The Limitations of Human Strangeness: Overcoming Personal Universes and Embracing Objectivity

Strangeness is a human limitation. Assuming that everyone has his own small universe, in which there are three views and cognitions established during his growth, then the boundary of this small universe is his limitation.

Most people hide in their own small universe and are unwilling to come out, where it is solid, safe, and makes people confident; only a few people are willing to poke their heads out, reflect and examine themselves rationally and objectively like strangers, and make changes accordingly , to create a brand new self.

Turning a blind eye and seeing it frequently are all damages to rationality and intuition.

Just like many directors are full of confidence in the movie they just finished, but when it was released, it received rave reviews. The reason may be that part of the plot in the finished film seems redundant and procrastinated, and it would be better to cut it out. Film critics can almost see it. Such obvious redundancy, but the director didn’t cut it out. Is it because the director’s ability is not as good as the audience or film critics?

Obviously, no. Because each shot is shot by the director, he is too familiar with the content of the film to express, and even zooms in on each shot, and finally finds that every part of the content has the necessity of expression. He stares at the part, and what he sees is also the part . After the film was released, the audience watched it with a sense of strangeness. They didn’t know where he planted what kind of foreshadowing, and what kind of effort he put in which camera switching. What the audience sees is the rhythm and plot, which is the “wholeness” of the movie, so the judgment of whether the movie is good or bad is very direct and clear.

Just like a narcissistic person, they look at themselves too familiarly every day, and feel that they look good no matter how they look. Only the kind of people who have never looked in the mirror and have no idea what they look like can make the most accurate judgment at the moment when they suddenly see a photo of themselves. Objectivity, in a way, is strangeness.