The longest relationship between people

I have seen this sentence: “Like someone, starting with appearance, falling into talent, being loyal to character, and lasting longer than sincerity.”

Indeed, no matter how old you are, if you want to maintain a long-term relationship, you must exchange your sincerity for your sincerity.

When I fall, you help me; when you are down, I hug you. Only then can a relationship go further and further.

A good relationship is like a bank, the more you deposit, the more interest you get.

No one is willing to invest, there is no feeling to respond; no one will allow it, and the heart is blindly overdrawn.

Only by rushing in both directions can we reach the end.


between people,

It’s just a heart-to-heart exchange

Blogger Alice Big Whale told such a story.

Her father has a good friend named Song. Although they live far away, they always get together for a few days every year.

When they were young, Dad Yu and Uncle Song agreed to make a family together because of their good relationship.

But then by mistake, the two friends lived 4,000 kilometers apart.

It’s just that this didn’t stop the friendship between the two brothers.

Every year around the Spring Festival, Uncle Song would travel thousands of miles with bacon and rice to visit Dad Yu.

The bacon is cured by hand, and the rice is freshly recovered.

Although he is burdened, Uncle Song will always put this heart in the hands of Father Yu himself.

As the saying goes, etiquette is “heavy”, and friendship is even more “heavy”.

Alice was curious, so she asked her father, “Why does Uncle Song come here every year no matter what the situation is?”

The fish father said: “When I was young, I was in good health and often went to see you, Uncle Song.

For so many years, no matter how far away he is, as long as he needs it, I will go there as soon as possible.

Now, I’m getting older, and my waist can’t stand the train ride for a long time.

I can only trouble you, Uncle Song, to make a trip every year. ”

Perhaps, it is precisely because of Father Yu’s sincerity and Uncle Song’s sincerity that this relationship has lasted for decades without knowing it.

Some people always say that fireworks are easy to be cold and the world is unpredictable.

Under the pull of time and space, all relationships will gradually drift away.

Even if we gave our sincerity, why would we be consumed? Even if we gave enthusiasm, why would it be cooled?

However, feelings are also very easy to maintain.

As long as there is a response to giving, kindness meets gratitude, and sincerity is not let down, a relationship can be maintained.

As the saying goes, if you help, I will speak up; if you give charcoal in the snow, I will hold an umbrella in the rain.

In the coming and going, the friendship between each other will become deeper and deeper.


Emotional Bank, Save Much More

Cai Kangyong said:

“There is an emotional account between people.

Every time you make the other party happy, your deposit will be more, and every time you make the other party sad, your deposit will be less.

Don’t blindly withdraw from it, willfully feel that your money will never be squandered.

No, when your deposit becomes zero, that is when the other party leaves. ”

On the contrary, when you continue to invest in your emotional bank, you will reap unexpected changes.

In the film and television drama “Golden Years”, the friendship between Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo is moving.

During school, Nansun was a big lady with no worries about food and clothing, and Suosuo was just a poor girl who lived under the fence.

But Nansun did not condescend, instead he tried every means to make Suo Suo feel warm.

During the holidays, please Suosuo to eat at home; on ordinary days, Suosuo will not let Suosuo suffer alone.

After Nansun’s family was in trouble, Suosuo did everything she could to help her through her distress.

If you earn 1w, you can spend 8k to rent a house for Nansun.

In her heart, she can suffer, but her good friend Jiang Nansun must not suffer.

In this way, they support each other, cherish each other, and overcome one difficulty after another in life together.

In a person’s life, blood relationship is doomed.

But sometimes, true friends can surpass blood and be better than relatives.

And such friends do not appear out of thin air, but you accumulate bit by bit.

On weekdays, you pay a little more; at critical moments, you get a little more.

Although feelings cannot be quantified, emotional banks have always stored much more.

Put a little sincerity, and you can get some sincerity; put a little warmth, and you can get some emotion.

After all, people’s hearts are made of flesh, so who can really freeze themselves?


Going in both directions, only then can we go far

Someone once asked: “What kind of relationship is the most beautiful?”

One highly praised answer was: “Two-way going.”

Indeed, the feelings of one-sided giving will get tired sooner or later;

And the two-way relationship can not only experience the warmth and sweetness in the interaction, but also keep it fresh and last for a long time.

Ba Jin and Bing Xin, known as the turn of the century, are like this.

In 1933, Ba Jin and his friends founded the “Literary Quarterly”.

Because of the lack of manuscripts, I came to visit Bing Xin, thinking that Bing Xin, who had already become famous, might refuse.

But unexpectedly, the other party agreed immediately.

This also helped Ba Jin successfully pass the embarrassing period of starting the publication.

The two also became good friends because of the exchange of literature.

In 1940, Bing Xin was exiled in another country due to the war, coupled with poor health, she was in financial difficulties for a while.

After Ba Jin learned about it, he personally helped her plan and publish “Bing Xin’s Works Collection” to earn living expenses.

Not only that, every time they encounter unsatisfactory life, both parties will write to each other to complain.

Ba Jin was the editor-in-chief of any publishing house at the time, and he was willing to open up to Bing Xin what he dared not tell others.

Every time Bing Xin reads the letter, she will send comfort, enlightenment and encouragement.

Ba Jin often said that Bing Xin was his “confidant sister”.

But Bing Xin said to Ba Jin: “It is enough to have a confidant in life, and the world should treat him with the same heart.”

It is precisely because of the two-way travel between the two that this friendship has lasted for more than 60 years in an era of underdeveloped communication.

Perhaps, the longevity of any relationship does not depend on the compromise and dedication of one party.

Instead, it is progressive in mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual recognition.

After all, only the emotions that respond can flow; the thoughts that are understood can go on.

On the road of life, we will all be tired, at a loss, and lonely.

But if someone is willing to come to you, the tiring journey will be cut in half;

If you run away when you meet, then your loneliness may be much less.

Do you also have a two-way friendship?


A good relationship is mutual

The writer Tong Hua once said:

“However, in the hearts of ordinary people, as long as you pay, you can’t help but expect something in return.”

Indeed, no one hopes that his enthusiasm will be taken for granted by the other party.

And no one can not hope that one’s kindness can be responded to; one’s sincerity can be given true meaning.

Any relationship that can go to the end is actually mutual.

Today, you vote for peaches; tomorrow, I will reward you with plums.

Therefore, if you want to gain your sincerity, you must first give your sincerity; if you want to get the bright moon, you must turn your heart to the blue sky.

Everyone has a steelyard in their hearts, which can clearly measure each other’s words, deeds and actions.

Don’t be stingy with your kindness, don’t worry about your efforts.

After all, someone will understand your devotion; someone will love your kindness after all.

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