The female pirate and the Black Knight

Pirates flourished in the Caribbean for three decades in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Its representatives are female pirates and pirate Kings.

The female pirates, Anne and Mary, dressed in men’s clothes, were no less agile and ferocious than the male pirates. When they raise the machete to cut at the crew, they will bare their breasts to show that they are female, to let the crew know that they are killed by a woman’s knife.

The crew was terrified of the female pirates. The researchers say the ratio of men to women among pirates is skewed, the concept of family is nonexistent and the pirates marry in groups. It is understandable that a few young, beautiful and capable women are respected and supported.

Most of the pirates were sailors and soldiers, but they became pirates simply because of their low income, difficult life and lack of promotion. The pirates divided their property equally, and each time they robbed a merchant ship, they divided the wealth between the captain and the crew.

The history book records, pirates once raided a ship carrying munitions, on board in addition to 7 cannons, there was a bag of diamonds, even the lowest pirates also points to 42 diamonds. The average age of the pirates is 27, the same age as the crew.

On average, they spent only two years as pirates, either making a fortune and quitting; Or be taken by the government and hanged; Or die in battle. The British hanged pirates at the mouth of the sea and hung their bodies on the gallows to make an example of them. But the deterrent was not great, and there was still a steady stream of sailors and soldiers who became pirates.

Roberts was the peerless pirate king, plundering more than 470 merchant ships in his lifetime, making his crew terrified. Roberts had no choice but to be a pirate. Born in poverty, he became a boat boy at 13, working as a ship handyman. Years at sea had made Roberts feel part of the ship’s hull. Although Roberts was hardworking, intelligent and capable, he had no social background and was still a third mate on a ship at the age of 37, earning only 3 pounds a year. As you can imagine, crew members are poorly paid.

At the age of 37, Roberts was on a ship that was captured by pirates. The pirate leader was his fellow countryman, and Roberts was forced to stay on the pirate ship. Roberts was soon recognized by the pirates for his outstanding seafaring abilities.

Two months later, the pirate leader was captured and killed by the Governor of Jamaica. The pirates unanimously elected Roberts as captain of the pirate ship. One of Roberts’ first acts as captain was to avenge his former boss. One night, Roberts and his men landed on the island of Jamaica, killed nearly all the men in the town, and left with their plunder. This battle stabilized Roberts as captain and convinced the pirates that he was invulnerable.

Once, Roberts and his men spent nine days at sea. Their fresh water and supplies were exhausted, but no merchant ships were seen. Just as everyone prepared to return without success, more than 40 merchant ships into their vision. Pirates usually don’t raid large ships because they are better armed, and there are more than 40 of them together.

But Roberts decided to take a risk. At night Roberts changed the pirate ship into a British flag and took his party aboard a small, outdated merchant ship. The pirates tied up the crew and forced the captain to tell which ship had the most treasure. Then the pirates boarded the merchant ship, bound the sleeping crew and captain, and carried off all the treasure without a fight. Among them was a gift for the King of Spain, covered with jewels and diamonds.

Unfortunately for Roberts, the treasure was a waste of time. On the way home, they encountered a merchant ship, Roberts let the chief officer guard the jewelry ship, he led the team to rob the merchant ship. Unfortunately, this time they were caught in a tropical storm, and the pirate ship was adrift for eight days. When they returned, the mate had disappeared with the boat.

The incident made Roberts realize that pirates without restraint are always a rabble. So Roberts drew up 42 rules, requiring pirates to swear to obey them.

With discipline, Roberts’ team was unbeatable, dominating the Caribbean in just two years from 1720 to 1722. Roberts created two jolly Roger flags: one showing a sailor shaking hands with a skeleton, representing a pirate, to urge merchant ships to surrender or die. The other is a skeleton with two balls under its feet, a sign of Roberts’ disdain for his Spanish and British captors.

The most typical example of this is Roberts’ pirate ship coming to a port for supplies. They sailed into the port flying the Pirate flag. Eleven ships in the harbor surrendered without a fight and lined up to meet Roberts.

The constant harassment of world trade by pirates is a great headache for governments around the world. Governments have reached a consensus to crack down on piracy and protect maritime trade. Soon after, the war between England and Spain for supremacy over the sea was over. The British government was free to send a naval fleet into the Caribbean to hunt down pirates.

In 1720, Anne and Mary were captured and hanged along with 11 male pirates. They claimed to be pregnant and the judge was forced to sentence probation. The same sentence brought a different result: Ma Li gave birth in prison and died of plague. Anne’s father was a wealthy businessman who paid a fortune in bribes to get her back.

After a rough ride in the Caribbean, Anne finally settles down and gives birth to a baby at her north American estate. Anne married again and lived until she was 82. The different endings of Mary and Anne are due to the different backgrounds, and Anne of rich family can die well.

In 1722, Roberts was shot in the carotid artery in a fierce battle with the British army. Before dying, Roberts asked his partner to throw his body into the sea. The pirates wrapped Roberts’ body in canvas, loaded it onto a cannon and threw it into the Caribbean sea. The pirates of the Caribbean numbered 2,000 at their peak, but after Roberts’ death, that number plummeted to 1,000. Finally, pirates of the Caribbean disappeared in 1726, thanks to a concerted effort by governments around the world.

Roberts was a stickler for appearance, always dressed as a knight in black waistcoat and shiny boots. Unlike most pirates, Roberts doesn’t drink alcohol and drinks only Chinese tea. At that time, Chinese tea was much more expensive than the rum that pirates often drank, earning Roberts the nickname the Black Knight.

Throughout Roberts’ life, despite his hard work and talent, he was not recognized by society and was forced to become the Pirate king. This shows that the social class was solidified at that time, and it was extremely difficult for the lower people to enter the upper society. This will breed social antagonism, and the lower elite will become a factor of social unrest. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate class solidification.

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