The epidemic three years, was “stolen” 800 days, I had an epiphany of these 10 life truths

Time has passed and many things have changed, except the epidemic has not yet dissipated.

This spring the national epidemic is once again an emergency!

This battle with the new coronavirus has been going on off and on for three years.

During the 800 days we have been fighting the epidemic, we have had sadness and anxiety, but we have also gained warmth and emotion.

All the past will teach us to grow.

Looking back on this time of fighting the epidemic, those people and events in the epidemic can always give us some enlightenment of life.

After Geng Xiaofeng, 49, was cured of his new crown, he made the sentiment, “Living is the most important thing.”

As a doctor, he was infected with the new crown virus because of close contact with patients.

After getting sick, his biggest fear was that his wife and children would be scared for him.

Fortunately, he overcame the disease.

Having gone through a life and death test, he said.

“In the future, I have to work hard, exercise well, live with my heart and treat people around me well.”

With the repetition of the epidemic in the past few years and the number of families shattered, we finally understand – health is the first thing.

No disease in the body, no worries in the heart.

Taking good care of your body is the greatest happiness for your loved ones and the greatest peace of mind for you.

An epidemic is a witness to all kinds of things, and it also shows the deepest love between family members.

I once read a news report that brought many netizens to tears.

A 90-year-old mother in Wuhan stayed with her 64-year-old son in the hospital for 4 days and 4 nights.

In order not to let others in the family cross-infection, the mother chose to take on the responsibility of caring for her son alone.

Deep down she had already made the worst of it, even if she was unfortunate enough to be infected, it didn’t matter.

When the epidemic comes, the ones who care about you the most, the ones who care about you the most, the ones who can give you the most direct care and protection are your family.

While physical pain can be relieved by medication, internal panic needs the support of family members.

Those doctors and nurses who run to the front line have no worries because of the support of their families.

Those who are isolated far away from home, because of the family greetings, and get a lot of comfort.

No matter where you go, your family is silently watching behind you.

Take care of your family, always have a grateful heart, say more comforting words, do considerate things, and cherish every day you spend with your family.

The poet John Dunne once said.

“No man is an island, ensconced alone in the sea; each is like a little piece of clay, connected into the whole land.”

After three years of the epidemic, we feel this one step deeper.

A lone tree cannot make a forest, the ability of an individual to resist risks is always limited, and we need the help of people around us.

Two days ago, when the epidemic in Jilin became an emergency, several medical teams from Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Hunan and Henan rushed to support it.

They ran around the local hospitals and nucleic acid testing teams and told you: don’t be afraid, we’re here!

In this disaster, everyone is a drop of water in the flood, and no one can be self-contained.

The epidemic has long linked us closely together, from the mutual help between cities to the help between neighbors.

For three years, whenever an epidemic emerged, there were always people who went against the grain to save people from danger and give them hope.

We know that the power of unity, the warmth of strangers and collective wisdom can always overcome all difficulties.

People and people have formed a net to support each other, to support each other, so that they can easily survive the hardships of life.

The back-and-forth of the epidemic has also caused some people to become impatient.

Not long ago, when an epidemic broke out in the small city of Baise, Guangxi, and relief was offered to the outside world, some netizens spat out.

“It’s been a few years, but still lack of this and that, what to do early.”

“How have not learned to do a good job of protection in advance, this epidemic prevention ability is also too poor.”

Meaningless whining like this does nothing for epidemic prevention except to make yourself and the people you see angry, and even brings negative effects to others.

People should not always make emotional comments when they encounter problems.

Complaining will only drain your energy, reduce your enthusiasm for life and interfere with your judgment.

The famous host Bai Yansong once said.

“Instead of complaining, change; if you want to change, start acting.”

It is better to give more help to people in distress than to complain meaninglessly.

Go out with good protection to block the possibility of spreading the epidemic; say more words of encouragement to support each other to overcome the difficulties together.

Two days ago, Yao Moumou, a confirmed case of New Crown, was filed for investigation for concealing his illness.

He knew full well that he had intersected with the trajectory of a confirmed case in Xi’an, but failed to take the initiative to report it in accordance with epidemic prevention requirements.

Instead, he took his own medication and went to public places several times when he was already experiencing obvious discomfort from the new crown, resulting in more than a dozen people being infected with the new crown.

Because of his disregard for the rules, with his own power he made a city originally full of fireworks, a long queue of nucleic acid, leaving the streets cold with only the smoke of extermination.

Those who disregard the rules will not only pay a terrible price for their ignorance, but will also hurt those around them.

Under an epidemic, every single action of every person is crucial.

Valuing the rules and having everyone in mind is the prerequisite for overcoming a difficult situation.

Know the rules and keep them in order to keep your life.

It has been said that the New Crown epidemic divided our lives into the pre-New Crown era and the post-New Crown era.

It has deeply affected our way of life and disrupted many of our plans.

For students, there has been a shift from classroom listening to online classes.

For office workers, it has also gradually adapted to the online home isolation office.

Even concerts that you want to watch have become online viewing and online interaction.

The epidemic has slowed down the pace of life, but life never stops.

Don’t be anxious about the current situation, this little obstacle in front of you is all temporary.

Look beyond the present moment and into the long run, this is just a small part of life.

Temporary closure is for faster access to freedom later.

Take advantage of this time of seclusion, why not hibernate and improve yourself.

I once saw a video on the Internet of a song coming from a neighborhood in Changping, Beijing, which is in a closed control area.

This is a special mini-concert organized by the volunteers of the community for the residents who are in quarantine.

In order to relieve the anxiety of isolation, people sang to relax.

The residents stood in front of the window waving flashlights and interacting with the volunteers downstairs, shouting “Go!”

(Photo from Beijing Daily client & Du video, deleted)

Although the epidemic is bitter, as long as we are strong enough inside, we will not be easily defeated and can have the strength to overcome all difficulties.

The same is true for life. Optimistic people can always find a little sweetness in the bitterness.

In this life, people always have to go through various sufferings and setbacks.

But no matter what kind of situation you are in, people with strong hearts can always quickly calm down and face the problem head on.

When you are fearless, there is nothing to defeat you.

Life is a process of trials and tribulations, full of ups and downs and misfortunes, and there is always a sense of helplessness after the vicissitudes.

The sudden arrival of the epidemic has disrupted the trajectory of many people’s lives.

We all wore masks for three years, from the beginning when we were not used to them to now when we are used to them.

The epidemic has held us back, from traveling when we said we would, to looking at the healthbot and taking our temperature before discussing it.

Students going from sitting in classroom chairs on campus learning about knowledge to enabling online instruction.


You know, life is a process, the ups and downs but the normal state of life.

There is a quote from Breaking the Wind.

“Aspirants don’t never fail, they never compromise.”

Those seemingly difficult valleys of life, in fact, is where we rise.

As long as you hang in there, you will have a brighter future, and as long as you get through it, you will be able to usher in a brighter tomorrow.

Learn to meet the trials and tribulations of life with a steady mind, a steady mind, a steady life.

There is a quote from “Wandering Earth”.

“At first, no one cared about this disaster.

It was just a mountain fire, a drought, the extinction of a species, the disappearance of a city, until the disaster was relevant to everyone.”

We have always thought that humans are the top of the food chain, the masters of heaven and earth.

Yet in front of nature, in front of the epidemic, we seem so small.

To have no fear of nature and life is to destroy oneself.

Only when a person is always in awe of life can he or she stop acting and have no worries about the present and no regrets about the future.

So, whenever you do, don’t forget to fear the land beneath your feet, fear nature and life.

Someone lamented, “When I don’t have to wear a mask that spring, my youth will be over long time ago, right?”

A high praise replied, “No, every day is the youngest day of your life.”

No one knows which will come first, tomorrow or the accident. Don’t delay tomorrow’s happiness by dwelling on the sadness of the past.

It is the rule of the world for smart people to take a good look at what they have now and try to grasp it.

There is never too late to start life, everything is in time.

From now on, learn to cherish every day that seems ordinary at the moment.

In the limited life, love what we love, do what we do, do what we think is worthwhile, and leave no regrets.

In an epidemic, we have changed too much and learned too much.

But we always believe that when the darkness is gone, the stars will always shine.

This epidemic will eventually pass.

But the truths left to us will be burned in our hearts forever.

The blossoming spring will not stop because of the epidemic.

When the epidemic is over, let’s travel together and see the great mountains!

May the epidemic dissipate soon, the mountains and rivers will be unharmed, and the world will be safe.