Pick only apples you can reach

The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra of Germany is known as the “World’s No. 1 Symphony Orchestra”. To be the chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic is the highest dream of every conductor. However, in 1992, when the Berlin Philharmonic invited the famous British conductor Simon Rattle to be the orchestra’s chief conductor, Rattle unexpectedly refused. He said: “The Berlin Philharmonic is famous all over the world for playing classical music, but my understanding of classical music is not thorough enough. If I serve as chief conductor, I am afraid that instead of leading the orchestra to a new level, it will have a negative effect. The opportunity is good, but I don’t have the ability to grasp it, so it’s better to give up.”

However, this by no means means that Rattle does not want to be the chief conductor of the orchestra. After declining the invitation, he worked tirelessly for ten years until his thorough understanding of classical music shocked the world, until his superb conducting of classical music captivated the audience again and again, until the Berlin Philharmonic in 2002. Throwing an olive branch to him again. This time, Rattle did not hesitate and immediately accepted the invitation. Because he knows that now he has the strength to be the chief commander. Facts have proved that after Rattle joined, the Berlin Philharmonic has created one miracle after another in the history of performance.

Rattle’s giving up is a pragmatic, but also a wise. His giving up just rightly interprets the philosophy of “giving up in order to get better” for us. Only by giving up temporarily can you detach yourself, motivate yourself, make room and time to accept or learn other more and better things, and ultimately achieve greater success. So, when we don’t have the strength to pick those high-level apples, no matter how much you want to get it, how much you need it, as long as the objective conditions are not mature, then you must temporarily give up, and then pursue the best of things through a pragmatic approach. Nature. As you grow taller, you will naturally pick more apples.

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