Unleash Your Inner Big Shot: Mastering Leadership Through Unexpected Moments

  How to be a real big shot? In his new book “Internal Control, External Influence”, Columbia University Business School professor Hitendra Wadhwa specifically quoted Leonardo da Vinci’s words: “You can never have something bigger or smaller than yourself. Dominance.” That is to say, you must have a strong spiritual core. To the extent that you can control your own heart, you can control external things.
  There was a young female chemist named Babette, and the boss of her laboratory was named Gordon. Gordon is an industry leader, but has a bad temper. Once, Babette came to Gordon to discuss the paper she had given him the day before. As soon as they met, Gordon said: “Your paper is pure garbage. I have already thrown it in the trash can.”
  A little person was criticized by his boss like this, what to do? What Babette says next could be included in a textbook.
  Babette said: “I’m really not good at writing. Every time I read your paper, I always wonder how you can write so clearly. That’s why I want to work with you. Last fall you gave me When I was offered this position, I was really excited. Our current research results are very important. If I can write this paper well, it may have a huge impact. The paper is already like this, please see if you can give me some Suggestions? I want to learn how to write a paper well from you.”
  Gordon’s attitude immediately improved, he took the paper out of the trash can and revised it with Babette.
  We can find at least 5 conversation techniques from Babette’s passage. 1. First use recognition to remind the other party that “we are in the same group”; 2. Express appreciation and mobilize emotional strength; 3. Help the other party see the other side of things. Although the paper is not well written, the research is well done; 4. .Reaffirm the shared values ​​​​of both parties, all in order to make the paper have an impact; 5. Propose specific action plans to establish a partnership for common growth.
  You may be familiar with conversation techniques such as “negotiation skills” and “nonviolent communication”, but these are not the most important. What we should really pay attention to is, in this conversation, between Babette and Gordon, who is leading whom?
  The obvious answer is that Babette is leading her boss Gordon. This is leadership. Leadership is not measured by the order of job instructions, but by the size of the core. What is truly remarkable about Babette is not the words she uses, but her inner strength, which may be even stronger than Gordon’s.
  There was a female student in Wadhwa who got seriously ill when she was 13 years old and was in the hospital waiting for surgery. One day the doctor called her father out of the ward and told him two pieces of bad news: First, your daughter’s condition is very serious, and the surgery originally planned for a week will have to be moved up to tonight; second, the hospital showed up. In a situation where anesthesia cannot be provided to the child, the surgery can only be performed without anesthesia.
  No father can bear such news, but when he returned to the ward, what he brought to his daughter was two good news: First, the doctor said that the operation can be performed today, and there is no need to wait another week, which means 3 days Then you can go home from the hospital! Second, the doctors have been observing you and they think you are the bravest girl, so the surgery doesn’t even require anesthesia!
  Many years later, the girl learned the truth behind these words. She had long forgotten how she went through the operation, but she would always remember the two pieces of good news her father gave her.
  This is leadership in a broad sense. Leadership does not mean who you have to command or how many resources you must mobilize; nor does it necessarily mean what routines or tactics you use. Leadership is whether you can and dare to make people change things in a positive way.
  True leadership is to be oneself. Most people follow the script and do whatever others ask them to do, which is equivalent to being a tool person. Only when you jump out of the script and show initiative, can you live your life.

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