The order could not be received for half a month, and the highest plunge was 10,570 yuan/ton! There are only 11 major factories left in the world!

Last week, the shareholders meeting of Wanhua Chemical was held in Shandong, and Wanhua Chemical revealed the recent polyurethane market situation. Among them, Wanhua said that the high-profile MDI price may be at the lowest level in 15 years!

A sharp drop of 1,000 yuan/ton! Wanhua and Huntsman continue to lower prices!

Polymerized MDI: a month-on-month reduction of 1,000 yuan/ton, and manufacturers will supply at a discount!

Recently, Wanhua Chemical and Shanghai Huntsman have lowered their quotations for polymeric MDI. Among them, the listing price of Wanhua Chemical’s polymeric MDI in China in May was 18,800 yuan/ton, which was 1,000 yuan/ton lower than that in April; the listing price of Shanghai Huntsman’s polymeric MDI in May was 19,000 yuan/ton, which was 1,000 yuan/ton lower than the previous month.

At present, the closure of factories stimulates the focus of the polymerized MDI market to increase. The quotation in the East China South China market is 14,800-15,000 yuan/ton, a slight increase of 100 yuan/ton, and the quotation in the North China market is 15,000 yuan/ton, a slight increase of 200 yuan/ton. However, the transaction is sluggish, and the market is suppressed by real orders. It is expected that the aggregated MDI will still maintain stability and weak operation in May, and there may be an upward trend at the end of the month.

Pure MDI: real orders are limited, some manufacturers sell at 50% off!

The pure MDI market is relatively stable, and the quotation is about 19,500 yuan/ton. At present, the market is supported by raw materials, but the market transactions are average, and some factories ship at a 50% discount. It is expected that with the reduction of inventory, pure MDI may have a slight upside.

TDI: Wanhua and Gansu Yinguang started production, and the market continued to decline!

With the resumption of production of Fujian Wanhua and Gansu Yinguang, the tense spot situation has eased. However, downstream factories have a strong sentiment of avoiding high prices, the demand is insufficient and they mainly purchase on demand. Since May, TDI has been on the decline overall, and the market price is 18,000-18,400 yuan/ton, down 7.5% from the previous month. It is expected that there is still a large downside space for TDI in the market outlook.

I haven’t received an order for half a month! Downstream price defense war started!

It is found that within two weeks, the price of industrial silicon has fallen by more than 1,000 yuan/ton. According to the data of SunSirs, metal silicon has dropped by nearly 1,400 yuan/ton in just one month . We can’t get orders for a week!”

At present, most domestic silicon factories have entered a state of loss, and the market inventory is relatively large. The wet season in Southwest China is approaching, and the market expects electricity prices to have a downward space of 0.1-0.2 yuan/kwh. Downstream enterprises and related traders are in a wait-and-see mood, and the market is light. The spot price of domestic industrial silicon continues to fall. Under the influence of the disk, the industrial silicon spot market remained weak.

For industrial silicon manufacturers, the rate of decline is a bit unexpected. “When the price started to fall, manufacturers were reluctant to sell and were unwilling to ship. But the price stabilized today and then fell again in a few days. Manufacturers couldn’t keep up at once, and almost all stopped selling. There was no transaction in the market.” A person in charge of a company said .

With the elimination of compression capacity, there are only 11 major factories left in the world!
With the expansion of international trade competition and the “forced” transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, a large number of factories are facing the dilemma of elimination, and the polyurethane industry chain is no exception.
MDI market situation:

At present, only 8 companies in the world have 34 sets of MDI devices, with a total production capacity of about 9.9 million tons per year.
Among the 34 units, 15 units are less than 200,000 tons/year and 20 units are more than 20 years old, with a production capacity of about 4 million tons/year. These “small and long-term” units will be uncompetitive in the foreseeable future. And eliminated.

TDI market situation:

There were 15 major TDI manufacturers in the world, but the number has now been reduced to 11. The number of devices has also been reduced from 31 to 25, and the production capacity has been reduced from 3.44 million tons per year to 3.11 million tons per year. In addition, the installation capacity of Japan and South Korea is only 30,000-50,000 tons per year, and they are small and scattered. Facing the situation of high cost and scattered industry, the price of TDI has fluctuated year after year, and the development of the industrial chain is restricted.