Tame Your Anger: Free Yourself from Emotional Baggage for a Healthier Life

Maugham once said: If a person is angry because of other people’s stupidity, then he will live in permanent and continuous anger throughout his life.

Indeed, in this life, we will meet different people and encounter numerous things. If you have to care about everything, if you have to deal with everything. Then we will unknowingly waste time and energy.

A truly smart person will never get angry at someone who doesn’t deserve it. After all, emotions are expensive and should be reserved for good things and worthy people.

In this era, people always seem to be dealing with various “nodules”: thyroid nodules, breast nodules, lung nodules…

In addition to genetic factors and bad living habits, “emotion” is definitely a big accomplice. If a person always has “knots” in his heart, there is a high probability that he will have “nodules” in his body.

A while ago, the news that Internet celebrity singer Feng Timo was suffering from thyroid cancer shocked many netizens. She said that for a long time, she lived under the negative public opinion on the Internet. All kinds of online violence and pornographic rumors are surrounding her. Unable to discuss it with her friends or talk to her family, she fell into long-term internal conflict and accumulated a lot of negative energy in her heart. Unexpectedly, over time, it turned into nodules. In addition, I didn’t pay attention, and when I checked again, it had turned into cancer.

Although she has recovered through surgical treatment, the operation almost made it impossible for her to sing again.

Some people in the comment area pointed out that although thyroid cancer is sunlight cancer and is not fatal, it requires lifelong medication to regulate the hormone balance in the body. In fact, the thyroid gland and breast are both emotional target organs. The anger in your heart that cannot be released will slowly accumulate and turn into “nodules” to affect you.

So, never get angry because of someone else’s words. Anger is a small matter, but life is a big deal.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, anger hurts the liver, sadness hurts the lungs, thoughts hurts the spleen, and fear hurts the kidneys. This is also true. No matter what happens, you should advise yourself not to get angry.

There is nothing in this world that is worth the cost of your health.

When you encounter something unhappy, first think about it, can I solve it? If you can solve it, find a way; if you can’t solve it, just let it go.

When you meet someone you don’t like, first think, can I handle it? If you can cope with it, be calm. If you can’t cope with it, avoid it.

The world is big and life is long. Never put your energy into things and people that are not worth it.

A truly smart person never pays for other people’s mistakes. The first priority in their lives is not to be distracted by emotions, not to be trapped in emotions, not to be afraid of the future, and not to dwell on the past.

The painter Feng Zikai is exactly like this. He once painted a painting called “Music Class in the Village School”, which was appreciated by countless people. Even Rabindranath Tagore once lamented: “Those few strokes paint the character’s personality vividly.”
However, even so, some people still criticize him and paint pictures shamelessly.

He was neither angry nor annoyed by such remarks. He just smiled and put everything behind him. At this time, someone stood up and asked him, why are you not angry when someone scolds you like this?

He smiled faintly and replied, No one in this world can satisfy everyone. There will always be people who find fault with you, and there will always be people who praise you. What you have to do is not to please others, but to be yourself.

Perhaps, it is precisely because of this temperament that Feng Zikai can treat the world with an innocent heart and paint the agility of life and the beauty of the world.

In life, everyone may be wronged and unwilling. But we came to this world not to live for people we don’t like. Let your soul be filled with thorns because of other people’s stupidity. Such a life will not be much better. If you accidentally get soiled, pat the dust off your body, turn around and walk away quietly.

The so-called warrior is one who knows that he will be injured, but still chooses to move forward bravely. The so-called master is someone who knows that the other party is unreasonable, but still chooses not to care about it. Because they understand that it’s better to spend time and energy on people who don’t deserve it and fight with their anger. It is better to leave your energy to important people and your time to worthwhile things. In this world, there are always some people who have been saved because of your efforts; there are always some things that are getting better because of your efforts.

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