Turn an opponent’s attack into a promotion

There is a recently opened “West Coast” cheese shop in Canada, the owner of the shop is named Oliver. Once, Oliver planned a promotion, put a random gold coin into every 100 pieces of cheese, and then posted a notice at the door of the store: Whoever buys cheese with gold coins is the lucky one, not only the gold coins belong to him, but also Even the money for the cheese is refundable.

After the campaign was launched, the business of the “West Coast” cheese shop was booming. But the owners of other cheese shops on the same street were not happy. The couple joined forces and called the police that the gold coin promotion at the “West Coast” cheese shop was suspected of gambling. After the police received the complaint, Oliver was asked to stop the marketing.

Competitors thought it was time for Oliver to stop, but the next day, the West Coast Cheese Shop put up another sign: Dear customer, thank you for purchasing our cheese. Just yesterday, we received a notice from the police: Cheese shops cannot use gold coins for promotion, so we urge all customers to return the cheese if you find gold coins in it.

“Is this boss crazy? Who is so stupid that he will go back to the store after eating all the gold coins?” After seeing the notice, people on the street took it as a joke. A few competitors thought it was ridiculous at first, but they soon realized that something was wrong: Why did customers keep running to the “West Coast” cheese shop? Has our complaint turned into Oliver’s propaganda? So they complained to the police station, saying that the “West Coast” cheese shop put gold coins in the cheese was a safety problem, and customers could easily swallow the gold coins. The police station then issued another warning to Oliver.

Unexpectedly, Oliver used the police department’s warning to launch a publicity advertisement. He went to the newspaper and bought a whole page, and wrote a few lines in large characters: Please pay attention when you enjoy our “West Coast” cheese, because the cheese may contain gold coins, so you can’t eat it too fast, I suggest you pay attention to it. Taste, so as not to eat gold coins into the stomach, causing danger. Apparently, the incident became another marketing, and the “West Coast” cheese shop became more famous.

Shopping malls are like battlefields. When good marketing activities attract the attention of customers, they often attract jealousy and attacks from their peers. But Oliver, who was thrown cold water by his competitors, not only did not give in, but twice turned his competitors’ attacks into promotions and cleverly promoted his cheese shop.

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