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The Loss of Authentic Taste: How Food Additives Are Transforming What It Means To Be Human

Gathered with some friends at a restaurant on the weekend. During the dinner, I asked for a plate of sauced beef. A friend picked up a piece, took a bite, chewed, said: “It’s not fragrant.” Then he sighed: “Nowadays, beef and pork should be fragrant and not fragrant, and mutton should not be smelly. What’s going on?” Another friend answered: “We are lucky. If you eat very delicious beef and the beef tastes too strong, you must have added beef paste. Although the sauce beef lacks flavor, it is real beef, which means that the boss did not Tricksters and adulteration, just be content…”
   Thinking about it, what my friend said really makes sense. Some unscrupulous manufacturers use large doses of clenbuterol, contraceptives, fattening agents, etc. when feeding poultry, so that poultry and livestock grow up to the standard for slaughter in a short period of time. I once heard a friend talk about the tragic situation of pigs fed too much hormone: pigs have to eat a lot of feed every day, drink water, lethargy, and can grow about two catties of meat a day. When the pig grows to about 250 catties, it must be sold, because it is too “fat” to stand up. He witnessed with his own eyes that some pigs roared a few times and fell to the ground “suicide” before they were ready for slaughter. I said that the pig must have yelled at the end: “You have caused me so much suffering!”
   Although we have not been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry so far, it does not hinder our extraordinary love and unique application of chemistry. When pork, mutton, etc. did not taste their original taste, some people soon “invented” chicken essence, pork essence, beef essence… Among them, beef essence or beef extract is the most popular. It is said that many barbecue restaurants, stewed meat restaurants and hot pot restaurants rely on adding these essences or pastes to “turn” pork into beef. The level is so high that it is almost fake. What consumers feel in their mouths is indeed the taste of beef. According to reports, most of the “flavored meatballs” and “simulated meatballs” sold in many supermarkets do not contain the corresponding main ingredients.
   When eating hot pot, pay attention to the word “shabu”, what to shabu? Cabbage, tofu, beef balls, fish balls, plus some shrimp slips, crab sticks, etc. But if you calculate the price, you can find the tricks: the market price of beef is often 50 to 60 yuan per kilogram, while the deeply processed beef balls are only about 20 yuan per kilogram. Is the hotel owner doing charity? A reporter investigated and found that there are many kinds of additives on the market, including whitening agents to make the meatballs appear whiter, gelatin to increase the stickiness of the meatballs, high-strength agents to make the meatballs full of elasticity, and “freshness” to keep water and freshness. source”……

   I suddenly had an idea: What if one day people lose their humanity? This is no nonsense, I think it’s entirely possible. The reason is that many things that people eat are becoming less and less authentic. Over time, the quantity changes to qualitative changes. These foods may change the human endocrine system and metabolic functions, and even genes, so that people are no longer human, or have other meanings. On the surface, it still looks like a human being, but in fact, the internal organization no longer has the essence and characteristics of a human being. At that time, the unique taste of human beings will disappear, so what should we do? Then it needs “experts” who have produced chicken powder, pork essence, and beef paste, and then take the trouble to produce a “human monosodium glutamate” that still has a human taste after people eat it, so as to distinguish it from other animals.
   But I am very worried, because the human flavor is first lost in the “experts” who make chicken powder, pork essence, and beef paste. They are doing harm to people without conscience. Normal people can’t do this. things come. Then, if you want these people to produce something with “human taste” for the public to use, it is tantamount to looking for fish and cooking sand.