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Talk show conventions to consider

  Speaking of chat screenshots, one thing comes to mind.
  Duan Duan is my cousin’s daughter. She goes to elementary school in her hometown. She was a kindergartener three years ago. She is at a funny and cute age. She often speaks to make adults laugh out loud. My cousin likes to take a few seconds of short videos for Duan Duan, and send them to the circle of friends to post babies, and also for relatives and friends to have fun.
  Once, my cousin took a short video and posted it in the circle of friends. I almost fainted from laughing when I saw it. I posted a series of hahaha in the comment area, and my family members also contributed dozens or hundreds of likes.
  Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for me to see Duan Duan’s emoji in a Shenzhen industry group that I couldn’t fight with my cousin, and the emoji obviously came from that little video! I was stunned at the time and asked the colleague who sent the video to the group: “Who sent you this emoji? Do you know this little girl?” Who cares if he recognizes him or not, it’s just funny!” The
  matter can’t be traced back now, how many people in cousin’s circle of friends have forwarded Duanduan’s small video to their relatives and friends, and the small video is again How many hands were turned into emoticons, and finally spread to my industry group, and I saw it.
  Cousin is a cautious person, and it is estimated that she could not have imagined that a small video would make Duan Duan inexplicably become a small Internet celebrity. The key is to be an anonymous small Internet celebrity. I told my cousin about it, and after discussing the difficulty of retrospect with her for a while, I finally reached a consensus: let it go this time, and don’t post it in the future.
  Later, I never saw the photos and videos that my cousin posted in the Moments. She only occasionally sent me some photos and videos one-on-one, but never made them public. This made my dad ask several times: “Why can’t I see Duanduan’s video for a long time?”
  I said, “Duan Duan doesn’t want to be an internet celebrity.”
  My dad shook
  his head: “The answer is irrelevant.” encounter.
  I used to have a group of friends, everyone chatted about everything, complained about the boss, ridiculed ordinary men, self-deprecating, and everything could be happy. Sometimes it is particularly ridiculous, and I admire my own witty words.
  But some people do not follow the rules and take a screenshot of the content she finds wonderful and funny and post it on her own Weibo. She also took some to contribute to a certain funny album, and was selected–then, I complained about the boss’s stinginess, and laughed at the girlfriend’s love brain, which can only be said in private, and it’s on the board like this. A public platform for everyone to watch and discuss.
  You can imagine my next fate: my best friend and I turned our faces, the boss was black with me, and even the security guard downstairs often looked at me solemnly, making me feel guilty—I too It’s not that they haven’t complained about them.
  After negotiating, the Jijinhao took down the screenshots of my complaints. The “Porter” group friends later withdrew from the group, but the rest of the group members were like birds of a feather. Someone sent a red envelope and no one grabbed it. Everyone is afraid of saying the wrong thing and doing the wrong thing, and someone lurking in the group will move every move to another open-top platform, and then encounter an accident in real life.
  In the past two years, talk show conferences have become more and more popular, and some group friends @I said: “You are not worse than Yang Li in terms of eloquence, why don’t you try talk show?”
  I said, forget it, my point is The little clever, has long been frightened.
  Of course, I can’t completely blame the “porter” group friend at the beginning. After all, the first step was that I was not careful. Who made me stupid to complain about the boss, girlfriend, relatives and security brother in the WeChat group where everyone has it? ——Oh no, speaking of this, I really think I can try a talk show, isn’t it that the spirit of a talk show is “to complain about everything and offend everything”?
  If I really stood on the talk show stage, it wouldn’t happen that the “porter” friend would take the lead in publishing the results of my labor on the Internet. Yes, the first-hand content will always be published by myself.
  Talk show conferences can really be considered.

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