Triethoxyoctylsilane | CAS: 2943-75-1

Triethoxyoctylsilane (CAS: 2943-75-1) is an organosilicon compound with the formula C14H32O3Si. It is a clear, colorless liquid with a mild odor. Triethoxyoctylsilane is a versatile compound that is used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Coating products
  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Fillers, putties, plasters, and modeling clay
  • Laboratory chemicals
  • Inks and toners
  • Non-metal-surface treatment products

Triethoxyoctylsilane is a flammable liquid and vapor and can cause skin irritation. It is important to take precautions when handling this compound.

Product grade PR-213D
English Name: Triethoxyoctylsilane
Alias: n-Octyltriethoxysilane, Triethoxy(octyl)silane, Octyltriethoxysilane
Molecular formula: C14H32O3Si
Molecular weight: 276.49
CAS : 2943-75-1
EINECS: 220-941-2
InChI: 1S/C14H32O3Si/c1-5-9-10-11-12-13-14-18(15-6-2,16-7-3)17-8-4/h5-14H2,1-4H3
Physicochemical properties
Boiling point: 98ºC
Water solubility: Reaction
Refractive index: 1.416-1.418
Flash point: 100ºC
Density: 0.88

Description: Melting point <-40 °C, boiling point 84-85 °C 0.5mmHg, density 0.88g/mLat25°C, refractive index n20/D1.417


    1. The product can effectively penetrate into concrete to form an effective waterproof protective film, which is widely used in commercial buildings, parking lots/garages, highways, bridge structures and cultural relics protection and other fields
    2. Used in the treatment of inorganic materials such as glass, ceramics, mica, talcum powder, etc.
    3. It can promote the microscopic mixing of inorganic organic composites and significantly improve the mechanical properties of composite materials;
    4. It can also be used as glass anti-fog treatment and anti-ice or wind corrosion of ancient buildings.

Packing and storage:

25L plasticdrum packing; 208L closed steel drum packaging
After opening the package, it should be stored in isolation from moisture in the air, and should be stored in a ventilated and dry place at a temperature of 25 °C, and the shelf life is 1 year.

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