Paying the Price of Indifference: The Urgent Need for Compassion in Society

  In 1935, an old woman stood in the dock of the court for stealing bread. She pleaded: “I need bread to feed some hungry grandchildren. They have not had anything to eat for two days.” The judge. The verdict was: “I must act impartially. You can choose a fine of 10 yuan or 10 days of detention.”
  At this time, a man in the auditorium took off his hat, put 10 yuan in it, and then said to the auditorium People on the street said: “Please everyone pay a fine of 5 cents. This is the fee to pay for our indifference, as a punishment for living in a city where old people steal bread to feed their grandchildren.” People lowered their heads in shame. , silently took out 5 cents.
  The man was LaGuardia, the mayor of New York at the time.
  It is unobjectionable for judges to enforce the law impartially, and LaGuardia’s “pay for indifference” action prompts us to establish this understanding: facing the vulnerable groups around us, everyone should have compassion and responsibility for assistance. As a sign of the development of social civilization, Only when the city rejects indifference can it be filled with the warmth of humanity.
  In real life, indifferent people have no sympathy for the suffering and misfortune of others, but they often appear as “rational” and judge from a moral high ground, showing a numb and gloomy psychology. Mr. Lu Xun has long been deplored and angry about this sick “spirit”. The difference is that back then, there were people who stretched their necks like ducks to watch, acting as numb spectators; now there are people who are easily typing on the keyboard to commit cyber violence. , acting as an invisible killer.
  Not long ago, a primary school student in Wuhan was run over by a car on campus. Her mother was distraught. Some netizens not only showed no sympathy, but instead used an entertainment mentality to ridicule her makeup and demeanor. Their indifference and cold-blooded behavior were outrageous and full of grief. The mother, who was suffering from the loss of her son, could not bear the secondary injury on the public platform and even jumped from the building to her death. The behavior of these indifferent people has become a public nuisance to society and must not be condoned or tolerated. They must be punished in accordance with the law. Otherwise, they will spread like a plague, erode the social fabric, corrupt the world’s moral standards, and make society pay huge “fines.”
  Some people say: “Apathy is the paralysis of the soul.” Apathy is a spiritual virus that erodes morality, numbs conscience, and gradually paralyzes our souls but feels at ease. For example, they dare not help an old man who has fallen, watch a woman jumping off a building and gloat at her misfortune, remain indifferent when witnessing bullying, and treat damage to public property with indifference. Everyone can be a victim of the apathy virus, as well as a spreader of the apathy virus.
  What is gratifying is that the city I live in exudes the warmth of humanistic care – motor vehicles give way to pedestrians in front of zebra crossings, public places have barrier-free facilities for people with disabilities, and courier boys jump into the river from the bridge. A drowning woman was rescued, and countless volunteers appeared in public welfare activities… Vigorously advocating this kind of spirit and charity is the best medicine to strengthen the national soul and restore the social body.
  Nobel Peace Prize winner Wiesel had the horrific experience of Auschwitz. He warned mankind: “The opposite of beauty is not ugliness, but indifference; the opposite of faith is not heresy, but indifference; the opposite of life is not death, it is indifference. Indifference.” I hope that all of us sitting in the “judgment seat” and “auditory gallery” can remember his reminder and add warm light to the world with benevolent deeds. Only in this way can we be worthy of being members of a civilized society. Only then can he face the hat handed over by LaGuardia calmly.

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