The Story of Mickey Mouse – From Chance Meeting of Disney and a Pet Rabbit to Global Icon

   2023 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Disney brand. From a small mouse at the beginning to now sitting on a super IP universe, Disney is a wonderful dream world that fascinates the world! Whether it is “Alice in Wonderland” or “Sleeping Beauty” and other hundreds of cartoons, they are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. And the founder of this magical park, Walt Disney, is a legend. His Disney Park is known as the happiest place on earth! Disney has created many famous cartoon characters, the most famous of which is Mickey Mouse. What is little known is that the predecessor of Mickey Mouse turned out to be a rabbit, and its world-renowned name “Mickey” was actually named by Disney’s wife! So, what kind of love did Disney encounter on the road to success, and what kind of legend happened between him and Mickey Mouse?
  Jade Rabbit Chang’e, the Fairy Tale Ended Abruptly On
   December 5, 1901, Disney was born in a small town in Chicago, USA. His father, Elias Disney, was a carpenter, and his mother was in charge of housework.
   When Disney was 5 years old, his father Elias used all his property to buy a small farm in Marseille, Kansas, and the family moved there. Disney has three older brothers and one younger sister. Because there are many brothers and sisters, there are always not enough toys. He can only draw small animals on the farm on scratch paper.
   Disney has had a special affection for small animals since he was a child. He often sits on the grass for hours at a time, and drawing pictures of small animals has become his happiest thing. But the little animals don’t seem to want to be in the painting, and they often disappear without a trace before a painting is finished.
   In desperation, Disney had no choice but to use the simplest lines to outline the various forms of small animals. In this way, it happened to greatly train his painting speed.
   One day, he was fascinated by painting, and his mother happened to pass by. It was the first time she discovered that her son had such a high talent for painting, so she bought him a picture book. Subsequently, Disney began to copy all day long, and the better he drew, the better.
   However, such a happy life did not last long. When Disney was 9 years old, the whole family suffered a series of misfortunes. First, the farm failed due to severe drought, and soon Elias got hepatitis. As a last resort, Elias had to sell the farm and took his wife and children to Kansas City. In order to reduce the burden on the family, Disney also worked as a newspaper seller while studying in the local elementary school.
   In order to earn a little more money, he gets up before 5 o’clock every morning, often feeling exhausted. What made him even more uncomfortable was that his father’s temper became very violent. He drank, got angry, and cursed. Disney grew up day by day in such a family environment, and his mind was cast with a thick shadow.
   When alone, Disney always finds a quiet corner and pours all the grievances in his heart into the paintings. One day, he met a hare, which didn’t look scared at all, grazing leisurely, and shaking the funny beards on its mouth from time to time.
   Disney called it softly. It didn’t run away like other small animals, but looked back casually, and continued to pick food in the grass as usual. Disney’s inspiration burst out in an instant, and he drew one after another for it…
   In the next few days, Disney would miraculously meet that rabbit, and it didn’t take long for Disney to accumulate a thick pile of rabbit paintings. Once, when he was flipping through the picture book, he was surprised to find that the rabbit in the picture book seemed to be moving as the pages were flipping quickly, raising its head for a while, and running forward again for a while
   … It’s gone!” Disney couldn’t help yelling, the rabbit was clearly drawn on paper, how could it move? Years later, he realized that this is actually the animation principle of cartoon movies. Movie film projects continuous pictures on the screen, and the scenery on the picture will move, and flipping the picture page quickly will produce the same effect.
   However, at that time, the art teacher did not like his works, saying that his paintings were heresy. “Are my paintings really that annoying?” Disney shed tears of grievance. “Disney, don’t be sad. Actually, I like your paintings very much. Come to my house to play, and draw another one for my dad to see. I think he will like it too.” Once after school, Disney’s classmate Sa Vana whispered to him.
   Savannah’s father is an art worker. When he saw Disney’s painting, a delighted smile appeared on his face: “Well, it’s very good. The painting is great. It is both imaginative and original. Seeing someone’s affirmation
   , Disney was greatly encouraged, and he began to paint more diligently, and he and Savannah became friends who talked about everything.
   In September 1919, Disney graduated from high school and came to the Bismarck Rubin advertising company as an apprentice to two painters. Because of his diligence and ability, the boss appreciates him very much. But soon, the advertising company went bankrupt and Disney lost his job.
   Unemployed, he went to Savannah, hoping to find comfort from her and establish a relationship between the two of them. But Savannah said: “I believe in your talent, as long as you work hard, you will succeed, but I have always regarded you as a brother, let us be best friends.” Disney nodded silently, but his heart was overwhelmed
   , It was like a alive and kicking fish suddenly leaped to the shore, and was almost suffocated under the scorching sun. The young first love just passed away with the wind, full of sadness and loneliness.
  In 1920, Disney , who was broken in love
   , was recommended by a friend and was fortunate to be hired by Kansas Film Company as an animator. Here, he began to understand the whole process of animation production, and made some small technical innovations from time to time.
   Two years later, his “Laughing Cartoon” was very popular as soon as it was put into the market, and Disney decided to start his own business. On May 23, 1922, Disney established the “Laughing Cartoon Company” with $1,500 raised. The five films produced by the company, including “The Blonde Child and the Three Bears”, were well received by the audience as soon as they were put into the market. The “New York Book Club” also signed a contract with him to sell six cartoons.
   However, unforeseen circumstances happened. Just when Disney was happy for the successful sale of his works, he never thought that the “New York Book Club” would suddenly declare bankruptcy. His company was forced to dissolve due to this change, and all investments were lost in a blink of an eye. drift.
   Overnight, Disney fell from a boss to penniless. He didn’t even have rent or food money. Sometimes he could only rely on the cheapest canned beans to satisfy his hunger. safe haven.
   In the small and dark space, there is only a little mouse who lives with Disney. In fact, Disney himself was a little afraid of mice, but when he saw that the little mouse was as hungry as himself, he felt compassion and often left his last piece of cheese to the little mouse.
   Interestingly, the little mouse became familiar with him from being timid at first. One day, Disney simply took out his paintbrush, and with just a few strokes, a vivid mouse appeared on the drawing board. The little mouse also seems to be full of spirituality, it amused him obediently, and sometimes even climbed up the desk and drawing board mischievously, as if watching him draw.

   Disney’s heart suddenly warmed up, the little mouse turned out to be so cute. After a while, the mouse rubbed behind him. When he turned his head, he saw a beautiful face. He was startled, and the paintbrush in his hand fell to the ground… At some point,
   a beautiful girl stood beside him. behind. She picked up the paintbrush on the ground: “You draw really well.” It turned out that the girl was Lillian Benz, who graduated from Lewiston’s business school and then worked in Disney’s studio as a draftsman. She saw the lights in the dilapidated garage, so she walked in curiously, and was immediately overwhelmed by Disney’s talent.
   In this way, they became good friends. In the silent night, they met in the garage almost every day. He paints with concentration; she stares with deep affection.
   Accompanying them is the cute little mouse. Disney likes to study every movement of it, and even wrinkled his nose and pouted his mouth in front of the mirror, imitating a lot of cute little movements of the little mouse. Lillian always smiled and said nothing. She felt that Disney was an extremely optimistic young man. One day, he would definitely succeed.
   Disney also loves Lilian, but he is so downcast, what qualifications do he have to fall in love? He just paints quietly. Soon, he created many cartoon pictures about the little mouse story.
   Looking at so many excellent paintings, Lillian said: “You are so talented, why don’t you start another company yourself.” Encouraged by Lillian, in the summer of 1923, Disney came to Hollywood, California, and his brother Roy He raised $3,200 to start a new business and established the “Disney Brothers Animation Production Company”, which is the real beginning of today’s Disney entertainment empire.
   After the establishment of the company, Disney wrote a letter to Miss Winkler, the distributor of animation in New York, and sent six cartoons including “The Blonde Child and the Three Bears” and “Alice in Wonderland” that he had previously produced with the letter. .
   One day in mid-October, he received a telegram from Miss Winkler: “I believe your cartoons can be sold! The first six films will pay $1,500 for each negative. Pay in full.”
   “It’s sold! All six films have been sold!” Disney carried Lillian around the room several times. Lilian struggled to break free, and both of them blushed.
   Subsequently, Disney’s name became famous all over the country with the broadcast of these cartoons, and his company also developed greatly.
   Afterwards, Disney invested in the filming of “Lucky Rabbit Olster” for Miss Winkler’s husband Mintz. He was based on the rabbit he met in his childhood, and he became a dazzling star sought after by children as soon as he came out. Star, its image is printed on various candy boxes, and the badge printed with its pattern becomes a beautiful scenery on the chests of children.
   Seeing a small success in his career, Disney began to pursue Lillian. One night, they came to the old garage together again, and he kissed her for the first time. The mouse stayed quietly in the corner, as if witnessing a beautiful love.
   However, just as Disney was making great strides in love and career, an unexpected thing happened. Mintz poached Disney’s staff with high salaries, and legally owned the ownership of “Lucky Rabbit Olster” as an investor. Not only that, Mintz also wanted to join the Disney Brothers Studio. He claimed that as long as Disney handed over all production activities of the studio to him, the Disney Brothers could continue to produce the Lucky Rabbit series.
   Disney rushed to Mintz’s office angrily, threw a “Lucky Rabbit” badge on the table, and shouted: “Listen, I give up my rights to the Lucky Rabbit, and you can all work with Auster and the painters.” Take it away, and we’ll have something better to replace the Lucky Rabbit!”
   But what to replace the Rabbit? After working hard for so long, everything seems to be back to the original point.
   Disney was a little discouraged, but Lillian said confidently: “Without the rabbit, we have a cuter little mouse!” , It also brought endless creative inspiration for myself, now, let these little mice bring happiness to more people.
  Taking dreams as reality, Mickey Mouse was born
   Disney couldn’t help opening the folder, and with just a few strokes, a cute little mouse with big ears appeared on the paper. Originally, Disney planned to name the mouse “Mortimer Mouse” (Mortimer Mouse) to commemorate his tacit meeting with Lillian, but when Lillian saw this mouse wearing red velvet pants, black top, When the little mouse wearing white gloves came to life on the drawing paper, the more she looked at it, the more she felt that this mouse was too much like Disney. Its nose, face, beard, walking posture and expression all seemed to have the shadow of Disney, so Said: “Just call it ‘Mickey Mouse’ (Mickey Mouse), this name is more cute!”
   So, a name that resounded all over the world was born!
   However, at the time, “Mickey Mouse” was still unknown. How to open the market? He recommended it to several companies, but when others heard that it was an unknown new brand, they immediately rejected it. After hitting a wall a few times, Disney even wanted to retreat a bit. Lillian said: “As long as we persist, someone will definitely recognize the goods.”
   One morning, Chaplin actually came to visit. Disney was so startled that he almost jumped out of his chair. Chaplin was a world-renowned Hollywood comedy master and one of the founders of the major Hollywood company United Artists. What did he come to find him for?
   “Mr. Disney, I like your Mickey Mouse very much. Animated films are a field with great development prospects. Our cooperation in this field will definitely make a difference.” Chaplin said straight to the point.
   “How to cooperate? Mr. Chaplin.” Disney asked excitedly.
   “We hope to match every film of United Artists with a Disney cartoon, and we will not try to control anyone.” Chaplin seemed to see Disney’s concerns. At that time, cartoons were very short, only For a few minutes, they are all used as a vassal of the feature film and played together with the feature film.
   Chaplin’s sincerity immediately moved Disney. After some talks, Disney signed a contract with United Artists to produce a set of 12 episodes of “Funny Symphony” for United Artists. animation offers $15,000 up front for production.
   As it turned out, Chaplin was the best partner Disney ever met in his life. It was Chaplin who brought Disney’s career and animation career to another peak. With Chaplin’s collaboration, Disney’s “Mickey Mouse” is luckier than Lucky Rabbit. “Crazy Plane” (Mickey Mouse pilots a plane), “Flying Gaucho” (Mickey Mouse goes on an adventure on horseback), and “Steamboat Willie” (Mickey Mouse is a sailor) caused a huge sensation once they came out.
   In July 1925, Disney and his brother Roy established Hebron Studios and changed the name of “Disney Brothers Company” to “Walt Disney Company”.

   Later, Disney and Lillian walked into the palace of marriage hand in hand and started their new life.
   Lillian is a woman with a vision. At that time, Disney produced only animated short films. He wanted to complete an animated film, but he didn’t know how the market would respond. Lillian encouraged him and said: “This is also a type of movie, you can try it boldly!”
   With Lillian’s strong support and encouragement, on November 28, 1928, the world’s first sound animation film “Willie “Steamboat” was released and had a huge impact. Soon, the Mickey Mouse created by Disney ran all over the streets of the United States and even the world at an astonishing speed, bringing joyful laughter to children.
   This year, Disney created three cartoons featuring Mickey Mouse. Disney has extremely strict requirements on the quality of the film. The detailed movements in the film require 20,000 hand-painted frames. Disney has done it, and he wants to make the film perfect.
   On December 21, 1937, Disney’s animated film “Snow White” premiered at the Carcer Loop Theater in Los Angeles. The premiere was like an extravaganza, with Disney arriving in a limousine with his wife Lillian, the block packed with crowds and giant strobe lights shining brightly.
   The film caused an even bigger splash and went on to win an Academy Award. If Disney’s career started with Mickey Mouse, then “Snow White” is a milestone in his creative career.
   Disney’s career, which started with Mickey Mouse, is unique in the world of cartoon films. From 1933 to 1969, he was nominated for 63 Oscars and won 26 awards, becoming “the person with the most Oscars”.
   After Mickey Mouse, Disney created the well-known Donald Duck, Guffy and other Disney characters. Disney has also become a famous name in the world. However, Disney is not satisfied with this. For him, there is still one of the greatest careers waiting for him, which is a dream he had in his childhood, to create a paradise and let children have a wonderful childhood.
   As the Disney company stabilized, Disney and Lillian began traveling and vacationing. When they traveled to Europe together, they visited Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. Afterwards, Disney decided to use Neuschwanstein Castle as the inspiration for Disneyland’s “Sleeping Beauty” castle.
   In 1955, Disney founded the famous “Disneyland” in Los Angeles on the west coast of the United States, attracting hundreds of millions of tourists. Later, he proposed to build the world’s largest amusement park “Disney World” covering an area of ​​11,105 hectares in Orlando, Florida on the east coast.
   In 1960, Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer, but he was not affected by his serious illness, but was eager to do more. In July 1966, he and Lillian celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. He is full of children and grandchildren, enjoying the happiness that an old man should have.
   On December 15 of the same year, Disney, who had just passed his 65th birthday, died of illness. The cartoon master who created the image of Mickey Mouse has left, but Mickey Mouse is still as young, lively and humorous as before in front of the world’s audience.
   In 1971, the “Disney World” amusement park was completed and opened. Tourists from all over the world can not only see Snow White and the seven dwarfs, but also have fun with Mickey Mouse in red velvet pants and white gloves. Shake hands and say goodbye, take pictures together, and realize their romantic dreams!
   Disney has passed away, but his spiritual paradise spanning 100 years has warmed countless people, just as he once said when referring to theme parks: “I need things that have vitality, things that can grow by themselves, and things that I can use new ideas Things that are constantly watered. This park is like this. Not only can I add bricks and tiles to it, but even the trees here will continue to grow.”
   Everything seems to be back to the past; everything started with a Mickey Mouse…