Princess Kate’s 40th birthday photo turned out to be a portrait photo like this

  Princess Kate celebrated her 40th birthday, and Kensington Palace released three portraits, one more imposing than the other, full of queen feeling.

  Alexander McQueen’s 22 spring and summer show dress, her 2011 wedding dress is this big British brand, silk jacquard lace transparent tulle skirt, the fabric is sewn from the remaining fabrics of the previous McQueen series, which is fairy-like and promotes environmental protection The concept is the modern queen style.
  All photos are of earrings only, priceless family heirlooms invisible to the outside world. This is called royal jewelry. The point is not the price, but how good it is.

  In the black and white photo, Kate wears the Collingwood pearl and diamond earrings, which are the jewelry of Princess Diana’s portrait, and the sapphire and diamond ring on her hand, which is also Princess Diana’s engagement ring.
  The red organza dress is also from Alexander McQueen. The large one-shoulder lantern sleeves are fashionable and special, and she wears a pair of exquisite and extravagant diamond drop earrings without other accessories. Precious status.

  There is not a single wrinkle in the picture, and I can’t recognize the deity, but everyone relies on beautiful pictures to survive these days. They are beautiful at all times, and their age is just a number.
  With William’s 11-year old husband and wife, this three-baby mother has a bright smile, full of energy, and maintains a figure that can wear old clothes for more than ten years, can bear the responsibility of the future queen, and smiles confidently.

extravagance photography

  The Kate family is down-to-earth on a daily basis. This 40th birthday photo shoot refers to the extravagance style of the royal family. It was shot by Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi and shot at the Royal Botanic Gardens in the United Kingdom.
  Kate studied art history at the University of St Andrews and has meticulously researched the poses, expressions and colours of paintings and portraits of the royal family. Especially Queen Alexandra, who married from Denmark to England, her appearance and dress are classics in history.

  And pay tribute to the works of the royal photographer Cecil Beaton of the last century, who won the Oscar for best screen design. He has worked for the British royal family for more than 40 years, photographed the Queen Mother, the Queen and Princess Margaret, and even the most discerning fashionista, the Duchess of Windsor, has taken photos for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

  His portrait photography is often sideways, with his eyes looking into the distance, with a regal expression, such as the 1939 portrait of the Queen Mother.
  A royal source said: “From these three photos, you can see three aspects of Kate’s character. The noble side, the posture, the streamer strapless dress is similar to the classic royal picture.”
  Italian photography for this shot Teacher, famous for haute couture and celebrity fashion photography, taking photos of Kate Moss, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, etc., adding more art to Princess Kate, such as the side of the red dress, with a trendy and modern side, close-up The shot feels more intimate.

  The two photos show “women’s growing self-confidence and ability to shine on their own while away from home.”
old couple

  The official ins of Kensington Palace released a photo on New Year’s Eve. Kate held Prince William’s hand, with a radiant face and a big smile. The happy smile on William’s face was also very natural. Get married happiness.

  In her early years, she was known as “Waiting Kate”, but now she’s with William, and she’s the one who attracts more attention.
  She and William attended the premiere of the 007 movie, wearing this about 27,000 yuan gold tulle Jenny Packham dress, high collar, long sleeves with a cape, covered in shimmering gold sequins.

  When visiting Scotland, she wore a beige coat over beige trousers.
  During the epidemic, the couple cheered the public up. She was wearing a sapphire blue double-breasted suit and pleated skirt.
  The couple’s 10th wedding anniversary was radiant and natural. Standing in the Kensington Palace courtyard, as relaxed and intimate as the engagement photos, experts say: “Their body language of love was evident from the start and still connects the two 10 years later.”

  Kate wore a boho wrap dress by Ghost for just £195. William wears a casual blue jumper and shirt.
  Royal expert Phil Dampier said, “I remember talking to her at a reception on a visit to Canada. It was 2012, and she was almost babbling, not knowing what to say.”

  Over ten years later, she has become a very talented speaker. Last year, the UK hosted the G7 Summit and the Climate Conference, and Kate’s speech was well received.
  The Duchess of Cambridge is a sponsor of hundreds of charities and develops iconic independent projects. Rujian’s “Action Rehabilitation”, which helps people with drug and alcohol problems, is as influential as the “African Demining Campaign” launched by Princess Diana. Over the years, William has trusted and relied on her.

  At the end of 2021, the couple will host a Christmas carol concert at Westminster Abbey. William may recall something and look at Kate tenderly. Kate turned his head to look at him and smiled. This scene made the onlookers feel deeply old man Wife’s tacit understanding.
  Kate comes from a stable and warm British middle-class family. She loves life very much. The establishment of a loving family is very smooth. She and William raise three lovely children.

  The future King George is said to be more serious, second-born Charlotte more daring, rowdy, and cheeky, and little prince Louis is submissive.
  Kate has talked about parenting misgivings, fears she’s not doing enough for George, and full of “mummy guilt”.

  She calls herself a “hand-in-hand mom”, “I always want to be hands-on, and no matter what I do, I must make sure to do the best for my children.” In this way, there will often be a back and forth between interfering with the child and letting go of the child’s trial and error. Wander, joking that the children would scold her harshly.
  These doubts led her to the idea of ​​supporting the Royal Early Childhood Foundation research to investigate the link between children’s experiences and adult behaviour, and to make early childhood psychological development more complete, a well-known work.

ten years old clothes

  Raised three babies in 2011, Kate also has time marks on her face. Jenny Packham dresses with different crowns to attend the state banquet. Traces, but the figure has never changed, often control the old clothes more than ten years ago.

  In 2020, William Kate visited Ireland. She wore a cream coat with a waist, the same coat she wore with William in 2008. Her hairstyle and figure were not out of shape, but her shy smile was replaced by a confident smile.

  Alexander McQueen’s dress is still immortal after 10 years.
  Alexander McQueen blouse, skirt and trousers.

  Jenny Packham dress with different crowns for the state dinner.
  CatherineWalker skirt coat, LuisaSpagnoli pencil skirt, AlexanderMcQueen coat, often seen in official occasions. The royal blue StellaMcCartney dress and the tens of pounds of Zara red suit appeared in the video again during the epidemic.

  My favorite is the pair of Penelope Chilvers boots, which were worn by the single chubby girl in 2005, worn during a visit to India with William in 2016, and worn again last year. The 16-year collocation completely removes the rustic look of the chubby girl in the early years.

  From the loving little family to the backbone of the royal family, Princess Kate has evolved properly for more than ten years, and the momentum at the funeral of Prince Philip is properly the queen.
  Royal experts said that Kate is now like the backbone. “Harry and Meghan are gone, Andrew is deeply involved in scandal, Charles Camilla and Princess Anne belong to the last century, and the entire future depends on William and Kate.”

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