The Matthew Effect in Love: How to Attract More Love into Your Life

  The Matthew effect is a cruel one. Economists believe that due to accumulation and opportunity, the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. This effect is called the Matthew effect.
  A girlfriend of mine had a falling out with her boyfriend a while ago, and she was in a bad mood. She broke her leg when she went down the stairs, and she was sent to the hospital, feeling even worse. I had nothing to do during the hospitalization, so I called my old friends. As a result, several previous boyfriends rushed to the hospital one after another, showing affection for her. But she was even more sad, the person she most hoped to come was her boyfriend who had just fallen out.
  She complained to me about this, and I comforted her by saying that love sometimes has inexplicable rules, which is very “hate the poor and love the rich”. The more love you have, the more love you will have, and people with poor feelings , it will be more difficult to obtain. Just like the Matthew effect in the economic law. When it comes to the Matthew effect in love, I only thought of it when I said it casually. But I can find countless corroborating evidence at once. Everyone knows that some people are playboys, but playboys just keep updating their girlfriends.

  I persuaded this girlfriend to say, you might as well relax your mind, your ex-boyfriends treated you well, you just accept it, and you are experiencing the subtle differences in this world. Thomas believes that the differences in this world exist in places that are usually invisible, and lie in some of the most secret differences in the hearts or habits of the opposite sex, because they only belong to individuals.
  This Thomas is the playboy described by Kundera, but on the other hand, he is a man who is absolutely persistent and loyal to himself, and he is also my girlfriend’s favorite character. After saying this, she immediately listened to it.
  In the days that followed, she treated every friend who came to visit her kindly. Her ex-boyfriends often came to visit her with flowers, treated her well, told her stories, and made her happy. She’s really feeling better. She remembered that she had broken up with these boyfriends before and hadn’t seen each other for several years. Now, each of them can spare time to accompany her, and she felt grateful to them.
  Of course, this emotion is limited to gratitude. Since we broke up that year, there are good reasons for it.
  But that was enough. They came to see her and tell her what was on their minds, and it was also a way to get rid of their troubles. Gradually, the whole ward was filled with a carnival atmosphere.
  As expected, her falling out boyfriend also joined the ranks of the carnival, probably he found that she was no longer pressing him, and her face was full of the look she had when she was just in love.
  The ending was unexpected. She did not reunite with her boyfriend when she was discharged from the hospital, but a handsome male doctor helped her complete the discharge procedures and sent her home.
  Different from the Matthew effect in economics, the Matthew effect in love is not simply to use emotion as the cost, and the more you roll, but if you are surrounded by emotions, you will have a good mentality and relax. Sensitivity to pleasure, insensitivity to harm, and hormonal effects that make people look radiant make them more attractive to the opposite sex.
  Of course, the subtle competitive psychology of the opposite sex also promotes the Matthew effect of love. So if you are not surrounded by love, at least simulate the state of being surrounded, relax your mind, and be in a state of receiving at any time, then love will come more easily.