“Pig Commander”, the unique landscape of life and death on the warship

   In the British War Museum, there is an exhibition hall dedicated to commemorating the First World War. There are various weapons, uniforms, badges, photos and documents in the exhibition hall. However, among these dazzling and precious collections, the most eye-catching one is a pig that makes people laugh!
  This pig has a resounding name: Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, or simply Pig Commander, this pig is also the most valuable pig in the world, setting a record at the time. So what is the legendary origin of this pig and is treasured in the museum? Speaking of its history, there is quite a lively and interesting story!
  The “Germans” who survived the
   First World War was brutal and brought heavy disasters to both sides of the war. A large number of young and middle-aged people were recruited into the army, and the social labor force was seriously insufficient, resulting in a shortage of resources and a lack of food. In particular, Germany, which is located in the hinterland of Central Europe, has to fight against neighboring countries such as Britain, France, and Russia, and suffers from enemies on almost three sides, so the economy continues to decline. The limited food supply made the German soldiers complain so much that it was extremely difficult to even eat a meal of meat.
   Many of the officers and men on the German Navy light cruiser “Dresden” came from farms on the outskirts of Berlin. Before joining the army, these young men feasted on pork on the farm. After the outbreak of the war, due to the lack of manpower, the farm became depressed, and some limited live pigs were also requisitioned as war preparation resources. The officers and soldiers who were accustomed to eating pork really had a hard time living a hard life, so they tried every means to get a little pig, and planned to raise it and fatten it to use it as a tooth sacrifice.
   The first person to get the little pig was a corporal named Bouman. One day, Bouman went out with the commander of the ship to buy food and vegetables for the officers and soldiers. As a result, in the corner of the market, a pig was found that was being chased by people everywhere. Bouman guessed that the pink and white-skinned piglet had escaped from a pig house, so some people could not help but become greedy when they saw it, so they scrambled to catch it. Seeing this, Buman’s eyes also gleamed greedily. With the pig-catching skills he had cultivated on the farm, he quickly caught the little pig in a few steps.
   Bouman talked to the warden, who was in charge of the crew’s meals, and allowed himself to bring the piglet back to the warship and raise it in a spare room in the cabin. When other people saw that Buman raised piglets on the warship, they naturally supported them and said jokingly: “When the pigs are grown and fattened, we will hold a food festival and enjoy them for a few days!”
   Buman three times a day The meal is carefully fed with piglets, and the piglets’ food comes from the leftover vegetable soup and bread crumbs of the officers and soldiers on the ship. Buman sometimes also brings vegetables leaves and fresh fruits to ensure the nutrition of the piglet so that it can grow faster. Seeing that the little pig was the same for a few days and was about to grow into a half-grown pig, the eyes of the officers and soldiers were full of joy, and even when they were sleeping, they would dream of pots of mouth-watering roast pork in front of them.
   Bouman is a careful person who writes the process of raising piglets in his daily diary. It was just that Buman never expected that this diary was salvaged by the British Navy as a trophy after the sinking of the warship in the naval battle. In the days when Bouman was happily raising pigs, the war raged. In order to break the British maritime supremacy, the German Naval Command decided to send the “Dresden” to patrol the sea.
   In fact, the captain of the “Dresden” had long known that his officers and soldiers secretly raised pigs. He wanted to stop this kind of funny behavior, but considering that officers and soldiers are really hard to eat meat, in order to appease the dissatisfaction of his subordinates, he can only turn a blind eye and not ask questions. So at the mobilization meeting before the expedition, the captain said witty: “Dear boys, aren’t you looking forward to holding a food festival? When you come back this time, I will make your dreams come true!”
   1915 3 In January, the “Dresden” set off for the vast Atlantic Ocean. Seeing that Booman was very busy, the companions took turns to help take care of the pigs on the ship. About two weeks later, the “Dresden” suddenly encountered the British warship “Glasgow”, and the two sides shelled each other and launched a life-and-death naval battle. In the end, the light cruiser “Dresden” was defeated by the British heavy battleship “Glasgow”. After a series of explosions, the entire warship fell into the sea.
   The winning “Glasgow” released the yacht to salvage the loot floating on the sea. While the sailors were driving the yacht, someone suddenly shouted in surprise, “Look, there’s a pig swimming there!”
   When the sailors heard it, they all opened their eyes wide and looked forward. Sure enough, right on the water where the enemy warship sank, a pink-white pig was holding a wooden board and raised its fat head to look at the British sailor, while taking the help of the British sailor. Yu buoyed the plank and spread his hooves to swim desperately, making a whimper in his mouth. Even if seawater is occasionally poured into its nasal cavity, it will shake its head vigorously to clear the stagnant water. It seems that this is a German pig with a strong desire to survive!
   After the cruiser sank, the pig began desperately to survive and swam towards the British navy “Glasgow”. The British naval soldiers were particularly surprised. Although it was only a pig, the British sailors were moved by its tenacious fighting spirit. They shouted and shouted at the pig, and as the pig swam beside the navy ship, the sailors salvaged the loot.
   For the British officers and soldiers of the “Glasgow”, the only prisoner captured in this battle was this German pig, which is of course a rare trophy.
   British sailors learned the origin of the pig through the diary left by Bouman, which was salvaged. It is really a miracle that the officers and soldiers on the German warship were all buried in the belly of the fish, and only this pig survived unharmed!
  So the British sailors decided to temporarily keep the pig, because the pig had a strong desire to survive and a tenacious fighting spirit, and gave it a well-known name “Alfred von Tirpitz”. Because the German Admiral Alfred served as the commander of the German Navy, this pig also earned the nickname of “Pig Commander”.    The sailors discuss what to do with the “Pig Commander” after the
  lucky “Pig Commander” “Glasgow” returns to the British base.
Will it be sent to the pig farm or will it remain on the warship? A sailor named Hofge who especially liked animals took the initiative to express: “‘Commander Pig’ has a silly head and looks very attractive. If it is kept on the warship, I am willing to take care of it!”
   Ting Huo No one else has any objection when Fug said this. With the consent of the captain, Hofger built a pig house with a fence in the corner of the warehouse of the “Glasgow” for the “pig commander” to eat and move.
   Usually, the discipline on the warship is extremely strict and the life of the soldiers is very dull. Not only do they have to train rigorously every day, but they also have to attend classes at night, but their nerves are also tense. If special circumstances arise, they will immediately go into battle.
   However, with the arrival of the new member “Pig Commander”, it is like adding a touch of warmth to the warship. “Pig Commander” is very simple and honest, but also very silly, he is pink and tender and looks very cute. That cute look often makes everyone laugh, and everyone will make fun of it! At that time, “Pig Commander” also seemed to understand what people meant, and it was grateful that someone took it in, so it often made humming and coquettish sounds in the caressing.

   Under the careful feeding of Hofger, the “pig commander” grew and became fatter, but the sailors were reluctant to attack it. Because the image of “Pig Commander” struggling to survive by swimming in the sea has always been deeply imprinted in their minds, so in the face of this lovable creature, they couldn’t bear to say the word “slaughter”.
   When there is no military situation and tasks, Hofger will lead the “Pig Commander” to the deck for a walk. Sailors will greet with humor at this time: “Dear ‘Pig Commander’, hello!” And “Pig Commander” after walking around enough, can stand on the deck with the sailors and overlook the sea scenery. Some sailors also took out their cameras and took pictures with the “Pig Commander”.
   With “Pig Commander”, the soldiers’ lives seem to have a little more fun. Everyone often talks about “Pig Commander”, it seems that it has become a member of the big family! After a long time, the sailors actually developed feelings for the “pig commander”. If they didn’t see the “pig commander” for a few days, they would specifically inquire about the “pig commander” and ask how the “pig commander” was and why it took so many days Don’t show up.
   The strange thing is that since the “Pig Commander” came to the “Glasgow”, the warship has received special favor from the God of War. In particular, during a reconnaissance operation in the Baltic Sea, it suddenly encountered a ferocious siege from the German submarine force. The German submarine force, known as the “wolf pack” in the sea, was the biggest maritime threat to the Allies such as Britain and France in World War I. It has sunk many Allied capital ships.
   If a single warship is besieged by the “wolves”, it is often difficult to escape bad luck. This time, the “Wolf Pack” stared at the “Glasgow”, like a hungry beast finding its prey, and immediately surrounded it. The “Glasgow” struggled to break through and escaped one torpedo after another fired by the “Wolf Pack”, but it was never able to escape the danger.
   At the moment of life and death, Hofge, a gunner, encouraged his comrades in a loud voice: “‘Commander Pig’ can survive in desperate situations, shouldn’t we be better than Commander Pig? Don’t be afraid, I believe there is.’ Encouraged by the pig commander’s spirit, we will definitely defeat the enemy!” When the companions heard these words, their blood boiled, so they quickly transported the cannonballs, and finally broke through the blood with fierce artillery fire and rushed out.
   After the “Glasgow” escaped successfully, the sailors held a celebration party to thank the “Pig Commander”. The British Naval Command heard the news, and at the collective plea of ​​the sailors of the “Glasgow”, made an exception to award an Iron Cross to the “Pig Commander”. The sailors believed that the “pig commander” brought them peace and good luck, and the naval command wanted the sailors to learn the pig commander’s indomitable fighting spirit to survive in danger. The British navy has learned the story about the “pig commander”, and many media reporters even made a special trip to the “Glasgow” to interview the “pig commander”!
   In February 1916, the “Glasgow” encountered extremely cold weather during its voyage to the high latitude waters near the Arctic Circle. This made the “Pig Commander” suffer a lot, so much that he fell ill on the way back.
   Seeing that the “Pig Commander” did not eat or drink for several days, the originally smooth and shiny bristles became dirty, Hoffger was very anxious, and invited the ship’s doctor to help. Although there were not many medicines, at Hofger’s repeated pleas, the ship doctor still used a lot for the “pig commander”.
   Hoffger stroked the waning body of “Pig Commander” and comforted him distressedly: “Old man, aren’t you a strong pig, you have to cheer up and eat more food, only food can make your illness get better as soon as possible. “…” “Pig Commander” is indeed very strong. With the encouragement of Hofger, he just gritted his teeth and started to eat. Coupled with the effect of drugs, after about a week, “Pig Commander”‘s condition improved significantly. In the end, he miraculously recovered.
   Unexpectedly, after the captain of the “Glasgow” found out about this, he asked Hofger to criticize euphemistically: “Now the war is tight, and the ration of medicines for the officers and soldiers of the fleet is becoming more and more limited. If it is used on a pig, the public will After we know it, don’t you think it’s a big absurd thing…” After hearing what the captain said, Hoffger was really embarrassed to insist on his own ideas, so he began to contact a suitable new home for “Commander Pig”.
  Just at this moment, the head of the Whale Island Guns and Guns School Farm, which specialized in supplying fruits and vegetables for the “Glasgow”, came to the ship and learned that Hofger was worried about the “Pig Commander”, so he took the initiative to say: “Give me your ‘pig commander’, anyway, the pig house on the school farm is more than enough to accept it.” Hoffger heard mixed feelings, but he was happy that the arrangement of the “pig commander” finally came to an end. , The worry is that after leaving his care, can “Pig Commander” adapt to life in his new home?
  The world’s “famous pig”
   Hofger, who was stationed in the museum, found the farm owned by the Whale Island Guns and Cannon School for on-the-spot inspection. He was relieved to see that the environmental hygiene of the pig house was justifiable. When they were about to part, Hoffger patted the fat head of “Pig Commander” and said kindly like a child: “Dear ‘Pig Commander’, when you arrive at your new home, you must be obedient and get along with your pig friends. Otherwise, if the breeder is angry, maybe…”
   Hoffger said here, the corners of his eyes slightly moistened. Because he thought that the future fate of “Pig Commander” is not optimistic. After all, the impact of the war on people’s lives is too great. The British public’s rations are seriously insufficient. Can they keep raising a pig endlessly? The final fate of “Pig Commander” can only be left to fate.
   The person in charge of the farm went to lead the “Pig Commander”. Who would have thought that the “Pig Commander” believed that Hofger was its owner, and refused to follow the manager. Big mouth, showing a very unfriendly expression. Hoffger had to lead the “pig commander” and escorted it all the way to the farm pig house.
   “Pig Commander” came to a new environment and naturally met many new pig companions. But at first it still missed Hofge, lying in the pig house and reluctant to eat. In order to comfort him, the pig companions took turns to come over and rub the “pig commander” body, inviting him to join the new group. After three full days, the “Pig Commander” barely got up and started to eat, and got along with the pig companions around him.
   Seeing that the “Pig Commander” was back to normal, the farm manager finally let out a sigh of relief. The head of the farm is himself the head of the Whale Island Gun School, which trains young junior officers and sends them to the front lines. Therefore, the person in charge wanted to use the living trophy of the “Pig Commander” to inspire the students, so that the students could establish a fearless spirit of contempt for the German army, and use this spirit to inspire the British to fight more bravely against the enemy, Germany.
   After the “Pig Commander” came to the Whale Island School, the students visited in batches and took a group photo with the “Pig Commander”. After listening to the narrator vividly and specifically tell the story of “Pig Commander”, many students were in awe of its tenacious survival spirit, brought delicious food to “Pig Commander”, and asked the breeder to take care of it carefully and not neglect it. .
   The one who takes care of the pig commander is a breeder named Ruen. Loen doesn’t like this fat pig from a hostile country. Because Loen’s two older brothers joined the army to fight on the European continent, one was killed by the German’s poison gas, and the other was shot in the chest by the German machine gun.

   So Ruen hates everything related to Germany, including “Pig Commander” of course. It’s just that the person in charge of the farm warned Ruen, saying that “Pig Commander” is a negative teaching material for educating and encouraging the British, and must be taken care of. In order to complete the task given by his superiors, Loen had to patiently feed the “Pig Commander”, but an accident happened that actually changed Loen’s view of the pig.
   One evening, when Loen was feeding the “Pig Commander”, he didn’t watch out for a snake crawling out of the grass, and it was a bite on Loen’s calf. After a short period of severe pain, Loen felt numbness in his calf, and his entire body twitched uncontrollably. He wanted to shout for help, but his throat was dry and hoarse, unable to utter a single word. Seeing the poisonous snake with green stripes jumping into the grass again, Ruen was horrified to know that this was the most terrifying snake in the area.
   Ruen rolled and struggled in pain. At that time, there were more than a dozen farm workers living in a shed near the pig house. They were eating when they suddenly heard an abnormal bang bang from the direction of the pig house, and from time to time there was also the sound of pigs. The workers suspected that a thief had come in to steal the pig, and hurriedly picked up the guy and ran over. Unexpectedly, I saw Ruen foaming at the mouth and passed out on the ground, while the “Pig Commander” next to him slammed his body against the iron plate of the guardrail, apparently sending a signal to people for help.
   After Luen was sent to the hospital and woke up out of danger, he realized that it was “Commander Pig” who called in time to save his life, and he couldn’t help shedding tears of gratitude. From then on, Loen looked at “Pig Commander” differently, and would rather starve himself than make “Pig Commander” full. However, with the development of the war, bombers developed by Germany came out and began to bomb strategically important places along the British coast such as Whale Island. The British government had to move the students of the Whale Island Gun School to a safe place, and ordered the slaughter of all the pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock on the school farm. In the end, only the “pig commander” was left.
   The Red Cross Society of London heard the story of “Pig Commander”, sent someone to negotiate with the farm manager, and finally bought the “Pig Commander” at a high price of 1,785 pounds.
   In doing so, the Red Cross actually wanted to use a special way to pay homage to the countless British officers and soldiers who were killed under the guns of the Germans. After all, in order to win the war, many young men under the age of 20 paid the price with their lives. And the special way of paying homage to the Red Cross is to allow the family members of each deceased to eat the meat of the “Pig Commander”. At that time, the British didn’t like to eat pig’s head, so after the “pig commander” was slaughtered, the pork was divided, but the pig’s head and limbs were preserved. After several rounds, it was finally made into a specimen.
   In addition, its pig trotters were not braised, but the handles of a pair of knives and forks were sent to the cruiser “Glasgow” and accompanied the warship to participate in World War II, which is very magical.
   After the end of the First World War, the victorious British began to build a World War I exhibition hall in the National Museum and worked hard to collect items related to the First World War. After hearing the story of “Pig Commander”, the museum believed that it had witnessed the victory of the United Kingdom, so it took the initiative to spend money to collect the specimen of this pig, which became the most special trophy of Britain at that time.
   In 1958, after the cruiser “Glasgow” was decommissioned, the hooves of “Pig Commander” Tirpitz were also sent to the museum, and together with the pig’s head, they became a unique and beautiful sight in the museum.
  Now this pig has a history of more than 100 years in the museum. It has witnessed the rise and fall of Britain over the years. Its significance is extraordinary. It tells us that war is war, and war is actually very terrible. It means bloodshed and sacrifice. Anyway, This pig has witnessed the vicissitudes of history and hopes that the world will be peaceful and will no longer be eroded by war. Only by opposing war and maintaining peace can mankind live a better life!

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