Running with Resilience: Rediscovering Strength in Solitude

  The sunlight gradually faded away. There are only a few people on the grass. Today is not a holiday. On Saturdays and Sundays, there are more people coming to exercise. However, Wu Aili didn’t come to exercise during the recent holidays.
  The grass was freshly mowed and neatly trimmed. Wu Aili ran slowly. She could smell the smell of green grass. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. The depression in her chest seemed to dissipate a lot.
  ”Alone?” A common middle-aged man, who would nod and say hello to each other every time they met while running, but never spoke to each other. When they met face to face that day, he suddenly asked her.
  Wu Aili nodded and said “yes” and continued her jogging.
  As you run forward, you always pass by a small garden filled with all kinds of colorful flowers. If you run over, you will smell the fragrance of flowers. Every time she passed by, she would subconsciously poke her head in to see if Zhou Guojian’s favorite Strelitzia reginae had bloomed.
  Every time she ran with Zhou Guojian and came here, if he saw Strelitzia reginae blooming, he would stop and call her: “Look, how beautiful!”
  Her smile was as bright as the flower: “Hey, you said this flower is called Strelitzia reginae? I heard it’s called bird of paradise!”
  ”Yes, some people call it bird of paradise.” Zhou Guojian nodded, “Ah, here is a branch with double flowers!” ”
  It’s so beautiful!” Wu Aili stopped. Unable to control the excitement in her heart, she couldn’t help but confide, “They are birds of paradise flying together!”
  Zhou Guojian hugged her and said, “Yes, they are birds of paradise flying together.”
  The old lady who was doing gymnastics in the flower garden saw Wu. Aili stopped and asked, “Hey, coming alone?”
  ”Yes.” Wu Aili’s pace quickened a little. She didn’t want to hear any more sympathy.
  A young man walked by with a small tape recorder in his hand. In an era when everyone wore headphones to listen to music, he played it to everyone: “Love once in a lifetime, love sincerely, and reflect on it for the rest of your life.” …Some people talk about feelings and want to escape intact, but I am in pieces…”
  The song faded away as he walked further and further away.
  The newly mowed grass should be very neat and clean. Wu Aili was running well when she suddenly felt a small stone getting into her running shoes.
  ”Ah!” She felt a slight tingling sensation.
  The stone didn’t hit her at the same place, because she didn’t stop, so it moved after just a few steps. This time, it was under the sole of her foot, and as soon as she took a step, it made her feel slight pain every now and then.
  At first she felt uncomfortable and wanted to stop and pour out the stones. However, she saw people she often met running toward her. She couldn’t bear the same question asked by one person after another: “A person?” She was unwilling to stop, and would rather keep running and let the stones sting her. .
  The stone moved between my toes and the pain was no longer so painful. She moved her toes, resting it properly between her toes so that she could still feel it but not sting when she ran.
  When she got used to it, she suddenly felt warm. Shizi was lonely, so he ran into her shoes, right?
  After returning home, she poured out the stone and watched it lie alone on the ground. She thought for a moment and threw it into her shoes again, “Let’s run with it again tomorrow.”

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