Three Disciplines and Eight Points of Attention in WeChat Chat

  In the past period of time, large-scale Internet melon eating incidents have occurred one after another, and the aftermath has spread from the Internet to real life, bringing far-reaching effects. In these incidents, the privacy of celebrities has been shaken one after another, and after a long period of tearing each other and the carnival consumption of the melon-eating crowd, it has become an indegradable Internet excrement, which is messy and messy, leaving a place of embarrassment.
  Among them, a fact that is visible to the naked eye is that in almost every melon-eating incident, there are “chat screenshots”.
  A screenshot of the chat. This action, which was originally considered by many people to be cautious and cautious, has now played the role of a tool man in a dignified and justified manner: “It’s time to put the hammer down? Let me do it!”
  Simple, rude and direct, the effect Immediately.
  Now that social networking has become an indispensable part of life, chat screenshots, as an important function, originally appeared to make communication more intuitive and fast. However, the current “screenshot socialization” is becoming more and more intense, but ordinary people can’t help but start to be frightened, and start to choose their words carefully in online chat, because no one knows which of their words will be screenshotted by who and who will be forwarded to. In his hands, how he was cut off from the beginning, taken out of context, and infinitely magnified, what kind of ending would it lead to, and what kind of evidence he presented in court at a certain moment, giving himself a fatal blow.
  Therefore, compared with the privacy of eating melon stars, what the general public should be more concerned about is actually the things around us, our privacy and vital rights. In places where it is impossible to fight with celebrities, in ordinary to ordinary daily life, there have been many cases of personal privacy being leaked by screenshots. This is the real scary place.
  Ask yourself:
  since when did you speak carefully in WeChat groups, for fear of saying something wrong and being screen-captured?
  Since when did you send your account or photos to relatives and friends on WeChat, and you will be told to “delete after reading”?
  Since when, every time you write a comment in the circle of friends, you instinctively guess whether someone is taking screenshots secretly?
  No wonder you are walking on thin ice, after all, you have no way of knowing who is on the other side on the Internet. No one wants to suddenly see themselves transformed into the starring role of an online dog blood drama after a light-hearted chat.
  However, if “taking a screenshot” has become the fate of online chat, it is inevitable that people will be confused and ask: in such an era of “screenshot socialization”, can we still chat with confidence?
Q&A on the same topic

  Have you ever been hurt by chat screenshots?
  What do you think of the current “screenshot social”?
  Ding Ning, born in the 1980s, finance
  1. I have a female colleague who has a good personality and personality. She speaks quickly and speaks quickly. Because our children are going to go to primary school, sometimes they will share some experience and information. Relationship is good. Some time ago, she spoke out against the department manager for the benefit of her colleagues, and won everyone’s goodwill, but during this process, I noticed a detail: she would tell every colleague who came close to this matter, and put her Talk to colleague A about this matter, colleague A’s attitude towards this matter, and send it to colleague B through WeChat screenshots. how could I know? Because she gave me a screenshot! Originally, I had no qualms about talking to her, but after that incident, I was about to tell her that I would occasionally go to school for my children during work hours, when I suddenly felt a shudder in my heart, thinking of her habit of taking screenshots, Then I remembered that she was actually a celebrity in front of the boss… I silently checked what I sent, and then retracted the sentence saying that I was out during work hours. It took a while for her to get back to me, and I don’t know if I saw it.
  2. “Screenshot social networking” is very bad. After all, chat records are not your privacy, but belong to you and others. It is not appropriate to do this without the consent of others. Moreover, in many popular social events now, the evidence is a large number of WeChat screenshots, which is really shocking. Those involved were chatting at the time, how could they have imagined that this day would come…
  Yvonne, post-90s, clerk
  1. I have a best friend. When she was single a few years ago, she liked to watch online strange love stories. She was once hooked on a public account. The owner of the account serialized her charming love like a live broadcast. My best friend greeted me warmly to watch it, but I don’t know why I didn’t even go to watch it once. My best friend felt sorry for this, so she often enthusiastically took screenshots of some of the best content for me. She even took a screenshot of a photo of the male protagonist for me, because the article was so explosive that the male protagonist was so handsome that the female protagonist was often unable to control herself. My best friend hoped that I would have the honor to experience it too. However, when I saw that “handsome” photo…how do I say it? I really want to dig my own eyes… God, can the word “too handsome” be used like this? No wonder everyone said that the appearance of the male protagonists in domestic costume idol dramas has dropped to the point where they can’t be watched. I don’t think it’s the actor’s fault, it’s just that the standard of human appearance has been lowered…
  2. Screenshots ruin everything.
  Aju, born in the 1980s, teacher
  1. Some time ago, a new colleague who was just transferred to our school asked me about the rules and regulations of the school. I didn’t know the rules and regulations of the school. The reply was relayed to the new colleague. At the school meeting in the morning, the new colleague was approved by the vice principal, but the vice principal only said that she had done something wrong, and did not say anything specific. After the meeting, a new colleague asked me on WeChat if I told the vice-principal something about her, which made the vice-principal feel bad about her. I took a screenshot of the conversation I had with the vice-principal and gave her a screenshot, which proved that I only asked about the rules and regulations, and I asked her for her without any mention of it. As a result, the meeting continued in the afternoon, and the vice-principal criticized her even more fiercely. Then she came to me again and said that I must have taken a screenshot of the conversation with her to the vice-principal. I was so angry that I ignored her. Then two days later, I was talking about things in the vice-principal’s office, and she suddenly rushed in and said that the last thing was going to be a confrontation between three people. I really am more wronged than Dou E… Fortunately, the vice-principal is a sensible person, so he dealt with this matter decisively and returned my innocence.
  2. After this incident, I warned myself that if I am not the most trustworthy person in the future, I will definitely not take screenshots. During this process, the colleague concluded that I must have taken the screenshot to the vice-principal just because I took a screenshot of her. So be sure not to give the impression that you are “inertial screenshots”, remember!

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