Reading Around the World: A Journey Through Literary Escapes Across Various Modes of Travel


  Using my limited body to encroach on the infinite earth, putting myself at a controllable speed, I am walking with the most unscrupulousness.
  I often eat while walking, send text messages while walking, read maps while walking, and read comics while walking. I read “150cm Life” by Naoko Takagi when I was walking on the Loyalty Road. Then I measured the world in front of me with my own height of 158 centimeters. The hobbit’s joy of walking extended from the book to my reality. Life.
  When visiting a museum, holding an introduction to the collection in my hand has become my only salvation as I don’t like listening to earphone guides. “The Egyptian Museum” became a treasure map for my solo exploration in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo; Nietzsche’s “Philosophy in the Age of Greek Tragedy” was what I read like a comma every time I stopped before entering the Acropolis Museum in Athens. Book.
  The most interesting thing is watching people. I like to read about the secrets of men and women under colorful robes on the streets of Morocco; I like to read about the arrogant artistic atmosphere of the young boss in a small shop on Santorini Island in Greece; I like to read about the arrogant artistic atmosphere of the young boss in a small shop on the island of Santorini in Greece; I like to read about the bar in Newport, Denmark, Reading about the ambiguity and scheming of young lovers; I like reading about the scent of outdoor cafes in Piazza San Marco in Venice; I like reading about Gaudí’s crazy dreamy architectural lines on the streets of Barcelona, ​​Spain; I like reading about Gaudí’s crazy dreamy architectural lines; In the pink cherry blossoms of Kyoto, at walking speed, you can read the living history of Kinkakuji, Heian Shrine, and Kiyomizu-dera Temple.

  Whether you can read comfortably on the bus depends on the economic level of the place. For example, on a bus in Tibet, in order to prevent myself from being “displaced” in the bumpy road conditions, I had to use all my strength to hold on to the handle. Naturally, it was impossible to read a book; on a Kenyan bus with very few buses, I was afraid that I would miss it. (Getting lost in Africa is definitely a terrifying nightmare), I have to concentrate on checking the station names one by one, and of course I lose interest in reading; on the bus in Hong Kong, the windows are lined with gourmet dessert shops. To be on the safe side, let your stomach’s stop be decided by the Hong Kong Food Guide written by a gourmet in your hand; on the direct bus from Boston to New York, you need a book that makes it easy to fall asleep, such as reading “Travel English”. When you fall asleep, you don’t have to feel guilty at all.
  If you are on a bus in Taipei and the journey takes more than 30 minutes, you can choose an easy-to-read novel, such as “Five People I Met in Heaven”, and occasionally look up and read it. Look at the traffic progress outside the window, but your mind can still continue to be on the plot without being overly distracted.

  All reading starts from the train station. We have to understand the complicated timetable, decide the destination we want to reach, ask for the direction and platform, and find the carriage and seats. In this way, we can sit among the scenery and read a book… …On the night train back to Cairo, the Egyptian sunset gradually disappeared by the window, and Yu Qiuyu’s “A Thousand Year Sigh” in my hand also moved from the weak sunlight to the quiet moonlight; when I went to the Dali Museum in Spain On the train, “Dalí Conversations” became a shortcut for me to be fascinated by Dali in advance; on the train from Stockholm, Sweden to the Arctic Circle, I watched Hanif Qureshi’s “Midnight” and let my eyes wander outside the window. The beautiful scenery kept receding rapidly.
  What I love the most is the luxurious first-class cabin on Eurostar. Flying straight from London to Paris, reading a book in a comfortable seat, you will naturally have the elegance of a royal aristocrat. At this time, “Selected Poems of Byron” or “Paris Lovers” can allow the soul to travel between these two cities several times. The sentence “eyelids twitching, the summer of 1115, a harbinger of happiness” is the most beautiful preface for the upcoming romantic trip to Paris.

  For me, who can’t drive, the subway is a limited way to make all my wishes come true. For example, in the subway in Stockholm, Sweden, the murals inside have become the longest art gallery in the world. It makes me feel surprised to flow into a modern cave civilization. The uneven walls have become a streetscape with depth of field, and the walls depict the relationship between people and people. The city is full of charm, and waiting for the subway is no longer just killing time with dull eyes, but an interesting baptism of the senses. So in such an interesting and exotic subway, there is no thought of picking up a book to pass the boring time.
  In the crowded Tokyo subway, it is already a great blessing to be able to squeeze into the subway that closes as soon as the time comes, let alone have a seat. It’s no wonder that a book called “How to Get a Seat on the Subway” is a hit, because the book tells us to sit next to students who are about to arrive at school, or next to a woman who is hurriedly putting on her makeup, so that we can get a seat right away. , so this kind of book can be finished in a few minutes before waiting for the subway.

  On the Taipei subway in the morning when I am rushing to a meeting or lecture, I will take “You Are the Master of Dreaming”, “Dream Map” and “Dream Interpretation Encyclopedia” to interpret the dream for myself while I still remember the details of last night’s dream, because my dream I have strong prophetic power, and I have to interpret the warnings or instructions from the oracle in time before starting today.

  The boat is the best place for reading, especially after walking around and realizing that there is no possibility of an affair, you will resign yourself to taking out a novel to pass the time, such as “Harry Potter” “The Da Vinci Code” or Michael Crichton’s “Timeline”, let yourself stay in a narrow cabin for a long time, and your soul can freely travel through boundless fantasy worlds until Fall asleep.
  If we were on a ferry on the Geiranger Fjord in Norway, then as a tourist, I would be reluctant to look at the beautiful scenery outside the window: cabins, churches, wooden boats, small The ports… are all replicated in the lake in equal proportions. Occasionally, there are one or two freehand white waterfalls crossing the mountains, which is enough to attract a small surprise; when there is a turn ahead, the boat rows at a large angle, strong water waves Disturbing the reflection in the lake, the sparkling lake surface turned into a surreal painting of overlapping arcs and layers. The dynamic beauty made me stunned on the spot; after the turn, the fjord mountain walls opened up and stretched, as if The proud masterpiece of God’s bold strokes, with no cumbersome lines, only large areas of color to shock… Such a majestic landscape scene, just like Alain de Botton quoted from Gray’s “Letters”: “There is no need for more No matter what you say, there are some landscapes that can make atheists feel awe and believe in the existence of God.” So, on the lake, we became painters who copied, so what we needed on hand was a note book with poems already written on it, and as the boat sailed The speed on the water can paint the beautiful scenery into the pages of the book; or if you need a landscape postcard, write all the emotions on the back of the postcard, tear them out one by one when you get off the boat and send them to friends or lovers.

  I like to fly alone, to sit next to strangers who are destined to me, smile and greet each other, and talk politely. Because I am not familiar with it, I open my eyes and close my eyes, half peeping and half sleeping, keeping a distance when I am awake, and having no intention of sleeping. Intentional collisions, a relationship that shares adversity in times of turmoil, make many love stories of male and female protagonists invariably start on a plane ride… If you fall in love with the person sitting next to you at first sight, then please concentrate on reading “The Love I Love”; If you already have a lover who you want to entrust with your whole life, then you should have bright books in your hands such as “Love is Deep in the Brain”, “Creating the Road to Love” and “Continuous Happiness”; if you want to break up with the resentful spouse next to you, , “Dump That Bastard”, “The Complete Handbook for Wife-Killing Husbands”, “Domestic Animals, Humans and Crows” and other intimidating titles have become amulets that are invincible and invulnerable to all harm.
  If there is no distraction around me, I am left alone with my book. (I go abroad five or six times a year, and I spend more time reading on the plane than on the plane. There are more in my study). The books I will read on the plane, in addition to the information book about the upcoming journey, will also choose to read the book of Soul Replacement: Bennett Goleman’s Focused Wisdom on 84,000 Emotions “Mind Refining Technique”, I can take advantage of the situation and leave my old soul and old habits in the sky along the way, and let the clouds take them away.