The joy given by a glass of sweet wine

Autumn in the northwest is very short. The cold wind comes and blows the golden leaves off the trees, and the bleak winter comes with it.
Winter isn’t just bleak, it’s fun. For example, in the days before heating, the sound of intermittent water appeared in the silent heating pipe, as if to announce that good things are about to happen. By the time the heat comes on, the world will be in a different mood. We were wrapped in an invisible layer of tenderness, and the cold room became warm.
It’s time to pull out the plum wine.
The wine is amber, crystal clear crystal sugar has melted in the liquor, with a nap of the green plum also has a shallow and wrinkled lines. After tasting it, the sour, sweet and warm taste bloomed on my tongue. It turned out that after such a long time, the spirits of the past had also been “tamed”. It was a slight pity that the taste was too meek and soft, like a faceless good-natured man, who could not be called bad, but who always lacked something.
With a drink like this, you need to stir it up with ice. Sometimes, ice brings out a deeper flavor in the food. After the green plum wine into ice, not only more clear, and shine, as if a small sword, cut ordinary life.
After two or three years of aging, the amber color turns golden and the wine becomes softer. This is the power of time. However, I have never drunk more than three years of green plum wine, there is only one bottle, how can wait three years, in less than a winter has been exhausted.
Waxberry wine is red, and the older it gets, the darker it gets. Deep red, it has a strong dramatic effect, like the red velvet curtain on the stage, heavy to cover up the drama of life. When you open the curtain and have a taste, you will understand that the sweet and pleasant appearance is a lie, the waxberry wine is based on a strong white wine, a few sips, drunk up.
Waxberry wine gives people the feeling of not “everyday”, its red is cinnabar nevus red, is zhang Ailing’s red rose red, strong, hot, like a big miss or a movie star can not live a small life. But it’s not as disconnected as it might seem. The waxberry, which has been soaked in wine for several months, even has a special secular use: when cooking braised pork, take a few pieces out of the wine and put them in the meat to remove the greasy color and add a hint of dark sweetness and wine aroma, which is simply the finishing touch.
Last fall, an epidemic forced us in Lanzhou to undergo nucleic acid tests and stay at home. One day in isolation, I was alone in the bedroom looking out of the window. Under the heavy sky, the building that stood opposite, once brightly lit, became a silent gray and black building. The people in there, they were quarantined at a hotel. Depressed, I went to the wine cabinet in the living room and took out a small bottle of sweet wine. It was a mojito I had bought together, and I drank half of it. The tip of my tongue could distinguish the sweetness of sugar from the sour of lemon, and MY whole body quickly relaxed. At that moment, it was my “happy water”. The other half, I decided to freeze it and take a sip every day.
Reading Ba Jin’s autobiography as a child, he recalled a maid in his childhood who was very kind to the children of his employer. She loved to drink and made mulberry wine every year. When mulberries were ripe, the children ate enough of the dark, sweet fruit and dyed their mouths black and purple. She gathered up the rest of the fruit and put them into bottles, each of which was more than half full of wine.
I didn’t see mulberries when I was a kid, and I couldn’t imagine what a mulberry wine tasted like. But decades later, as I sip sweet wine, I occasionally think of that middle-aged woman making mulberry wine. Surely she kept such a store of sweet wine that she would bring it out every now and then in the winter to take a satisfying sip?

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