The Secrets of a Thriving Marriage: Speak Warmly, Handle Problems with Grace, Find Your Perfect Balance

“We cannot choose the years, but we have the right to choose how to live.”
  There are always several life-changing opportunities in a person’s life, and a good marriage is one of them. Those marriages that are getting better and better all have the ability to speak with warmth, have an attitude when dealing with things, and have a standard in dealing with each other. Only when there is “degree” in marriage can the relationship be relaxed and moderate, and life can be lived comfortably and naturally.
◤ 01 ◢Speak with warmth, the sweeter your feelings will be

  He once wrote in the book “Happy Marriage”: “Romance in real life is stimulated by keeping in touch with each other, which seems to be a very ordinary way.”
  Recently, the daily life of an old couple on the Internet has attracted the attention of many netizens. They are Grandma Kaikai and her wife. The daily life of the two elders makes people envious, because they have been together for many years, and they have never Had a quarrel.
  The couple’s daily life illustrates a truth: as long as the right method is used, no matter how trivial life is, one can live a harmonious and beautiful life.
  Grandma always praises Grandpa for his skill: “Look how well you cut the leeks, they are neat and tidy.” When seeing the dough being cooked, Grandma would also say: “Not too long, not too short.” , so good.” Grandma smiled and said of the wild vegetables that grandpa picked from the mountains, “tender and green.”
  Grandma can always find beauty in the little things. Grandpa listens to his wife’s sweet words, and he feels so happy in his heart. The smoke of firewood, rice, oil and salt, simple words and sincere praise condense the love spoken softly, filling each other’s hearts with a full sense of comfort.
  Liang Yu, a master of martial arts novels, met his first wife Lin Cuiru when he was still young. The two were in love throughout their lives, and they never had a quarrel or blushed once. After the marriage, Liang Yusheng continued his pre-marriage promise to write manuscripts to support his family. Soon after, their child was born. Lin Cuiru simply quit her job and devoted herself to this small family.
  Liang Yusheng was grateful for his wife’s contribution and said to her: “I don’t earn much, not enough for you to buy your favorite clothes.” However, his wife, who loved him deeply, responded: “You These are my best clothes!”
  Married life is inseparable from each other’s company and warm words, which can always make people happy physically and mentally. Only when you speak with warmth can your married life be filled with enthusiasm. The ubiquitous residual warmth can help us resolve the loneliness in the long years, relieve the fatigue of working day and night, and make our feelings for each other sweeter and sweeter.
◤ 02◢Have an attitude when dealing with problems, and the relationship will be stronger

  Kazuo Inamori once said: “A good friend can really alleviate half of the suffering in the world.” And those friends who fall out and blame each other when things happen, no matter how close the relationship is, will become precarious.
  I have seen such a piece of news.
  My wife took a plane for the first time and packed her luggage excitedly. But when I went through the airport security check, I learned that the cosmetics I carried with me exceeded the relevant regulations and needed to be checked in. It was originally a trivial matter, but the angry husband rebuked his wife in public, causing him to delay his trip.
  The wife looked embarrassed and aggrieved, and couldn’t help but quarreled with her husband. The dispute between husband and wife not only affects the security inspection work, but also affects the mood of traveling.
  When couples get along, they must have a good attitude and have a harmonious relationship. It is not easy for one person to support a family, but if two people help each other, they can overcome difficulties together and have a happy marriage.
  In the documentary “The Fruit of Life”, 90-year-old Shuichi and 87-year-old Eiko have been together for 65 years. When she got married, Xiu Yi had a yacht dream in her heart, but she didn’t have enough money, so Yingzi quietly pawned her dowry and all her clothes to realize her husband’s dream. After middle age, Shuichi chose to give up his job as an architect just because he heard his wife talk about her pastoral dream once, and accompanied his wife to the countryside, where he built houses and planted orchards with his own hands. He stayed here for 40 years. Eiko’s eyesight is bad, so the elder Shuichi makes a nameplate with his own hands and hangs it on the fruit tree.
  The beginning of married life does not lie in how rich the material conditions are, but in taking things calmly and finding ways to solve problems. Action is the sincere expression of love.
  Yingzi’s love for her husband also penetrates into her daily life. Even though the smell of potatoes makes her nauseous, she still cooks a delicious pot of potatoes for her husband because he likes them. Her husband likes local food and Yingzi likes Western food. Although the two have different living habits, she is able to take care of both every day.
  Shuichi often tells people that Eiko is his best girlfriend, but Eiko turns her love into practical actions. On pay days, she always travels long distances to buy fresh food. of ingredients to make the most delicious food for her husband.
  Married life is about two people constantly getting to know each other and finding the most suitable way of getting along. Mutual respect and an attitude of thinking about each other can lead to a stronger relationship.
◤ 03 ◢Only when we get along well with each other can our marriage go further and further.

  Zhou Guoping once said: “A sense of proportion is a sign of mature love.”
  Some netizens complained on the Internet that their marriage had come to an end. Before the marriage, their lover talked sweetly and vowed to spend a lifetime with them, but after they got married, they thought about how to part ways. I don’t know since when, marriage has become a cage trapping two people.
  In the variety show “Goodbye Lover 3”, husband and wife team guests Wang Sleepy and Zhang Shuo have not received a marriage certificate for three years.
  It turned out that an unpleasant thing happened at the wedding. The best man took advantage of the couple’s busy schedule to harass the bridesmaid. The best man who caused trouble afterwards refused to admit his mistake. Wang Sleeping was very angry when he learned the news. , but Zhang Shuo felt that his wife was making a fuss out of a molehill, which made her feel very sad.
  The husband not only allowed the other party to cross the bottom line, ignored the harm to the wife and the people around her, but also failed to consider her emotions. This is where the conflict between the couple lies.
  To truly love someone is to know how to maintain an intimate relationship.
  Marriage will inevitably encounter ups and downs, but this does not mean that you must obey someone absolutely, or act casually according to one party’s wishes, but that you should consider the other party’s feelings, grasp the scale of doing things, and do what you want. The other party’s strong backing. People with a sense of proportion will take into account the feelings of others and be able to do things appropriately and satisfy both parties.
  A lover is both an intimate partner and a relatively independent individual.
  A good partner is not someone who always wants to control the other person or alienate each other, but one who knows how to respect each other, blame less and listen more. If you want your marriage to last a long time, you must have a good sense of propriety and leave some private space for each other. Appropriate white space will be a blessing for both parties.