The Wisdom of Gentleness: How to Be a Person Who Understands Life

The essence of life is in gentleness.

Humans and plants share a common trait. When they are alive, their bodies are supple. When their lives end, their bodies will gradually become rigid.

Gentleness is not only a feature of life, but also a “potent” force.

Gentleness does not imply weakness. Weakness means lack of strength. You often become the disadvantaged party in life.

True gentleness and resilience, even if you are knocked down by others, you can rise up immediately, like a roly-poly toy;

True gentleness and strength, can penetrate the hardest things, like water, a drop of water can wear away stone;

True gentleness is ingrained in the bones, like beauty, it is not skin-deep but bone-deep.

Learn the wisdom of “gentleness” and be a person who understands life.

01 Harshness makes people comply, gentleness makes people yield

Gentleness can often achieve a lot with little effort, seemingly frail but truly powerful.

Such a story is recorded in “Aesop’s Fables”:

One day, the sun and the wind were arguing about “who is the most powerful”, and neither could persuade the other. Suddenly they saw a person on the way, so they made a wager: whoever could make the passerby take off his clothes first would be the most powerful.

The wind said confidently: “I just need a strong gust to blow off his coat.” As he spoke, the wind began to blow fiercely at the passerby, hoping to strip off his coat. However, the stronger the wind blew, the tighter the passerby wrapped his coat around him.

Finally, the wind was exhausted and gave up. At this time, the sun came out and shone warmly on the passerby. After a while, the passerby began to wipe his sweat, and the sweat became more and more profuse, so he took off his coat.

The wind suddenly realized: It turns out that harshness is not necessarily strong, and kindness and friendliness are always better than force and intimidation .

In many cases, being too harsh often backfires.

A couple who have been married for many years, the wife hopes that her husband will pour her a glass of water. If the wife uses a harsh tone to command her husband: I want to drink water, pour me a glass of water right now!

The husband who is suddenly scolded will think: Why must I pour it for you? Don’t you have hands and feet and can’t pour it yourself?

On the other hand, if the wife says to her husband in a gentle tone: Husband, I want to drink a glass of water, can you please pour it for me! Thank you my dearest husband!

I believe that many husbands would not refuse such a gentle request from their wives.

Being too harsh can neither achieve the goal nor hurt others and yourself in many cases.

Just change the method, use the power of gentleness, the husband and wife can be more harmonious, and the friends can also be more happy. Small force can overcome great force, benefit others and self, and everyone is happy.

Harshness makes people comply; gentleness makes people yield.

03 Gentleness is magnanimity after embracing all kinds of things in the world

Gentleness is not a kind of concession, but a kind of magnanimity. Peace is the most precious thing, and people are generous, with compassion in their hearts and warmth in their eyes.

Harmony is concord in life and serenity in the heart.

On a bus full of people because it was rush hour, a middle-aged man inadvertently stepped on another man’s foot.

Before the person who was stepped on could speak, he said, “I’m really sorry, I accidentally stepped on your foot.”

The other smiled and said, “It’s okay, the bus is so crowded, it’s unavoidable to step on your feet.” Both of them looked at each other and smiled.

Driving the bus to work early in the morning, no one feels comfortable in the cramped compartment, and quarreling will only make the situation worse.

Be gentler and more magnanimous. The other party didn’t step on their feet on purpose. If you empathize with the other party more, things will ease up a lot.

Many times, misunderstandings between friends and disputes between parents are due to lack of magnanimity.

The more magnanimity, the more understanding between parents, and the more humility between friends.

To be gentle means to be easy-going, so as to avoid more conflicts and present a peaceful scene.

It is the highest wisdom to have a magnanimous heart, to have a gentle spirit, and to know how to treat others with generosity and gentleness.

A gentle person will always treat others with the utmost kindness, and others will reciprocate with warmth.

04 May you be gentle

Life is not gentle, but someone will be gentle in your life.

Gentle people, after enduring a lot of pain, decide not to let others suffer from their own pain. This kind of bloody “thoughtfulness” is called “gentleness”.

A gentle person can always console others and make the years fragrant.

Gentleness is a state of life and a pursuit of beautiful things.

To be a person who feigns strength is hollow pretense;

It is true freedom to be a person who dares to be gentle.