The Secret Behind “Red Mashed Potatoes” and Rediscovering the Bonds of Family

   His mother died when Glenn was 6 years old. The memory of my mother is very vague, but what I remember most is the stewed meat and mashed potatoes she made.
   Two years later, the kind father took in Linda and Jess, a homeless mother and son who lost their homes in the earthquake. Father and Linda fell in love for a long time and became husband and wife.
   Glenn didn’t like his stepmother, she was too partial. In terms of academics, Linda has strict requirements on Glenn, and he is always difficult to satisfy Linda. To Jace, she was full of kindness. Often, Glenn would read and study in this room, while Linda and Jess would chat and laugh in the other room. In terms of diet, Linda urges Jess to eat every day, eat more of this to enhance immunity, and eat more of that to replenish energy. She adopts a laissez-faire attitude towards Glenn, as if she doesn’t care whether Glenn can grow taller or not.
   My father was too busy making money to make ends meet and couldn’t see it all. Fortunately, Glenn has a good friend Kevin, and Glenn basically spends his spare time at Kevin’s house.
   One of the worst things Linda did was to hide the truth about her father’s illness from Glenn, and waited until his father passed away before notifying him to come back, which made him regret for life. By then, Glenn was already working. As soon as his father’s funeral was over, he left home angrily.
   Glenn did a great job and rose through the ranks. On the day of his deceased mother’s birthday, he passed by Brett’s restaurant, and the promotional slogan in the store caught his eyes: “Brett will help you regain the taste you remember!” Glenn’s heart moved, and he suddenly wanted to eat the stewed meat and mashed potatoes made by his mother. , walked into the restaurant by accident.
   Brett, the owner and chef of the restaurant, heard Glenn’s appeal and said: “Stewed meat and mashed potatoes is a traditional dish in the southern United States, but the recipe is slightly different in different places. Where is your hometown? “Glenn explained the address of the former residence in detail, and Brett opened the cookbook to check.
   “When your mother cooks this dish, does she like it with sweet tea?”
   Glenn nodded happily when he heard Brett say that. Brett gets busy in the kitchen, pouring beef stock, mushroom stock, beef, onion, and cream into a pot and bringing it to a simmer over medium-high heat. When making mashed potatoes, butter and cream are added. Finally, sweeten the tea with water, sugar, black tea and lemon juice.
   When Brett brought the stew, mashed potatoes and sweet tea, Glenn had a complicated expression. He ate a few mouthfuls of meat and mashed potatoes, and took another sip of sweet tea: “Both the stew and sweet tea taste right. It’s what my mother made, but the color and taste of the mashed potatoes she made are not like this.”
   Brett was a little surprised, what color could potatoes be if they weren’t yellow?
   “Red, my mother’s mashed potatoes are red.” Glenn was sure. “Red potatoes?” Brett exclaimed, “How could there be red potatoes? Could it be that she used red-skinned potatoes?
   ” Mashed redskin potatoes, please Glenn try again. Glenn looked at the red mashed potatoes and frowned. He vaguely remembered that it wasn’t this kind of red. After taking a sip, it really wasn’t the taste he remembered. He comforted Brett: “You helped me regain the taste of stewed meat and sweet tea, which is already very powerful! But some flavors, with the death of people, may never exist again.” Brett was unwilling to give up
   : “I must have missed something, give me some time, I will go to your hometown to find the answer.” A week later, Brett called to invite Glenn to dinner, and he finally made the stew that Glenn remembered The taste of meaty mashed potatoes.
   Glenn ate and choked up, “How did you do it?” Brett said the answer that surprised Glenn. Linda told him this way!
   It turned out that Glenn was in poor health when he was a child, and the doctor told his mother to give him more carrots. But Glenn is a partial eclipse and always picks out the carrots in the dish. When my mother made mashed potatoes, she mashed carrots and mixed them with mashed potatoes, which made Glenn eat them. Therefore, in Glenn’s memory, the mashed potatoes made by his mother were red.
   At first, Linda didn’t know about this practice, and only listened to Glenn’s father’s instructions to give Glenn more carrots. The few times Linda made dishes containing carrots, Glenn threw them away. Given her status as a stepmother, Linda can force Jess to eat all kinds of dishes he doesn’t like, but it’s not easy to force Glenn, lest it bore him. So, she saved food and money, bought health pills containing various vitamins and trace elements, quietly put them in sweet tea, and let Glenn drink them.
   Later, when Linda was cleaning the house, she found an old notebook, left by Glenn’s mother, which recorded the recipes she made for Glenn, including the recipe for stew and mashed potatoes. Caring for children. But at that time, Glenn was able to accept carrots under the influence of his friend Kevin, so Linda didn’t need to make this special mashed potatoes.
   Linda has never been partial, because she thinks that Glenn is very smart and has the opportunity to stand out, so she strictly demands him without leaving any regrets. Jess has mediocre talents, so he must be taught to enjoy an ordinary life and be content. As for her father’s illness, her father did not allow her to tell Glenn. At that time, Glenn was an intern in a big company and was undergoing strict assessment. His father did not want to affect his son’s future.
   Bright said with emotion: “It turns out that red mashed potatoes are not made of red potatoes, but a fiery red heart. But if you put this fiery red heart in sweet tea, can you not see it?”
   Glenn wept in shame and decided to go back to see his stepmother.