Reflections on Finding Life’s Enlightenment Beside a Childhood Stream

  When I was a child, behind my old house, there was a stream that went around the village. Stream, stream, what do you feel when you read this word? Is there a sense of transparency, refreshing and coolness coming to you? I was still young at the time, so I didn’t have much experience with it. I just thought it was good, so good that I couldn’t explain how good it was. I just thought it had always been this good.
  The stream is very clear, and there are often small fish swimming in it. There are dense aquatic plants growing on the side of the stream, which rise and fall with the water, like fluttering silk. On rainy days, the water has risen and is a bit muddy. When the sky clears, the stream becomes clearer. When it rains and the water rises, I give it a bath inside and out. The stream becomes cleaner and prettier, and flows more briskly.
  The little birds have sharp eyes and have identified the stream as a good friend early on. They know that the stream is a good match for them. The little ones like the little ones and will not bully the little ones. The fool likes the fool and will not fool the fool. The innocent likes the innocent. It will not hurt innocence; innocence likes innocence and will not destroy innocence. The birds all fell in love with the stream. Swallows, thrushes, orioles, parrots, sparrows… all drank, sang, played and groomed their feathers by the stream.
  In spring, all kinds of small wild flowers bloom along the stream, including alfalfa, watercress, rushes, wild daffodils, wild strawberries… It’s like my mother put the pattern she had just embroidered here.
  When the weather was hot, we sat by the stream to cool off. When the text was read aloud, I put my feet into the water. The coolness extended all the way to the text I was writing at this time.
  At night, we slept in the hut, listening to the tinkling and gurgling stream outside the window and thinking to ourselves, it was so dark and the stream was walking in the dark, was it afraid? Is it lonely? Fortunately, there are so many aquatic plants and swimming fish to accompany it, so it will be in a good mood. I thought about the stream and listened to the whisper of the stream, and gradually fell into sleep.
  Sometimes the stream is very gentle and quiet, and the white clouds passing by in the sky will encounter it for a moment. At night, the stars in the sky come vertically towards it, land in its depths, and are planted there like seeds; it cherishes this opportunity, and it has been growing for a long time. The deep place retains white clouds and stars, as if holding eternal secrets. At this time, I squatted quietly by the stream, surprised at how the water could be so deep when it was transparent. It was many times deeper than itself, almost infinitely deep. Later I realized that in a transparent state, things transcend their own boundaries and merge with infinity, and even small things can reach infinite richness. Therefore, only those who have gone through many vicissitudes and always maintain a pure heart can have true wisdom in life. Sufficient experience allows him to understand the complexity and turbidity of the world, and a pure heart allows him to remain loyal to the truth, so that it is possible to use his soul to The light travels through the mire of the world and finally reaches the bright highland of the spirit.
  In the stream, I put down my first paper boat. The first voyage of my life started from here. In fact, small streams also have moving scenery and precious details. Even if you conquer the earth, from the perspective of the universe, you have only conquered a speck of dust. In fact, the universe does not know that there is an earth at all, let alone that there is you.
  I discovered that this stream is my chief life enlightenment teacher and aesthetics teacher. It has been teaching me something quietly, and it has already accepted me as its student.
  I stood in front of it, I slept beside it, I walked in its waves, I stood quietly in its whispers, I breathed in the secret fragrance of its wild flowers… When I was far away from it, just once Let it flow, fluctuate, and surround me every time – I have actually been accepting its education for me. Although it didn’t say anything clearly, it suggested everything to me. It is a good teacher who moisturizes things silently. I am grateful to have encountered a stream in my life. It was so close to me, right next to me, and then it gradually became far away, and then it disappeared on the earth. I looked everywhere for it, and finally I found it in my body. It has become part of the veins and arteries in my body.
  Can we say this: There is a pool of water on the earth. From ancient times, from the day the world was created, it began to flow, always looking for those people and things destined to meet it, and it wandered everywhere for this purpose. Later, it finally poured into a stream of water, and it went around countless mountains, wilderness, and deserted beaches. It went around and around, and finally wound up into a stream. Finally, it went around to a place, in front of some grass, and in front of some flowers. , walked around to some cattle, horses, sheep, foxes, deer, ants, birds and many living creatures, walked around to a house, and finally walked around to a child. How many thousands of years did it go around before it found this child…

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