The application fields of silane coupling agent

1. Glass fiber and glass products

Silane coupling agent is an important component of reinforced impregnating agent, which can improve the aging resistance, water resistance, and mechanical properties of glass fiber products. The electrical properties, dielectric constant and resistivity of glass fiber products in wet state are also greatly improved. The glass fiber reinforced resin treated by silane coupling agent is widely used in engineering plastics, FRP, tire cord fabric, fishing gear, copper clad board and insulation materials.

2. Adhesive

Silane coupling agent is used as a tackifier for resins and rubbers such as sealants, which can improve the adhesion, weather resistance and wet state of resins or rubbers to substrates, and enhance the cross-linking of fillers and resins or rubbers. It is generally used in organic silicone structural sealant (commonly known as silicone structural adhesive), polyurethane, epoxy, neoprene, nitrile, butyl and other sealant industries to increase the adhesion.

3. Coatings and paints

Silane coupling agent is used in the production of coatings and paints to enhance their adhesion to substrates, anti-aging and weather resistance. It can improve the dispersion of pigments, increase the abrasion resistance of coatings, and enhance the cross-linking of resins, such as acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane coatings or inks. The coupling agent can be directly added or coated on the surface of the coated substrate to improve its bonding strength and water resistance.

4. Molding materials

Common silane coupling agents such as PR-550 are used in casting industry, which can reduce the amount of resin, increase the strength of resin sand, and achieve high strength and low gas emission. Similarly, silane coupling agents can be used in grinding wheel manufacturing, sand fixation in oil extraction and other industries.

5. Rubber products

Silane coupling agent can significantly improve the physical and processing properties of filled rubber, increase the mechanical strength, wear resistance, wet electrical properties and rheological properties of rubber products. Generally, peroxide type is selected for PR-151 or 171, and sulfur vulcanization system is suitable for PR-69. It is widely used in rubber shoes sole, radial tire, ball surface, conveyor belt, rubber roller and other rubber products.

6. Printing and dyeing auxiliaries

Silane coupling agent especially PR-602 of our factory is used for amino modified silicone oil. By adjusting the amount of PR-602 to make its amine value within 0.4-0.8mol/g, the fabric treated with it has good hand feel, smoothness and softness. The amount of PR-602 is generally about 3% of the total material.

7. Wire and cable (polyolefin)

Silane coupling agent is used to treat flame retardant in cable material, which greatly improves the affinity between flame retardant and resin and the mechanical properties of material. Generally PE cable material is suitable for PR-151, PP cable material is suitable for PR-570, its grafting effect is better than PR-151, and its gel content and performance are good.

8. Filler surface treatment

After being treated by silane coupling agent, various kinds of inorganic powder fillers can obviously improve the compatibility, wettability and dispersibility between fillers and resins, effectively improve the mechanical strength, electrical strength and physical and chemical properties of composite materials. With the treatment of silane coupling agent, more fillers can be added to the system to reduce the production cost.