The new Batman: It’s not about darkness, it’s about light

The Batman, The English title of “The New Batman,” with The eye-catching definite article “The” and striking red bold font, announces like Hideaki Anno’s “New Godzilla” :

The old IP is back and this version is new/real. Both familiar to you and unique to you.

Returning from years of absence as an indie, Matt Reeves brings a different kind of Batman. Where’s the new edition? Xinzai has carried on new thinking to the basic setting of Batman, opened a new pattern, and stabilized the difference.

People say that the new Batman is “dark”, film noir, detective core, artistic temperament, dark scenes more, in fact, completely the opposite.

The new Batman is not dark, but full of light.

The value of classic remakes lies in injecting the thinking of each era into each era. The new Batman echoes The Times by pitting darkness against light: what do you choose in a quagmire?

Audio-visual: Not “darkness”, but “vision”

Every decade or so, a Batman movie appears on the big screen in a different state from its predecessor.

Tim Burton’s version was a visual breakthrough, the first to embody a strong personal style in a “Batman” film. The Gothic style set the tone for Gotham and influenced almost all subsequent Batman films.

Nolan’s version is realistic, profound, and a gorgeous upgrade of elitism and idealism. Master Wayne, who wears a high-end Armani and drives a modified Lamborghini, has become a classic in film history.

The new version is stunning in its audio-visual language. Highly symbolic, with lots of dark scenes, lots of monologues, 0.5 times speed, theme single loops, slow motion sweeps across rainy corners of the city, and first-person gliding and prying eyes, the “vision” of Gotham is successfully created.

Delta lighting

90% in the rain, 90% at night and indoors, with almost no natural light, this is the best Gotham movie ever.

Even Greg Fraser, the cinematographer of Dune and Rogue One, would complain that the two hardest things to shine are Darth Vader’s helmet and Batman’s hood.

With Fraser’s blessing, Dark Play, using glass, water, mirrors to create light flow. The Riddler targets his victims, Batman tracks his targets, the police track his criminals, and Batman and Catwoman part ways, mostly through reflections.

Most scenarios are bathed in the light of the gold and scarlet, some light is eyes, some of them are gun fire, flame and the setting sun, action scenes are subtle lighting design – batman hand led lighting rod survivors through the darkness, batman in reverse flame to the penguin, batman passed numerous blockade of the dark corridor, leaving a frame of a frame of silhouette.

It’s a scene that makes your eyes uncomfortable, but it also tells you something important: In the moment of gunfire, you see Batman sticking to his “don’t kill” rule, pushing the gun away and not shooting anyone.

Darkness is not meaningless. Countless masters used darkness to create classics: The Godfather, Seven:……

There are only a few works in the world that can use red to great effect: Akira, EVA, Star Wars…… Creators know that red and black together will be shocking.

The light trick of The new Batman is to communicate information in darkness — Gotham is broken in the rain at night, but there is still light.

Delta music

This is the most “quiet” Batman movie ever, with a unified hearing block.

Matt Reeves is good at dealing with silence. In “War for the Planet of the Apes,” he delivers the quietest apocalypse in film history — humans turn ape, language degenerates, and more than 50% of the film is soundless, with apes chirping in the snow.

This “New Batman” simplified soundtrack, the signature melody has three:

The hymn Ave Maria, often used for funeral mourning, the Riddler’s warning of crime, appears at every death.

Nirvana’s Something in the Way, a portrayal of Bruce Wayne, comes at three pivotal moments: when he sees himself in the mayor’s son, when he rides a motorcycle, and when he rescues victims of a flood.

The main theme, The Batman, is almost like The Imperial March, with almost no variations. The single melody is constantly enhanced, The arrangement is classical, and The piano solo Sonata in Darkness at The end has The solemnity of The Funeral March, The spiral rise of Bolero, and The mirror meaning of Moonlight Sonata.

These melodies are complemented by a large number of diary soliloquies, which make the whole film aural and progressive, extremely closed and percussive. At the end, all orchestration is removed, leaving only the keys tapping gently in silence like a hammer to break through the darkness.

This is the feeling 👆 rainy day, Walkman, piano solo, escape…..

Take the road of delta

Batman has been rebooted many times over the past 80 years.

In the early days of Tokusatsushi, batman in comics and on screen still had the quality of comic books from the ERA of DC Detective Comic books.

Nolan period (after the millennium) is “playboy”, wearing Armani playboy image is deeply popular.

This version is “The Hermit,” abandoning its previous sense of pomp, myth and elitism. The batmobile is no longer a muscular tank, but a primitive machine with sharp edges; The bat suit is simple, scratched, worn in place, functional, no redundant design; The Batcave resembles a garage, stripped of Nolan’s pristine high-tech lab reminiscent of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” only shabby and realistic.

Robert Pattinson wears all the eyeliner Tim Burton never used, writes in his diary with headphones tucked in like an autistic teenager, and wears three simple black tees.

Master Wayne before decadent also has daily life, this version of Master Wayne not only has no spare money, also has no life, hard work, flying off the roof only dogs gnawing mud landing, struggling to stand up, limping into the darkness.

The new Batman’s outstanding audio-visual language, thanks to the beautiful subtraction. Dark against light, creating something out of nothing, focusing the camera in one place, shutting off the superfluous senses.

They say this batman is “the most artsy,” and artsy means audio-visual repression. And the creation of repression is to serve the theme — to strengthen the vision of Gotham, the desire for light surfaced.

Subject: Not darkness, but light

The new Batman isn’t about darkness, it’s about light.

Back to basics. Who is Batman?

In the superbritish lineage, each hero represents some kind of human simplicity. Superman stands for strength and justice, Spider-man stands for love and confidence, and Batman stands for something too: light in darkness, hidden fire.

The archetypal Batman approached Prometheus, the thief of fire, to hide himself and bring light to others. Traumatized by the death of his parents, he donned a mask and vowed to fight crime, hating crime and injustice.

He has no superpowers, relies on intelligence, equipment and skill to fight, a dark personality, pessimistic and suspicious, difficult to trust others.

Despite this, Batman still has a great love for humanity, which is influenced by his parents during his childhood. His father was a doctor who adhered to the Hippocratic oath of treating all patients equally, and his mother was a crusader against child abuse.

Batman’s vow of revenge does not contradict his ideal of justice. To the outside world, Bruce Wayne was a self-serving playboy, an outlaw fanatic on the borderline of lynching, a masked avenger sowing fear known only to his closest friends as boundary-abiding revenge.

His heart is full of unyielding fire, only to subdue the villain, will not kill, when necessary, will take the blame for the evil, just to make people believe that there is still justice to follow.

The most popular batman, Nolan’s “Dark trilogy,” is a dialectical meditation on good and evil.

The clown said, good is false, with a little push, everyone can be evil. Civilians kill each other to save their lives, prosecutors kill to enforce justice, you are not protecting good people, still protect? Batman chose to flip the coin to heads and take the blame for others.

Batman’s mask removal or not removal has also been repeatedly debated.

Wearing a mask can protect, but also bring fear and pain. “We can be together when Gotham doesn’t need you anymore, but that day will never come,” Rachel says.

The “choice” between dual identities is the ultimate dilemma for every superhero, and Nolan tells Batman to take off his mask and identity and go back to being Bruce Wayne. Alfred, the housekeeper, said, every year after you left, I went to Florence on holiday, and dreamed of a glimpse of you sitting with your wife, and we all knew that you had survived and enjoyed yourself.

In the end, it happened. Beneath the mask, Bruce Wayne smiles.

The new Batman has a key message: The Truth unmasked. Ostensibly a clue to the mystery, it’s really a question about batman’s core premise: Is what is really and best beneath the mask?

This time, Batman is willing to wear the mask.

Catwoman says, are you wearing the mask because of the ugly scar underneath, and Batman says, yes. “Scars can destroy us or they can bring us strength,” he wrote in his diary. Even when he saved a citizen trapped by a mob in a subway station, he never wavered from the fear of the other party, who did not feel he was rescued and begged “Don’t hurt me”.

The whole movie never questions whether to take off the mask because maybe the mask is who you really are, a new thinking on the basic premise and a nod to Nolan’s version: It’s not who you are that matters, it’s what you choose.

Batman’s perspective on Gotham has also changed.

In the past, Batman has always been portrayed as “divine”, sculptural and independent, looking down on Gotham.

This time, he leads the people out of the flood and carries the little girl on a stretcher, a non-wartime rescue that is a creative response to Nolan’s ending — no longer looking down on the people of Gotham, but standing with them as equals.

He is willing to fall from the sky, walk through the mud with people, and lift the flame in the most primitive way, without using any high-tech equipment.

As one of the most adapted superheroes of all time, batman already has a long list of classics to beat. Is it still worth watching?

Our answer is: yes.

The strongest light, closed eyes will have residual shadow. Gotham is dark. There’s still a fire. The new Batman is unique, bright and unprecedented. It will forever leave a bright red and violent mark on the retina.

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