Some trendy sports may not suit you

Over the past two years, there has been a tremendous increase in health awareness. In order to meet people’s enthusiasm for exercise, one after another fashionable sports came on stage, in different stages, different groups of people set off waves of popular wind. People are constantly trying all kinds of cool, exciting and competitive sports. These trendy sports have gradually replaced traditional leisure ways such as drinking, masturbating and singing karaoke, and become the preferred way for modern people to kill time in high-rise buildings.

While there is no universal standard or definition of a trendy sport, boxing, roperope, rock climbing, parkour, cross-country running, Sparta, power lifting, CrossFit, weight lifting, three-a-side basketball, five-a-side soccer, and many more continue to be a buzzword in online and media campaigns. It basically covers the forms of movement that have dominated people’s eyes over the past few years.

We can simply divide these trendy sports into three categories.

Show off extreme sports

Some previously niche movements have been packaged and promoted by the media to reach the general public. Because it shows extreme human skills, it has become the favorite of some white-collar young people who pursue excitement. In this category, there are familiar names like rock climbing, parkour, cross-country running and, more recently, skiing and skating, which have been popularized by the Winter Olympics. In particular, aerial gymnastics, such as high platform skiing, has gradually become a new representative of fashionable sports in the eyes of the public because of its ethereal and complex, extreme fancy movements.

Group confrontation project

Football, basketball, badminton, etc., can be considered as a relatively traditional mass sports, but under a variety of new packaging, these sports also regain the favor of everyone, become colleagues, friends to enhance friendship, promote social choice. The fact that more people are sweating with friends and family rather than eating and drinking also counts as progress. In the fierce confrontation, the body not only get exercise, but also enhance the feelings, happy mood, can be said to kill multiple birds with one stone.

Basic Physical Fitness

Seemingly boring exercises such as powerlifting, weight lifting, CrossFit and marathon are becoming popular among urban youth because they improve their physical fitness. People either alone, or in groups, or under the organization of the leader of the collective fight, day after day to invest a lot of spare time, simple, monotonous repetition training, slowly improve their various body functions. This is a kind of new urban atmosphere, and it is a fashionable lifestyle that people in the past would not choose.

While there are all sorts of physical and emotional benefits to being active for sedentary workers, there are also all sorts of negative consequences associated with different types of exercise. According to the classification of the above motion, we will make a simple analysis.

High technical difficulty

Most of the sports with high technical difficulty require high physical quality. For example, in parkour, alpine skiing and other sports, the body needs to have an excellent sense of space and position as well as core strength to complete all kinds of aerial twisting and folding fancy movements. Or rock climbing requires excellent finger and arm strength. Ordinary people without systematic practice can not blindly carry out these sports, otherwise it is easy to appear all kinds of sports injuries and accidents.


Although the safety of some sports is high, it is easy to make people “addicted” in collective cooperation and confrontation, unconsciously increasing the intensity and amount of exercise, and extending the exercise time. If it is beyond the capacity of the body, on the one hand, it is easy to suffer sports injury due to body fatigue in the late period of exercise; On the other hand, it can also cause muscle soreness throughout the body for several days afterwards, seriously affecting the quality of work and life.

For this kind of sport, we also pay attention to not easily “head”, enough is enough. Moderate, long-term exercise will continue to improve your health.

Inaccuracy of movement

Many athletes fall in love with sports not because they are cool, but because they want to improve their physical fitness and energy, and they have the willpower to keep going. But it should be noted that it is best to have the guidance of professionals when starting exercise, otherwise, a seemingly simple movement, their own single practice, it is easy to not because of the essence of the action is not in place, or the force is not right, can not reach the exercise effect, maybe will cause damage. The longer you stick to the wrong direction, the worse the consequences will be.

Some fashionable exercise methods may not be suitable for you, everyone should make the right choice according to their own physical characteristics, environmental conditions and economic status. But anyway, those who are willing to take part in fashion sports are worthy of recognition, which means the start of a healthy life.

Move, hold on, more exciting!

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