The best test for marriage: sleep

  How did you and your significant other sleep after getting married? Do you wait for him to sleep with him every night, or do you go to bed first, regardless of the husband playing on the phone? Is it to talk about love with your husband, or talk about interesting things during the day, and then hug each other to sleep, or two people are relatively silent, have no communication, and sleep separately?
  There is a saying in the American TV series “Sex and the City”: “How we behave in bed means how our life is going.” Whether the relationship between husband and wife is good depends on how you sleep. Sleep not only determines the harmony of husband and wife life, but also an important criterion to test whether the marriage is happy or not.
  Looking at how couples sleep together is an excellent way to assess the quality of a marriage, according to a study by the University of Hertfordshire. 94% of couples who cuddled with each other while they slept felt their marriage was happy, while 68% of couples who slept farther apart were satisfied with their marriage. From this perspective, couples who sleep closer together and have more skin-to-skin contact have higher marital satisfaction and happiness. On the contrary, if two people even sleep separately, it means that there may be some problems in this marriage.
  In the movie “Wu Wen Xi Dong”, Xu Bochang was forced to marry her because of Liu Shufen’s death. After they got married, their lives were not happy. Xu Bochang knew everything clearly. He and his wife slept in separate beds, and each had his own bowl, chopsticks and cups. Xu Bochang’s actions caused Liu Shufen to collapse again and again. Her grievances were like a river bursting through a dyke, rushing out from a certain “gap”.
  She roared: “After so many years of marriage, you can clearly distinguish everything in the family, yours is yours, mine is mine. You make me feel that I am the worst person in the world.” Finally, to end In this tragic marriage, Liu Shufen chose to jump out of the well.
  Sometimes, what you think is the bed is divided, but in fact it is the relationship and marriage of two people. Couples who sleep in separate beds will have less intimacy with each other, and their feelings will also fade.

  After marriage, the relationship between Wenwen and her husband became more and more dull. When they first got married, the two would chat before going to bed every night, talk about their hearts, talk about interesting things that happened during the day, discuss the troubles they encountered at work, or miss the sweetness and happiness in their love life. Although there are sometimes disputes due to disagreements, Wenwen was happy at that time. Because of the communication before going to bed, the distance between her and her husband has been shortened, and the mutual feelings have been enhanced.
  As a result, two years later, Wenwen became accustomed to two people sleeping together, and was accustomed to having a “marital night chat” before going to bed, but her husband no longer slept with her at the same time. I watch TV shows when I have TV shows, and I watch Douyin and play games when I don’t watch TV shows. It seems that my mobile phone is more attractive than my wife. Every time Wenwen urged him to sleep, he stared at the screen of his mobile phone intently and said, “Go to sleep first, I’ll wait for a while.”
  It was obviously a marriage of two people, but it became a one-person loneliness. . I don’t know when it started, Wenwen felt that her husband was becoming more and more unfamiliar, and the relationship between the two became more and more rigid. Except for the marriage certificate that could prove that the two were husband and wife, there was no sweetness that a husband and wife should have.
  The alienation between adults is silent. Sometimes, you think that the end of the relationship must be after a face-ripping quarrel. But in fact, ruining a relationship is very simple. Intentional neglect and inadvertent indifference are enough to accumulate fatal scars.
  A sentence of “you go to sleep first” can easily make the originally hot heart slowly freeze, and build an insurmountable gap between each other. In the end, the two stopped communicating and became strangers.
  The person who loves you is reluctant to leave you with an indifferent back and a cold “you go to sleep first”, he understands that you need someone to accompany you, he will sleep with you and move forward with you forever . Marriage is not afraid of plainness, but most afraid of sweeping the door without sharing and communication. No matter how good a relationship is, if one party does not know how to cherish it, it will eventually die.

  Cheng Lisha talked about her husband Guo Xiaodong in the “Wife’s Romantic Travel” program. She said that if Guo Xiaodong went out to film and was not at home at night, she would not be able to fall asleep by herself, and would be particularly restless. Because Cheng Lisha was accustomed to having someone beside her pillow, turning around and hugging her, it would be difficult to fall asleep once the other person was not there.
  Love is in it, fascinated in it. Love is a habit, accustomed to two people being together, accustomed to someone hugging you tightly, accustomed to having a light kiss, accustomed to having someone sleeping with you…
  just like my grandfather likes to snore when he sleeps, grandma They often talk in their sleep, but they never dislike each other. Later, after my grandfather passed away, my grandmother often suffered from insomnia. Because I couldn’t hear my grandfather’s snoring, I felt very uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep at all.
  A hundred years of cultivation can cross the same boat, and a thousand years of cultivation can lead to sleep together. Don’t get angry and quarrel with your lover because of a trivial matter. It will easily hurt the couple’s relationship. Sometimes it is a kind of love to tolerate each other’s small shortcomings. It is a very happy thing to be able to sleep with the person you love. If you can say good night to each other at night, you will be able to see your loved one by your side for the first time in the morning, and you will have an incomparable sense of satisfaction in your heart.
  Sleeping alone is resting, and sleeping with two is sleeping. A good husband and wife relationship must be: without you, I don’t want to sleep; without you, I can’t sleep.
  The famous actress Athena Zhu once said: “If you have married the right person, look at yourself in the mirror.” If you find that the person inside is getting more beautiful day by day, you are married to the right person. In another form, it can also be said that if you meet a person who is willing to sleep with you for the rest of your life, with him, your heart is at ease, and people are happy, then you are married to the right person.
  The crowd is surging, it is not easy to meet, and it is a blessing for two people to sleep together. So, please cherish the person beside you who has slept with you for a long time. Open your eyes in the morning, don’t rush out of bed first, you can hug your other half and enjoy the warmth of waking up with your loved one; before going to bed at night, you should spend some time expressing your affection for each other. The rest of our life is not long. In the days to come, our marriage must sleep more and more, and sleep with the temperature and happiness of life.