad couldn’t see it, and said, I’ll take it, you two should not fight. In order to prevent the plate from overturning, he relied on a strong will to let the strength in his hands dissipate, and the strength from his father’s wide hands relieved the danger and loss caused by emotions.

On the way, he was silent, his nose was sore, his lacrimal glands collapsed, and the tears were about to flow out. He could only pretend to force his eyes and fly into an unknown bug. Mom stopped and said, I’ll show you a roll of your eyelids. . He hurriedly refused to say no, just wait a moment. In the market, there are no fixed tables and chairs, and the plate can only be kept in the hand. I kept introducing the people who bought vegetables in the past. Some people paused and some people stopped to take a look. It was not as easy to sell as my mother said. At nine o’clock and ten o’clock, there were fewer and fewer people buying vegetables. Half of the noodles were on the plate. Dad said, we’ll walk around the streets to sell when no one buys it. It turned out to be like this. The plan in his heart sprang up like mushrooms after the rain, and he was determined to implement it. What to do with this crime, but, alas. Seeing that he was stunned beside him, silently, his mother forced a smile and said, “This is how we make a living. It’s hard to suffer and go through ups and downs. It’s not the same when you are outside. You can’t see but feel at ease. If you can see it every day, who are we?” Can’t live. He looked at the gradually deserted market, nodded and said, “Yes, I can’t see the peace of mind, otherwise how can I live.”

The sun was good today, and the blue and blue land was shining brightly on the northern land. There was no chance of selling noodles in the market. They turned and walked to the streets and alleys. This time, my mother walked first, my father walked in the middle, and he followed behind. It’s okay on the street, just go in when you see a restaurant, and ask if you want noodles in a friendly and somewhat humble tone, even if it’s cheaper. Some bosses are nice and say they have them with a smile, while some bosses are vicious and impatient. He followed and watched, why the sun was still so scorching this season, he was not wearing thick clothes, his face was flushed and his breath was short. Dad saw it and asked if he was sick? The mother, who was looking for business opportunities, came over and touched her head anxiously, and said, “Don’t burn. Did you get up too early and get tired, or did you catch a cold last night?” He waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Mom said, not to sell, go back to cook first. Dad said that there is a pharmacy outside the alley. The doctor is very good. The last time your mother had a headache and I had a toothache, I bought some medicine from there. He closed his eyes, soothing the feelings of love and hatred for himself and the people in front of him, and said in a sullen voice, “If it’s all right, it’s all right, you sell quickly, as usual. Seeing that he was in a bad mood, his parents shifted their meticulous care to selling the noodles faster.

Entering a complicated alley, my mother began to shout, pure handmade noodles, cheap, five yuan a handful, and the last few. The sound echoed in and out of the alley, and there was no sign of opening the door for a long time. The rhythm of the shouting became disordered. Someone’s dog began to bite and bark, and immediately connected with the echoes of other dogs. He hated these barks. Mom’s screams began to tremble and hoarse, and Dad followed irritably, angrily saying, “If you can’t sell it, forget it, go home.” My mother was still shouting, talking to herself in the interval, and she usually sold it quickly. What happened today. He blamed himself for not being able to help and expressing his emotions indiscriminately. He was really incompetent and useless. He was a waste. Since he knew this, he had to be calm and not add a burden to them.


Circling around two lengthy alleys, when entering the third one and coming to the end, there was a turning point. Some family did not know what they were doing. They bought all the noodles. The owner said that the noodles looked good. Buy. Mom was overjoyed and Dad helped pack the bags quickly. Seeing them lively and busy, he felt more and more sad for some reason. On their way home, they discussed how to get to the nearest road, and they were not sure about every route they thought of, because this was the first time I came here today, and after so much time observing the usual route, it was easy to buy from a few people. don’t go anymore. Dad said that it’s better to walk honestly, don’t be wise but be mistaken by wisdom, and walk too many wrong paths. Both he and his mother agreed.

When he left the alley and came to the main road, his mother touched his forehead with his hand and said, “It’s much better now, but it was probably hot at the time, and she was flustered when she saw that it couldn’t be sold for a long time. He hesitated. Passing by a restaurant selling hometown food, my mother said, eat outside? Dad said yes. The right of choice fell to him. He felt that the restaurant was not bad as a whole, so he went in first. Find a place to sit down, order a meal, Dad said, what time do you get your car at night? He said it was half past ten. Dad said, you can sleep a little longer when you go back. You must have slept well last night. He said, sleep well, you don’t have to worry about it. When the food came up, they ate it separately. They ate very gracefully. After all, this place was unfamiliar. He said, if you don’t have enough, you need to eat more. Mom said, enough, we can’t eat now. People don’t like to eat anything when they are older. When they see some people who like to eat, they have big eyes and small mouths. It is enough to eat two bites. Dad said, when you are young, don’t save anything delicious when you see it. If you have no money, tell us, and even if you don’t have enough money, you can get a hundred thousand dollars for you. He hummed and ate slowly with his head down.

Mom tentatively said, are you and Jing still talking? If you can get married, don’t think that our family has no money. You can tell us what her family wants. Just now, your father said that it is no problem to collect a hundred thousand. He said, “It’s not there yet, it’s okay, I’ll tell you when it’s over.” I really don’t want to dwell on this topic, it’s useless to say more. His job is such a job, and the house is rented. The last time he had dinner with Jing’s parents, it was full of ups and downs. Although Jing’s parents didn’t say anything embarrassing, everything was revealed in his tone and expression.

He went home until five o’clock. He packed his bag and went out. In order to be safe, he went to the train station to wait in advance. His mother gave him 500 yuan. He didn’t want it. On the chair at the door, he said with a smile, I will take it at home, parents. He forced a smile and said, “Yes, I have to pay it back to me, why bother.” Dad stood at the gate and said, “Just take what your mother gives, we don’t have much, and you’re going to spend so much money this time. He picked up his bag and ran out the door. His parents wanted to take him to the train station, but he didn’t. After running for a distance, my mother shouted, no, don’t run, we will take you out of the alley, and then you take a taxi to the train station. He just stopped. Looking at them looming in the light from the sunset, he didn’t dare to blink, for fear that they would disappear when he closed his eyes.

On the road, they waited for a taxi together. Mom held each other’s hands, and the waiter stood obediently. Dad took out a cigarette and lit it in order to relieve the embarrassment. . Mom said, really, I’ll buy you some water and food on the opposite side. I’m hungry on the way to eat and drink. He said, “I’m not hungry, I’m full. I bought water at the train station. Now it’s heavy. You don’t have to worry about it. I’m so old.” The car came to advance the parting process and interrupted the delicate emotions. He hurriedly got into the car to put his bags, and the car started to leave. He looked at the lonely and helpless them through the window glass and burst into tears.

When I entered the train station, I sent a static message to ask how things were going at home. He said everything went well, what happened? Jing Hao came back to the message for a long time. My parents still feel that it is not good. You are working in a shopping mall, and my job is not stable. Looking extremely irritable, he pressed the power button of the mobile phone, his body flowed like mud on the bench, and he got stuck when his head fell to the back of the chair. Several dazzling lights installed on the top of the train station, like the overflowing water, breed countless hair roots, densely woven in the empty eyes, I don’t know whether to capture the debris of time falling from the sky, or to cover the gushing from the bottom of the eyes. colorful, or pale and empty light.

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