Trust is a Gamble, But It’s Worth It

I have encountered this occurrence on numerous occasions: I wholeheartedly place my trust in an individual, only for them to gradually unveil an entirely divergent facet. The bond of trust is silently shattered at a specific juncture, and bitter disillusionment swiftly engulfs everyone, leaving no respite for our sensitivities. Over time, I realized that I had undergone a transformation. I began evading close proximity with others, perpetually poised to defend myself against their duplicitous masks. It was akin to erecting an exceedingly lofty barricade around myself, shielding me from harm.

However, while this barrier effectively repels the intrusion of “pernicious entities”, it also obstructs the entry of the gentle zephyrs and warm sunlight that foster the healthy growth of flowers, branches, and foliage within its confines. Trust serves as the bedrock of all foundations. Authenticity and mutual faith among individuals are paramount and indispensable. Society thrives on their existence. Devoid of such virtues, every endeavor becomes arduous.

Though trust possesses an inherent beauty, most individuals have endured the sting of betrayal. Presently, a “crisis of trust” frequently plagues society, inevitably impeding its normal functioning. Whether one chooses to believe it or not, how ought we to weigh its significance?

I once viewed the film “The African Queen”. The protagonist, Charlie, harbors no trust nor concern for others due to past misfortunes. Throughout his arduous expedition to the Congo, Charlie gradually learns to extend care and trust to his companions, thereby embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Ultimately, he risks his life to fight for her and against the German army. There exists a phrase known as the “leap of confidence”: the resolution of substantial conflicts between an individual’s heart and the world, the gradual abandonment of guardedness, and the successful establishment of trust with the external realm. Only when flowers place their trust in bees can they flourish in a bountiful meadow; only when trees trust in the nurturing sun can they mature into majestic specimens; only when doves trust in the cerulean sky can they soar with uninhibited freedom. “Trust is akin to a gentle spring breeze, breathing life into withered vines, making them bloom anew.”

Life’s myriad experiences may elicit sensations of helplessness and betrayal, which at times overshadow feelings of love and protection, compelling individuals to fortify their defenses and close their doors. They distance their hearts from potential perils. However, if one adopts “distrust of others” as the guiding principle for navigating the world, they will gradually realize that such a path denies them happiness and impedes the development of their character. While it is prudent to remain vigilant, complacency must be eschewed. If trust were akin to a game of chance, where one reaps rewards for accurate predictions and faces penalties for erroneous ones, then abstaining from participation would preclude any chance of victory. Why not fortify oneself and diligently engage in active participation?

Renouncing escapism heralds personal growth. Occasionally, we can grant ourselves the capacity to trust others—not out of gullibility, but as a means to say “no” while simultaneously summoning the courage to say “yes”.

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