To enjoy “sex”, you need to move

  Reduced sexual function is one of the common problems that plague many male friends, including decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. The onset is often related to mental psychology, endocrine hormone changes (such as testosterone), chronic diseases and other factors. When these situations arise, we should actively seek the help of a professional doctor. At the same time, unhealthy lifestyles should be changed, and moderate exercise should be used to improve overall health and restore sexual function.
Exercise can boost testosterone levels

  A man’s aggressiveness, willpower, desire, and masculinity are closely related to androgen, so it is often said that “man is the work of androgen”. Androgen is an important factor in maintaining male fertility and sexual function, and is an important basis for sexual desire and sexual excitement. At the same time, androgen is also related to erectile function. Testosterone can increase the excitability of the sex center of the cerebral cortex, and both spontaneous erections (morning erections, phantom erections) and sexual stimulation-induced erections (such as visual and tactile stimulation, etc.) are dependent on androgen levels. Once the level of androgen drops, men often experience decreased libido, listlessness, and even decreased erectile function, which is similar to symptoms of kidney yang deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine.
  Moderate exercise can improve androgen levels to a certain extent. The effect of exercise on male androgen levels is related to factors such as exercise frequency, load intensity, load amount, and duration. About 1 hour of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise every day can increase serum testosterone levels, while long-term heavy exercise and high-intensity training can make testosterone levels lower than or equal to normal values. Therefore, in order to improve sexual performance, we should carry out moderate aerobic exercise, such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming and ball games, etc., and develop good exercise habits, as long as the physical condition is acceptable.
Exercise can improve “sex” interest

  There is a close relationship between male sexual function and psychological factors. Most patients with erectile dysfunction are caused by psychological factors. Premature ejaculation is more closely related to psychological factors, such as the pursuit of orgasm stimulation too quickly during masturbation to form a psychological behavior habit, and the fear of ejaculation too fast due to emotional stress and form a vicious circle.
  Exercise is a good medicine to relieve anxiety and tension and improve mental state. Any form of exercise will make people’s brain secrete endorphins after exercise, which will make people feel happy. In addition, while enhancing male physique and improving overall health, some targeted training (such as squats, waist and abdomen training) will also enhance men’s self-confidence in sexual function, so that they can live a sex life with a healthier and more confident attitude. Improve the quality of sex life.

Exercise can reduce the impact of chronic disease

  More and more studies have found that sexual dysfunction is related to many chronic diseases. Low libido may be related to liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, tuberculosis and other organic diseases; erectile dysfunction is related to coronary heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Exercise has a positive impact on the prevention and control of various chronic diseases.
  First of all, exercise can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, improve the state of blood flow in the body, prevent the blood supply of penile microvessels from being blocked, and improve the erectile function of men. Men with underlying diseases can try slow walking, Tai Chi, etc. The exercise intensity should be moderate, and the frequency should not be too frequent. Exercise 2 to 3 times a week, about 30 minutes each time. The amount of exercise should be gradual and cannot be increased suddenly. In addition, you should go to an environment with fresh air and sufficient sunshine for activities, avoid exercising in fog and cold mornings, and try to avoid exercising when you are full or hungry.
  Secondly, exercise also plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. One of the “five carriages” for diabetes prevention and treatment is exercise. Regular aerobic and resistance exercise has been shown to benefit men with type 2 diabetes and improve sexual function in men. Patients with preventive or mild disease can choose moderate-intensity aerobic exercise such as jogging, cycling, swimming, and aerobics. Patients with limited mobility can choose low-load exercises such as Tai Chi, yoga, and walking.
  Exercise is a good recipe to improve male sexual function and restore male masculinity. Choose a scientific and regular way of exercising, step by step and persevere, and you will surely regain a man’s confidence!

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