The amazing “salt effect”

  I have read a short story: There was a donkey who was used to eating the grass given by his master, but over time he felt that the food was tasteless.
  Once, the owner added a handful of salt to its forage, which turned the boring forage into a delicacy.
  Knowing that this was due to the addition of salt, the donkey excitedly told its master that he would no longer eat forage in the future, but only eat salt.
  The result can be imagined. On the second day, the donkey frowns and looks for fodder.
  This is the famous “salt effect” in psychology.
  It means that no matter how good things are, they must be timely and moderate, and what is needed is the best.
  The donkey in the story thought that “salt” was the best food in the world just after tasting the forage with salt.
  As everyone knows, salt is only a flavoring agent for food. If you only eat salt, you will find it hard to swallow.
  Ignoring “degrees” and real “needs” will only make the results go the other way.
  The same is true for various relationships in life.
  Whether it is socializing with people, getting along with a partner, or educating children, if you can use the salt effect and grasp the needs and scales, it will naturally make the relationship to a higher level.

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